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  1. I started off with the demo of Exile I. I didn't actually like it all that much and preferred Realmz. But somehow I came back to Exile, and played the demos of I-III. Blades of Exile was the first one I actually bought, and it was very much worth the money.
  2. Khoth

    PC Showdown

    I was counting it as a tie because eventually both sides will die. (I think once quickfire's spread a bit it's not possible to dispel it fast enough to stop it)
  3. Khoth

    PC Showdown

    The Exile party uses its prep time to surround themselves with a ring of force barriers, and casts quickfire outside the ring. Wins against everyone from a game without Dispel Barrier, ties against the others.
  4. Never have I so much regretted losing my superpowers.
  5. How am I supposed to answer the last question if I found Dark Souls easier than Witcher II?
  6. He's below the minimum system requirements for it, so I wouldn't really expect much in the way of performance.
  7. "It's fast in the menus and slow during the actual game" is not the sort of slowdown that indicates a memory leak. It's also unlikely that the problem is caused by the page file.
  8. Note that an SSD, although amazing for reducing load times and whatnot, will have essentially no effect on the FPS you get. The limiting factor is probably the graphics hardware. Integrated graphics tends to be pretty weak compared to a separate graphics card, and options for a laptop are rather limited anyway compared to on a desktop.
  9. So you haven't played the Diablo games then?
  10. Khoth

    Weak WiFi

    It's more likely to be a crappy radio/antenna in your laptop than the OS. You can get external antenna that helps when reception is bad (eg this sort of thing)
  11. Lay more eggs to make up for it.
  12. "Not afraid to ruffle feathers to get stuff done" is the funniest description of Arya I've ever heard.
  13. Khoth

    Odd Mnemonics

    When I need to tell which direction is left, I just grab some cobalt-60 and watch the beta decay.
  14. I don't want to learn Russian, because then it would annoy me too much when things were written in fake яussiaи
  15. Khoth


    If you check a dictionary, you'll find that "literally" has two meanings: 1. actually 2. not actually
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