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  1. Ah, thanks, hadn't even thought of that, I must admit.
  2. Drakey, Stareye, you're both being funkillers. Consider this your final warning.
  3. Oh, but give the dolt some slack! He's a dolt, after all. Also, TM is my GOD. NTH NTH NTH NTH NTH ^^
  4. I remember that someone put out one a few years back.. Not sure who, though..
  5. Yeah, the idea is that you sell valauble things to Levy, and buy as many copies back as you wish to. Then sell the copies for LOTSA GOLD. ^^
  6. Uh please, get a clue. He's releasing a NEW beta version.
  7. ..an evil cult? Possibly dominated by an evil demon? Oh yes, sounds fresh, new and good. ^^ The 1st object (get robbed by evil bandits, kill some evil bandits, recover your stuff from the evil bandits) sounds quite promising, though. Hope you manage to make it play out well.
  8. Jeff: "Linda, the customers want us to kick you out." Linda: "The demons made me do it! I swear, these demons inside my head! I hear things.. I.. I even see things.. Must.. DESTROY..!"
  9. Quote: Originally written by Kurojutsu: Quote: Originally written by The Great 4808: Unfortunately, good town design takes a lot of work, but if you want your scenario to be interesting, you have to spend a lot of time on them. Says the person with no scenarios to his name. I'll put it bluntly- towns aren't necessary. A passable town will function just as well or almost unnoticably poorer than a well-designed town would. If a town isn't heinously ugly, it should take two hours at most to churn out. I don't play for towns, and I don't feel that anyone else does either. Actually, I agree with Ben. Well-drawn towns ARE essential to scenarios, as are plot, interesting characters, and well both -thought and -written dialogue. Sure, it doesn't matter if some backwater villages (the generic ones ^^) are just bundles of houses built close to each other, but try to do that same with a hi-populated capitol.. Towns are important. Not the most important part of design, but important, nevertheless. At least for people like me who ENJOY exploring interesting places. ^^
  10. The BoE Megasite sounds almost like The BoA Center. Except that the Megasite had the brains to die before starting.
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