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  1. It's not bad. The story is simple but solid. The graphics are good--I mean, it's Ephesos--but unlike usual, there are no "tricks"--everything just works well. I guess that kinda explains the whole scenario. It's pretty, smooth, and relatively brief. The challenge is good... the rewards feel a bit excessive--those "darkside armors" are 100g apiece, and virtually every enemy in the scenario wears em. The challenge was ok... Travalyan was way weaker than I expected, probably not a suitable final boss, but I don't mind anticlimax. [rating]GOOD[/rating].
  2. Aesthetically innovative. I suppose I found the final sections unimpressive, but wouldn't be a letdown after the treetop area? (Perhaps Eph was rushed to make the contest deadline--I'd empathize.) None of the combat was really remarkable, and the rewards were pretty generous. Still, that only makes it an easy scenario. Nikki's right about the final fight--it's even easier than the others, and it's very anticlimactic. The plot, I guess, is pretty basic. There are no obvious holes, and the party actually does some stuff. The characterizations are pretty basic, and the author is transparently self-inserted as a god character--and that, my friends, is simply unacceptable. I dunno. It flows reasonably well, it's pretty, and it doesn't get particularly stale. [rating]GOOD[/rating]
  3. If Measle were younger, he'd make this. It's a very rough affair. Ephesos sucks at fighting, and the goblins were easy. (You have a sling, and the goblins have no AI to alert their allies. Most of the time, they just run up on you anyway.) I disliked having to wall-bash to find stuff, but since there was so little terrain, I didn't care. Still, it took up roughly 20% of my gameplay time. :-/ Could have used some obvious sprucing up--was the "frill terrain" option even used? The ending trick was a nice one. I was expecting something more climactic, but I suppose that's the point. Honestly, maybe I've misinterpreted the negatives. Maybe the minimalism is intentional: It all felt kinda delirious. Of course, it could be the result of being a first effort, but it fit too well with the theme, so it deserves applause. Still, that makes the only appropriate rating an [rating]AVERAGE[/rating]
  4. (Selentine actually released this scenario as fake and purposefully bad scenario as a test to see who would beta-test it. On the one hand, this means he's not that bad of a designer. On the other hand, it meant everyone hated him for a while. )
  5. It was mundane, hasty, and predictable. The town design was mediocre, even for designers who are not Ephesos. The combat was piss-easy, especially with the wand that basically eliminates the final fight. Try bringing in a party 5 levels below the minimum. Yawn. [rating]Poor[/rating] (EDIT: To be fair, I actually like the irony that Lazarus noted below.)
  6. It's short... it was made in 24 hours. It looks very good. There's no real combat, but that's not the point of it. I'm going to rate it [rating]Good[/rating], because even though it's not of a very high level of quality because of its length--I can't think of a great scenario that only takes 10 minutes to play--it's still quite good for its length, and therefore worth other people's time to play.
  7. It's pretty good. It's fairly short, and there's not much difficulty to it, but it's worth the play... I'm going to say it's good, since even though it may not be as deserving as longer scenarios, its quality is good proportionate to its length. Is that a fair way to judge? [rating]Good[/rating]
  8. I don't mind the idea of a brigand, but why? If we want to increase negotiation and information-spreading, then the brigand doesn't seem to help much. Perhaps we should make a spy role instead. The spy would be able to communicate anonymously with players through an account managed by *i. The account would be something obvious like "NI Spy," and at the end of each game, the account would be deleted then recreated. Of course, in this game, this role would be especially powerful, so there would need to be some sort of caveat... perhaps we could force the spy to only talk to certain roles without knowing their identities? Then again, *i would have to mediate those communications, and that would make communications slow, which seems to go against the point. I suppose the spy would be a tough-enough role already even if it had unlimited access to the NI Spy account, since if s/he tries to deal with someone as both her/his main account as well as the Spy, it'll be easy for them to catch on. The goal of the spy would have to be very hefty: Like, "Know the identities of at least 8 roles." I like the spy, since s/he'd be faction-neutral, but s/he'd be useful for any degree of faction-building. I would also want to allow people to trade with the anonymous NI Spy account, but NOT be able to recruit it. (Another issue is identity disguises--would people be able to disguise themselves with the NI Spy account, or just the Spy role? I'm tempted to go with just the Spy role, since otherwise, they'd have to be given access to the NI Spy account, and that seems awfully abusive.) I dislike the Channeler as stated because it moves the game closer and closer to a game of personal relationships rather than strategic ones. Why not allow the Channeler to ask two questions daily? This requires that players be honest, and only say what they would have known at the moment of death. (For instance, "drat, Ronaldo was actually Gladwell!" would count, but "I was talking with Marlenny after the game, and she said..." would not.) The system relies on honesty as-is, so I accept this risk.
  9. Also, you revealed your identity on day 1 and I needed you dead by any means necessary.
  10. Creator was wise to single out Diki. Our faction was going to embargo against her for Creator's assistance, but then we needed her services.
  11. Really, Ackrovan singlehandedly wrecked what could have been a decent struggle. I would have lost my muscle, and I'd have been forced to aid the DLs against the Anama. Seriously, Ackrovan. Don't spill out all the info without contacting at least one ally who's in the know. If you had just waited, you wouldn't have gotten all of your allies killed. Honestly, I would be surprised if people thought I was the Addict, given that the real addict would have contacted people looking for drugs, and anyone he contacted would have known I was a fraud.
  12. (What Darkside Loyalists? )
  13. If anyone has any skribbane, please contact me.
  14. When you say "may join the Anama," does that exclude those players who are Anama members by default?
  15. Q: Can the Fae change its role once, or multiple times?
  16. Skribbane withdrawl seems too harsh. The effect of taking skribbane seems similar to maybe one-time use of meth or PCP, but the withdrawl is similar to 50 years of heavy alcoholism. Why not limit the withdrawl to 1-2 rounds, and add on additional rounds exponentially for successive use?
  17. Quote: Originally written by Kelandon: 1) Ignore TM. This is step one to designing like a champ. Step two is ignoring every other detractor of your work and making insipid crap. Of course, if you make a scenario after a crappy fanfiction by an obsessive board member, you're already well on your way.
  18. This sorta reaffirms what we already know-- Riposte is worthless trash.
  19. Why? Do you know how much work a scenario is? How much time? Nevermind one of that size. And you plan to waste all of this effort on the worthless dweebs on these boards? What is wrong with you?
  20. The Archbishop-- you mean, Klugmann from Canopy? EDIT: By the by, a priest would less have the gold necklace, and more the white collar.
  21. I love the GraphicsAdjuster. Lifesaver. Don't expect me to be able to pin-down crashes, but I am virtually guaranteed to try out all of the features anyway.
  22. ... The priest has to be the laziest edit I've seen in my life.
  23. Kel, you use 'i' and 'j' for variables? That's bound to make your code utterly illegible. Anyway, I use two variables here as well (and incredibly self-explanatory ones): Code: beginstate 11; pcs = 0; can_dig = 0; while((pcs <= 3) && (can_dig == 0)){ if(char_ok(pcs) == TRUE){ if((char_loc_x(pcs) >= 5) && (char_loc_x(pcs) <= 7){ if((char_loc_y(pcs) >= 12) && (char_loc_y(pcs) <= 15)) can_dig = 1; } } pcs = (pcs + 1); } if(can_dig == 1) message_dialog("You can dig here!",""); else message_dialog("You can't dig here!","");break;
  24. ... This Xian Skull nonsense ends now. (I was hoping this would be similar to the Anaximander fluke, but no...)
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