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  1. Yes, I have the stairways on the same squairs in the different towns. If that is the issue it is rather odd because I have the same araingment between the base town and another town that works just fine. I don't have any jump-to's, I figured that they might cause a problem so I left them out. Just for clarification, the base town is not the starting town of the scenerio, but rather town 1 which I am connecting to town 2 and 3. It is the connection with town three that is the problem, but both connections use the exact same style of connection. I'll check through the known bugs and see what I can find. Thank you very much.
  2. Greetings, I am finding myself with a very strange problem that doesn't make a lot of sense. I have a stairway in one town which leads into another, and then one in the other town wich leads back. Pretty standard. I have done this before a dozen times without a problem. I set it up so that each stairway puts the party on a space with no specials. It is a forced stairway with no text boxes. When the town which serves as a the main floor is entered and then the party decends down the stirway it works fine. However, when they try to go back up they are sent to the new town and then automaticaly sent righ back to the tow they just left. I tried moving the space that the stairway sends them to further away from the special but I still get the same responce. I have double checked the node work on both ends and everything appears to be in order. Is this a bug that I have run accross? Or is there something that I may have missed?
  3. I just received my copy of BoA on CD in the mail. I attempted to load it up on my old laptop, a Compaq using Win95, and everything installes just fine. But when I try to open the program after installing it I get this message, Blades of Avernum EXE file is linked to missing export KERNEL.DLL:GetLongPathNameA Can anyone tell me both what this means and what I can do to get around it. Please also keep in mind that the laptop in question is not connected to the internet, hence the CD, nor do I have any intention of changing that.
  4. That map page is really good. So good I think that I just might use it when I launch my next project, or side project. I never thought someone had such a complete map of Exile I. I thought I was going to have to make it from scratch when mly copy arrived.
  5. I would have to also say the GIFTS. There is something about them that I just love. I guess it could be the way that they are almost always there and greeting you with a smile and "Hi!"
  6. Probably because it is such a good game and so well made that nobody has any real questions and none feel the deed to discuss things in order to try and figure them out. Then again I could be wrong. Sorry if that sounded bad, I am just in a really good mood and willing to play around. My copy of Nethergate just arrived today! Along with Blades of Avernum and the entire Exile Trillagy! Yay! Not sure if Nether will run on my current computer, I don't have my desktop in college with me so I am using a VERY old laptop, but once I get home I am going to fire it up and beat some celtic rear!
  7. I persinally have several irons in the fire at the moment so I can quite agree that this medium is still alive and kicking. There just isn't as much talking going on in these forums for it as the other one.
  8. I have just read this and I must say that I like the idea. I believe the reason why so few scenerios for BoE took place in Exile is that very few people wanted to try and re-create the landscape because it really is massive. Having said that, if you want to do this, and are as awair of the difficulties as you seem to be, I must say go for it. I know that I for one would use it. My only question would be, how detailed do you plan on getting? Are you talking just a simply map of all of the areas, the main caves and the Van lands, or do you have even more ambitious plans? Do you plan on mapping out all of the towns, forts, and caves too? Or would you simply note their locations on the outdoor map? I think of this idea like the setting books that you can buy for role-playing-games. One book with maps and information that is ready made for you to put your own ideas into. The docs for such a thing could be extensive though if you tried to include information about the various lands and important NPCs. Another interesting idea might be a re-creation of the surface, if such a thing were possible, that would allow for people to make games that take place on empire lands. Bottum line, if you want to make it then go for it. Just because other people don't like the idea doesn't mean that everyone doesn't. And even if nobody else used it, a thing that I persinally find unlickly since I know that I would at least, you still have it for yourself and can cut and paist what you need without re-creating everything. I have often wanted to make a game about when Exile was just starting out, but have not done so because I couldn't get around the map problem. A untility like this would make that possible. Edit: Also, a note about copyright. I believe that this is not only not breaking the copyrite, but that it is also part of the purpose of BoA. Jeff made this so that we all could continue the stories of E/A and in order to do that we would have to be able to use the official areas. Persinally, I think that Jeff should have included basic maps of Avernum and the surface with the games instead of the four starter scens, or maybe with them, since I would find such maps for more interesting and useful in the long run.
  9. It really depends on what kind of a scen you are trying to make and the impression that you are trying to give. I have been working on my own scens for quite a while now and I can tell you that if it is done right, with love and care, a could town can take days to get right. However, it is ultimetly worth every second when the end result is a place that looks and feels real. There is nothing that kills my pleasure more than a lack-luster town that was just slapped together to provide a place for the characters to rest and buy weapons. When I work on a town here are a few things that I think about, in case anyone is interested or looking for advice. 1, why is the town there? It is good farmland? Is it in the middle of an important trade rout? Is it an important defensive or offensive postion? The answer to this question is very important, but not nearly important as the next one. 2, where is this town built? On a river, in the middle of grassland? Built upon the ruins of some older structure? 3, What is this town's history? This town was around a long time before the characters came around. I would say that at least three very important events happened in this town, no matter the size, before the character's arrived. What were these events and how did they affect the town? Are their any signs of these effects anymore? These three questions are very important, and should seriously affect how you paint your town. Basicly, any town, no matter what it's purpose in your mind, should be built with the same care as any important NPC, because in a way that is what a true town is, for each town is alive and has a history of it's own, and will continue to tell its' own story long after the scen is over. If the player can't get a sense of that from the towns that they visit then the reason to visit towns goes away and it gets boring really fast.
  10. Thank you all for your responces. A very interesting read I must say. Nicothodes, you show wisdom. I probably should have made this clear in the beginning. My thought for starting this thread was not to search for ideas but to see if we could come up with a good range of scources of ideas for those who feel that they know how to use the Editor but don't feel confident in their abilities to come up with an idea out of thin air. One thing that I have found interesting is something that is posted in the dungeon master's guide for 3rd edition D&D. It is a list of 100 plot ideas set up so that they can be randomly selected by a die roll. Now I don't like the die roll part but some of their ideas are worth a thought or two. Would anyone be interested in reading them or should I leave well enough alone?
  11. I have actually tried all fighter parties in the past. Unfortunetly, when I did I kept running up against things that either required a wizard of a priest to move forward because people assume that there will be one in the party. It is a different style of play and is just as legit as anything else. I persinally highly support it because I feel that it offers more room for tactics when party creation is concerned and allows for more specialization in various fields. However, the main flaw is that healing is a little harder. Money tends to be a little tighter in the beginning but then towards the end money just isn't an issue anymore since you aren't paying for those really powerful spells and you already have most of the armor and weapons you will ever need. I just think that more designers need to be concious of the possibility of an all fighter party entering their scenerio and plan accordingly. When I build one I uwually have four front-liners, two with edged one with bashing and one with pole. Then there is an archer and a thrower who split unlock and disarm traps. Of course, having someone with woodsman and potion skill really helps. Sure you may never get the more powerful potions but then again all you really need is a few healing potions and you are good to go.
  12. I have seen quite a few different scenerio ideas fly around, both on these boards and through the scenerios that have come out, and that has started me wondering. Where do you all get the ideas for your scenerios? Does it simply one day occure to you? Or do you read adventure novels until something strikes you? What do you do? Me? I get my ideas primarily from looking at the editor itself as well as examining RPG handbooks. I see an interesting feature and wonder how it would work out in a game. Then I construct something in my head which showcases this feature. Another place that I look is history books and the classics. I have a rather interesting idea developing in my head based upon the ice age and surviving in it. I also have a few ideas wherre I intend to work in other less well known bits of history mixed with fantasy. I also have a book called "The Encyclopedia of Things That Never Where" that I find very interesting. It is a gathering of myths and legends from all corners of the world and is a great storehouse of ideas. So, where do you all get your ideas?
  13. Thanks for the hint asbout 0/0. I already knew that from reading people's articles but I am sure that someone who didn't will probably read that and be glad to know. If it is inspiration you are looking for there are a lot of different places to look. In fact, I can see that being a good thread.
  14. All help, no matter how great or small, is deserving of notice. Thank you for the little tip you just gave as well.
  15. Which is why I won't try to. I have just spent the past few days working on it. However, all that time has been spent on one town, or more accuratly on the multiple towns which will make up the capital of the small kingdom. Of course, once I have these finished I will have to do them all over again, using Import Town of course, to reflect the changes that will take place once a certain event takes place. Using that as a means of measurment I feel safe in saying that there is no way to tell. I will let you all know when I get closer to Beta Testing time.
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