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  1. My placement on this chart is incorrect. I met Drakefyre in 4th grade and he introduced me to SW games, and I have never actually met Alorael despite having lived in the same general area as him for some time.
  2. TM is obviously gobbling SOMETHING down like a bagel sandwich.
  3. I was fooled by the 3/30 part.
  4. His Highness, being quirky, lives in the sky. In one of the southerly areas, I think, is a barren patch of land with a lot of rocks. If you wander around there you'll find the way to get to the Prince's house. When you find it he'll call down to you and invite you up, I believe.
  5. Passwords to scenarios that hardly anyone cares about probably will not be released.
  7. The HP doubling thing is just something that's built into Blades. If a scenario is meant for low level players and your party exceeds the recommended level all monsters will have double their HP. Also, An Apology has some hard fights. There are probably some hints floating around somewhere...
  8. For questions 2, 3, and 8, talk to Jenkins in the operations center. He'll send you on a mission to gather some mushrooms. The Flayer lair is hidden under the level with the shrooms. You should find Pharijin pretty easily once you get down there, but Konax Minoc is fairly well hidden. Once you get it, Krug should show up when you take on the Ettin.
  9. Aceron must have put a lot of time into Kaimorad. I remember when UA said that the first time he tried to compile the BoA editor with some slight changes he got 481 errors.
  10. Might I suggest that the petition be amended to recommend the termination of one L. Strout, who unlike the beloved and benevolent Mariann is despised by the community and regarded as the devil?
  11. Just as a note, SW does not condone hex-editing, so anything that happens to your game is a result is all on you.
  12. Why would it tell you this is not an Exile II save file? You are trying to load it in BoE, aren't you? Make sure the file extension is .sav.
  13. If the quality of new scenarios comes to a halt because the editor has reached its limits too early because of bugs and faults, then popularity and enjoyment among non-designers (ie. players) will also stagnate. So if he wants feedback from non-designers, I am also demanding that Jeff give the support that the community needs to keep it going.
  14. Quickfire is indeed the answer to the trolls, but not regular quickfire. Try going back to Dhurnhold to ask for help.
  15. A horrible horrible group project that aimed to create a comprehensive site where one could find all things Blades. It fell through for any number of horrible reasons.
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