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  1. Have you set the town's script to exactly "tempest" (without the quotes)? Failing that, do you get any script errors?
  2. Actions together with code is fine. It's TWO actions at once that won't work. I don't really know for sure why Jeff put actions in as well as calls. I suspect that he did it because actions are easier to use; you don't need to learn Avernumscript to use them.
  3. The manual is highly misleading about the name thing. Not sure about the INTRO thing. Sorry.
  4. It's in the "Data" folder on PC, which is inside the folder where BoA is installed.
  5. Yes, it depends on what version of Python you have installed. If you just chose the latest version of Python, that'll be the one for version 2.3 (PyXML-0.8.3.win32-py2.3.exe). Sorry about the unhelpful Sourceforge-driven downloads, but I can't really do much about that. Don't forget that if you want the actual script editor, you have to provide email address and the other details I asked for. Edit: No need to announce it yet, really, seeing as it's only in beta testing at the moment. But whatever.
  6. I've made a BoA script editor in Python, and it needs testing. It should theoretically run on Windows, Mac, Unix/Linux, and any other platform that Python runs on. I've only tested it on Windows, though. I know a script editor isn't nearly as flashy as, say, a 3D version of the main BoA editor (to pick a random example out of the air)... but I've been finding it much easier to use than a generic text editor. The syntax highlighting and calltips alone make a dedicated script editor worth it, in my opinion; I've been using this myself for a while, and it's quite a bit more convenient.
  7. The limit is a standard 255 characters, but the terminating null character (that C uses to mark the end of a string) is included in that. So the maximum number of characters you can enter is only 254.
  8. I always have too little inventory space anyway (even with all four characters); probably due to my habit of refusing to drop anything I've looted unless I really have to. (And I loot quite a bit.) So I never keep items like that. The idea sounds nifty if the party actually has that item, but rather pointless if they don't. I'd suggest offering above market rate for the item, too, otherwise there's not much point in selling it to that person rather than anyone else. One thing you could try is to have a shop selling one copy of the item a fair distance away from the person who wan
  9. Wow, that IS simplified. Which I guess is a good thing, in this case.
  10. The graphics are all in the wrong places in Mozilla Firefox... but thanks! I'm sure this will come in handy.
  11. The much-easier way would be to just make it be an NPC hostage. Having to cope with losing one of your characters would be interesting, though.
  12. If none of the above ideas work, could you simply move the absent character every turn to a remote part of the town (it'd have to be every turn because the character would keep teleporting back to follow the rest of the party around) and forcecage him so he can't do anything? It'd look pretty tacky though. And I just realised that won't work too well at all, because if the party goes into combat mode they won't be able to exit it (as everyone needs to be within however many spaces it is of the 1st character). If only you could make individual characters invisible and able-to-be-walke
  13. It's always useful to know as much as possible about the guts of the system you're programming in. Thanks!
  14. Random guess alert: Are you sure the graphic you specified exists? It's probably only trying to load the graphic when the terrain is actually placed, which would account for the fact that it only crashes when you have the graphic there. I must admit I haven't even touched custom graphics yet, so there's a high probability that I'm wrong.
  15. Yeah, I realised that soon after posting. 255 characters including the terminating null character, so effectively 254 characters. *grumbles at C strings*
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