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Doom Moon II Smoky Crystals

For Nathan Ashby

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Ok, this one really has me stuck. I'm in Yendys, and I have the trap prepared and I have found 8 pieces of straw. I've tried covering it with all 8 pieces, but I still get killed (Even though I know I could kick his ass with my Invulernable spell and my 2 Baleful Fasces. If it would actually let us fight :p )

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This works: Collect the eight straw, rope, sheet from around town. Place eight straw all around the bow. Place the rope on the bow, and the sheet on the rope. Move a few spaces away from the bow to activate nightfall. When Gorlow has reached the straw, i.e. Gorlow is on green space just before a straw, then in Special Items, use 'Throw Sheet', then immediately right click the bow.

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