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  1. I really should, shouldn't I?
  2. Um, delete your preferences file and ask Jeff for another registration code. If you provide your personal information so he knows who you are, he usually gets back to you within a day.
  3. Originally Posted By: Thuryl Hint: what do skulls normally do? Remain comfortably inside your head?
  4. I believe that's what the Warding Crystal and Shanker do. The Box of Traps is something else.
  5. I think some people were playing Hot Potato with the Crystal Spire last game, so yeah.
  6. Oh, late last game I realized something else about the GIVE -> OFFER change. It makes it more difficult to ally with the Skribbane Addict, because the Skribbane Addict can now be a cad and reply to an offer of Skribbane by killing the person with the Skribbane, with no possibility of being wrong. Previously, you could just obfuscate who held it and when giving time came around, that person no longer had it.
  7. What possible reason could you have had to kill Creator?
  8. Originally Posted By: Ash Lael Who then sold her out to a DL. I really didn't want to betray Marlenny, but it was looking like I was better off just getting Marlenny killed so that I didn't also have to make Xelgion die, because my "keep Marlenny alive" plan at that point involved using up one of the two Skribbanes. So I sighed and contacted Bain (informing him that even though I'd been shanking his buddies all game, an allied victory would be acceptable) and Xelgion (offering to let him kill Marlenny since she had a Skribbane on her). Then Xelgion told me he had a Vulnerability Scroll and was willing to kill Bain, so I un-betrayed Marlenny and put into effect my plan to kill Bain. Of course, it failed and both Marlenny and Xelgion ended up dead anyway, just differently from how I originally saw it ending. Oh well.
  9. Gladwell is fun. Sorry Xelgion, but you should always look out for number one - which in the case of Gladwell's servants means telling Gladwell not to do stupid things and hoping he doesn't actually want you to get killed. (Which I didn't.) So you would probably have been better off thinking "Hmm, if I'm going to win either way, which of Bain or Marlenny would be easier to kill?" then arguing for that, since I had room for idealism and you really didn't. Of course, given that we had a backup plan to sic Marlenny on Bain armed with Weapon Poison and Skribbane, I also had a backup plan of compelling Creator to take Skribbane and kill you if you just refused to do anything for me.
  10. Wz As: You'd have to ask Creator himself, but from what I can understand, yeah. I was thinking Sarachim was a DL for a while, though, and debating proposing an alliance with the DLs. Unfortunately they had to kill Marlenny, so that idea fell through.
  11. Apologies to Marlenny (for failing to save her life using the ninjas what strike in the night, after she basically worked her butt off all game to get me allies and confuse my enemies) and Xelgion (for being the expendable ninjas what strike in the night). Also darn it. I thought PGLB was Dionicio for most of day 2, and was considering offering him an alliance when he was suddenly struck down. And given that it was by the Darkside Blademaster, it would have saved him, too. Ah well.
  12. It could be a double fake! That's just the sort of treachery that'd be perpetrated by Vahkos!
  13. That's just because Ash Lael didn't bifurcate from The Creator until a good few years after they joined the community.
  14. The average party has 1 or 4 characters. Many of us who play singletons (at least, myself) don't insist upon it to the exclusion of all other play, however, so it wouldn't be poorly-received as a result. I mean, I'd probably still play it with my singletons, but most likely after I completed it the "right" way with a party made for the purpose. Code that boots you out of the scenario if you're not playing with the "right" party will just get thrown out by a player who'd go past a warning anyway.
  15. RIT seems to have suddenly eaten access to all students' webspaces. Dunno what's up with that - everything's still there when I use my FTP access, but my RIT webspace and everyone else's I know is giving me nothing but 404s.
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