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  1. Originally Posted By: Robsta there are a few items that I defiantly wouldn’t want to be sold in them (say the auto win the scenario item). Any have a clue? Items that have a treasure class 0 won't appear in random shops (and they won't be dropped by monsters).
  2. You can release it, for example, at The Blades Forge, or at Alexandria. (Of course, if you can have your own web page for that purpose, it's very handy to release it there at first.) Originally Posted By: Robsta Does anyone have ideas of how to make the rest of a town, the part that does not pertain to one’s quest? This page might help.
  3. I hope there are more of those hidden rooms. At least there's a hidden corpse in Spirefield that I didn't notice the first time, behind some trees (or whatever they are).
  4. Milu

    #%@# Bugs!

    Thanks for the information. Maybe "item class on space (+take)" and "destroy items" work on my old mac (which I don't have here. I forced myself to test my over-complicated scenario with a half-working OS X BoE. It's a pain.) Anyway, the node chain seems to check correctly whether the item is there or not but it doesn't remove it. I've checked everything about dozen times. It might be that the program doesn't remove the item because it's a custom item with a custom graphic, or in place when the party enters the town, or something. Maybe not. I dimly recall "destroy items" working be
  5. There isn't a way to remove items from a space, is there? Both the "item class on space (+take)" and "destroy items on space" appear to be broken. At least in my current copy of the editor.
  6. Is it deadline already? EDIT: seems to be... just checking.
  7. How many PC's do you play with? 6 How many scenarios have you played? 100+ Absolute favorite BoE scenario? I don't know. I've played too many. (Tomorrow?) When did you get the registered version of BoE for the first time? 1999, I think What is the first third-party scenario you played? Nightfall (?) Favorite all-around scenario designer?Ideas compete, not people. (or something) :-P Out of your own scenarios, which do you feel is your best? One that's never going to be released. What is your favorite scenario icon? From left corner, left to right, number 12. If you could make on
  8. I've thought about buying an old PC in the future. Or maybe a new one, since PC games are easier to get and much cheaper. But I won't do it until my 5-year old mac dies, at least.
  9. I've recently thought about a reputation system for a scenario with two sides. In it there are two kinds of reputation: one describes which one of the different sides you support, and the other is some kind of a general respectability (or whichever is the right word for that), which is harder to gain but makes you more liked by everyone. The general reputation can negate the other reputation for the those who would otherwise dislike you. The general reputation is gained mostly through side missions, and the other reputation is gained automatically by advancing plot to a certain direction
  10. Technically, this doesn't make the game unplayable, except for some sound puzzles maybe. But it's frustrating, because I've been used to playing with sounds on and I like them. I suspect that I may not want to play it because I have other games that are able to play their sounds. I am also worried, especially because of rumours that it doesn't run at all on Intel macs.
  11. I run it in the Classic mode. That's when the problems happen. If there's no solution to at least the sound problem, the game doesn't work properly enough. That means I won't play it on my new computer, which means I might not finish my two scenarios. (Depends on how long I'm able to use my old computer.)
  12. Blades of Exile (the latest version) doesn't seem to run well on my PowerPC G4 with OS X 10.4.3. For example, most of the time it plays the sounds one click too late. I'd be very thankful and glad for a carbonized version of Blades of Exile, because scenarios are still made for it and I want to play them.
  13. One could also invent new symbols. Or, the symbols could be connected to an important character's past, or in this case, "your" past. (Although this is a fairly common solution.) At least one BoE scenario, Quests of the Spheres, has a quest a bit like this: The party visits a mad scientist's mind and tries to cure him. (Or something like that.) It's a maze where you have to fight "Squiggles" and other things. It might be inspirational, if you play BoE...
  14. The hardest part for me has generally been when about 2/3 or 3/4 of the first version is done. At that stage my scenarios often seem to suck too much, because they are too bare and empty yet.
  15. There's also the Blades Scenario Editor Docs file which should offer an explanation to some things, like this one. It should come with the editor.
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