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  1. I will play this game again someday. Looking at a few years of prison at the moment, and my PC died...again. Anyway, I was a Spidweb fan before BoE, and it irks me that he (Jeff) seems to hate BoE anymore, but I at least understand it from a professional standpoint. That's energy spent that je doesn't get money for and isn't likely to get many people interested.
  2. BoE vet here, getting into the avernum series for first time. Can't seem to figure out how to move those blasted mirrors in the "perfect spirit" cave. Been all over the dang cave using the character editor.
  3. Omg, I never knew I got reviewed! Ooooh! EDIT: Oh, is this just supposed to be all reviews and nothing else? My bad! Mods can fix if needed. Or make a new topic with it? I don't care.
  4. I've got a demo version of the classic (has old graphics, thought it still has action points?) from an old Galaxy of Games demo disk.
  5. It pains me to inform you that I seem to have…uh…misplaced my work on the matter. Even searching using undeleter programs does no good. Commencing hopeful search of old hard drives and document archives. EDIT: 1 hard drive down, 2 HD's and 1 document archive to go. Got to wait til we move on those, though, as I've packed them away in anticipation of purchasing our first house. EDITx2: Fairly upsetting, really. I had a BUNCH of work done on it: Town and Outdoor maps looked nice, characters all accounted for (beds for each human, too!), ready to throw them all into a delicious story. I hope I find it. I'm gonna go unpack those things right now, it's worth knowing if its all on there…
  6. How's the audience looking? I've got the foundation for a good one laid over the last few years (think Skylark Vale, a long time ago).
  7. Been quite awhile since I've visited the old boards. I like the new look (AND the fact that someone has FINALLY taken the time to update stuff!). So what do I need to know if, say, I've been away for several years? Is Alorael still lurking? Do I need to duck and hide my skrib?
  8. Originally Posted By: death I think is no irritant —Alorael, who agrees with that. As others have said, many religions oppose many things. Allowing exemptions opens the floodgates for abuse of employees. If you are not actually a place of worship, you should get no religious exemptions. You're still here?!
  9. Wow…been awhile. I'm in the dark, is there a current standard version of a messed-with BoE, something more advanced than the downloadable on the spidweb website?
  10. Try something by the Fizz brothers. That will either make you leave BoE for months, crying, or encourage you to design well.
  11. Current party: Mal (fighter) Zoe (also fighter) Jayne (Pole-fighter/minor priest) [doesn't fit, I know] Wash (Mage/priest) River (Mage/daggerfighter) Kaylee (priest/minor mage)
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