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New scenarios in progress


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Which is why I won't try to. I have just spent the past few days working on it. However, all that time has been spent on one town, or more accuratly on the multiple towns which will make up the capital of the small kingdom. Of course, once I have these finished I will have to do them all over again, using Import Town of course, to reflect the changes that will take place once a certain event takes place.


Using that as a means of measurment I feel safe in saying that there is no way to tell. I will let you all know when I get closer to Beta Testing time.

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Originally written by Bard of the Soul:
I plan on pushing as many limits as I can with it, but while it is in the works, what kinds of plot work do you think? One overriding plot or just a group of smaller quests that can be performed or ignored at the player's whim? Or both?
There should be a good reason, explained to the player in the beginning, why the party would want to go to the dungeon. Mere "treasure hunting" tends to get boring, or doing just errands without a clue what to expect. Some kind of a threat, for example, works fine - it could be revealed at the beginning or at some point as a surprise.

EDIT: Still, a story is important and in my opinion should come first and not be an excuse for details and tricks.

Playing good and bad scenarios, of course, should give you some idea of what works and what doesn't.
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I had actually tried to make a scenario like this before. I would have done it if everyone didn't immediately shout "AH GOD NO IT WILL SUCK" at me.

By the way, mine was also called Dungeon Crawling. If you do make the scenario, please give it a different name. It's just a generally bad name.


I really want to make a scenario. I'd make it for BoA, but I'd rather spend my time learning C++ than Avernumscript. So I'll make one for BoE. I have good coding skills. What I lack is an idea for a scenario. I could do the one I was making for the DFTS contest, but it formed part of the background for the games I want to make professionally, and I decided after the contest was over that I was going to get rid of magic for the most part, meaning the scenario I was making would need a lot of changes.

I guess I'll look through the countless "Someone make this scenario!" threads.


EDIT: By the way, BotS, I just noticed the topic you started a while ago about SDFs, and I noticed nobody pointed out that SDF (0,0) is buggy and seems to randomly reset itself. Don't use this flag for anything other than a one-shot special.

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I got an idea. It's good, I think.

Incidentally, I also discovered the meaning of life. Again. It's different this time though. It's pretty much part of a new religion. It's in development now. It's not all entirely new concepts nobody ever thought of or anything like that. It's just a different view on the world and the afterlife, and some other stuff.

The best part is the holy text. I doubt it will end up being more than ten pages long. No more do you need to clear two whole shelves to fit your entire text into your home!

No, TM, I don't take it to be the undisputable truth, so don't start on it. It's just an idea.

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