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  1. My latest reading is Mig äger ingen (No-one owns me) by Åsa Linderborg, recommended to me by one of female friends. It's a true story of how the author grew under the care of her alcoholic single father. Very moving, especially since it hits so close home - my own dad's an alcoholic too, so there are many direct parallels in her story. One note, the book is different than you'd think. Childhood of the author was, for the largest part, happy, and her father loved her to his best extent. It's bit of a spoiler, but the title of the book refers to the father.
  2. Originally Posted By: FnordCola So...animals, and even other humans are also ineffable? In that case, why is divine ineffability a distinctive or meaningful quality? We've essentially defined ineffability/incomprehensibility away to nothing if any being that is not the self in question has that attribute. Yeah, just like saying heat has no meaning because everything has it... oh wait. It's a matter of scale. Ineffability is a relative quality - one's ability to speak of the word is directly proportional to one's vocabulary and knowledge of the world. Some things are harder to describe or
  3. Nope. I'm saying God is a mystery, for many of the same reasons several animal behaviours are a mystery - our ability to understand them based on what we know is constrained by what we don't know. Consider how several animals see a broader spectrum of colors than humans do. An animal might react completely differently towards two objects that are outwardly similar to humans based on information only it knows or notices. Its emotions might be describeable in human terms - its mannerism might reflect love or hatred, for example - but the reason why is lost to the human observer. In a w
  4. Re: Jealousy being a "human" emotion: So what? Animals have been proven to be capable of many emotions previously thought to be solely human. Many of them are even ubiquitous. Yet still, reasons why some (even familiar) animals act like they do eludes us. You might as well say sight is a human quality. There are many other creatures that see, yet they remain mysterious. Just because part of a whole is familiar, doesn't mean the whole is familiar. To an extent, God of abrahamic faiths makes himself and his will known in their religious texts. It's still easy in the light of
  5. My answer to why world has misery: God is an artist, and everyone knows true art is tragic. What, you say that doesn't make sense? Well, it's not supposed to, cause everyone knows true art is supposed to be incomprehensible as well. I don't consider problem of evil to be strongest case for atheism, because it's not a problem at all if God (or gods) are even a little less than all-knowing, all-powerful and all-benevolent. (Also, "atheism while admitting gods exists" is accurately called misotheism (hatred of gods), apatheism (apathy towards gods) or dystheism. ) (Also also, true
  6. Reading this thread, I feel atheism is applied too broadly. It's a feeling I have often, really. The kind of atheism mostly discussed here, the kind which is concerned with proof or evidence, would be more accurately called "skeptical atheism", or perhaps "rational atheism" in my opinion. (Yes, the implication is that there are unskeptical and irrational atheists. That's why I feel the need to make the distinction.) Atheism is just "disbelief in or denial of God or gods". It doesn't tell anything else of the belief set held by a particular atheist. Atheism isn't even necessarily areligiou
  7. Originally Posted By: upon mars First rule in self defence: Do not attack. Not as set in stone as you'd think. If someone is acting threatening, throwing the first kick to buy yourself time to run away can be recommendable, or even ideal. Even humans have the habit of "puffing up" and trying to look very big and intimidating when they get angry. Fortunately, this leaves their torso and gut wide open. A fast kick there to deflate them can be invaluable for an escape.
  8. Sure, knives have utility. I often carry one with me too. But try carrying one to a bar or a restaurant, let alone using one for self-defense. I wouldn't be surprised if the former is downright illegal in many places, and the latter is much likelier to incriminate you.
  9. Originally Posted By: Lier Beneath the Silent Skies Buy a knife. Fun stuff. Or don't. Bringing weapons to a fight is often a quick way to escalate things, and can make the legal repercussions exponentially worse. Plus, you are rarely allowed to carry weapons to places where most common self-defense situations arise, and for those same situations they represent a way too high level of force. Some form of pepperspray might be worth it, but even that requires a license in many places. Your best bet is to take self-defense courses, and practice jogging so you can run away better. It should
  10. Dragging items has to go. Just make it so that key + mouse click moves the item to right location at once. Also, auto-arranging inventory! Moving those little icons around manually is just so clumsy.
  11. At least here in Finland, the myth of "all hunters are callous murderers!" is a bit funny, since to get a hunting license you have to go through a course called Ethical Hunting. As for the moral difference between cattle and prey - I've heard some vegetarians claim that if everyone had to butcher their own meat, no-one would eat it. This based on the fact that an urban person isn't much involved in preparing the meat, and might not interact with livestock at all. I guess the belief is that the experience would be so shocking as to make them disavow meat, and indeed I've heard some stories
  12. I believe the "humanitarian" concern about hollowpoints was due to, as mentioned, them causing much more grievous injuries than ordinary bullets when they hit. People were fine about a direct shot killing someone, but not so much about a bad shot killing them or maiming them horribly. On the flipside, hollowpoints are legal for civilian use due to their utility in hunting. A hollowpoint creates a much larger wound channel, making it much more likely to kill instead of just grievously wounding the animal.
  13. Originally Posted By: Play within a movie in a book All of them are interesting, although I think Nathalie the cheerfully murderous sorceress is the fan favorite. ... is it wrong that after, like, five minutes of interacting with her, I want to grab a hold of her and shout "WHAT THE **** IS WRONG WITH YOU GIRL!?!"
  14. Fun fact: many of us foreigners type much better English than native speakers because we're more self-conscious of our language and worried of being misunderstood. It sometimes leads to funny cases like this, where a fluent writer is apologizing for a mistake that's only apparent to him or herself.
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