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The good ol' goblin


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It seems to me that any scenario designer for a starter party contain goblins, either in a experience dungeon, wandering monsters, etc.


I was wondering if anyone has an idea for a good substitute for goblins---something as a new easy way to gain experience for a beginner party. Specifically, I'm wondering if anyone has or knows of some new graphics I could use for something of that sort.


Also, I'm going to be going to Oregon for a couple weeks, or so, but I'll be back after that.

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Hmmm…looks like TGM's having just a little *shows w/fingers* too much fun :p .


Quite true, and there are other ways of getting experience (sp). Though I don't know if nodes and traps and such would be very efficient. BoA (I just got the demo recently, so I'm psyched) offers more in the way of non-combative XP than Exile.

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Thanks for the advice, but it was not really what I was looking for. I'm wondering if anyone has any good ideas for a new (custom) race of monster similar to goblins, and especially if they know of a good, as TGM would put it, *graphic* for that monster, as the ones I try to draw are crude. :p


I came up with the idea myself, though, of something called "bladebeasts" and then have different type, such as "bladebeast warroir," and more powerful "bladers." Good graphics for something like this would be very helpful also. wink

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You could do what Vogel did, platebugs :p .


I tried making one, but failed miserably. VoDT has some nice low-level creatures, especially in BoA, and they might give you a few ideas.


I would model them after goblins for stats, and then give them a weak special ability, cuz goblins are just too easy. Give us a challenge.

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Originally written by MASCHINE UMSTURZ:
fight through a billion irritating goblins
*pictures a large room, completely filled with goblins, all trying to get at the party at once, but because the hallway leading to the room is so narrow that only one one goblin can get to the party at a time, the heroes easily defeat all of them* Heehee................

I suggest something cute and cuddly-looking, only it has lots of teeth and it has claws. Kinda like a fox............ only with lots of tails............. :p You could start with a normal wolf pic and add a few more tails, and maybe change the color scheme a bit. And you could do the same thing with a Worg and have it be like the leader or something.
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