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  1. Cute topic. I'd live in the Tower of Jordan (or Bojar), once I'd cleaned out Jordan (or Bojar) and the slimes and brigands. Secluded, nice laboratory facilities, an interesting library, unlimited storage, good defense system, an interesting evil aura in the air, polished, ego-boosting office.
  2. 1. To become a moderator, you must be a helpful, upstanding, clean member of Spiderweb for a long time. When a moderator spot opens, a member who has the above qualities is selected to fill the position. Chances are, newbies like us will never become moderators. I have no idea what you have to do to become an administrator, but as far as I know, Spidweb and Drakefyre are the only administrators the boards have ever had. Since Spidweb (Jeff Vogel) only pops in about once a month to comment on the BoA boards, Drakefyre is the real admin. 2. The "ratings" below your username are titles whi
  3. Mr. Fizz, just come right out with it, are you or are you not Alec?
  4. See topic DEAR DRAKEFYRE in General. It's a few months old, but it has some lil' animated and non-animated smiley/graemlin/emoticons. My favourite is ADoS' bed smiley, which randomly gives you the thumbs up. It also contains my very second post! *wipes tears of nostalgia out of her eyes* EDIT: Plus there's Scorp's dancing banana!
  5. Rosycat


    Not allowed to say... the conspiracy has pretty much died down now, though.
  6. Rosycat


    I do not reply to every topic I see. I haven't replied to any topics for three days and am splurging because I'm back. Since you're tracking my posting frequency so attentively, you'll have noticed I post in spurts. And remember, Scorp, you owe me one. That locked "Misc." topic of Davey's was very tempting.
  7. Ooooh! OOOH! Can I be Claw in that sailor's hostel in Delan? PLEASE?
  8. Franka Potente of Run, Lola, Run could play Erika, Gwyneth Paltrow or Nicole Kidman Prazac, Judi Dench Linda. Solberg? Anthony Hopkins. Alan Rickman is more like Anaximander in my opinion. Besides, he deserves lots of screen time. As for Leo, along with Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt they could be GIFTS. Can't you see it? All pointy faces and shaggy hair and scrawny body. Perfect.
  9. Okay, thank you so much. I'm fairly good with coordinates from using the Blades Editor, so I think I can figure your instructions out. Ta!
  10. Yes, I know I'm being stupid here. I've beat the Celts left, right and centre like, three times. Great game! Now I'm attempting the Romans (who I'm prejudiced against since playing the Celts) and I can't find that bloody courier's satchel at the beginning! I've searched all three floors of the Abandoned Mine and I still can't find it. Grrr! Help me please!
  11. Um... a few words of advice. Stop trying RIGHT AWAY. If you are a sensible person, or at least one with average tastes, you don't want to play Galactic Core. Really. You don't. At all. Take my word on this.
  12. Well, thanks Drakey, ef. I think I'll just use the laptop. Your advice was appreciated.
  13. I have two computers, a fairly advanced PC and a four-year old Apple Powerbook. In the past I have always registered Spidweb's games on the Mac because they came out sooner for it. However, that computer is getting fairly old and the keyboard is even missing a couple key caps. Also, it does not have easy internet access. I would like to register BoE on my spanking new PC, but in the demo, although I can use the Scen. Editor fine on it, it crashes the computer when ever I try to make a party for Valley of Dying Things. I've tried re-downloading it. Doesn't work. Oh, and there are no tech p
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