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A few questions reguarding towns

Bard of the Soul

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Well, I have a few questions that I can't seem to find the answers to. I was wondering if someone here would be kind enough to let me know the answers.


Mainly I want to know this, if you have a variable town entrence do both towns you enter cout towards the max number of town entrences you can have in one outdoor section?


When you port a town does it capy everything, including special nodes, monsters, and dialogue? Or does it only port the town layout?


Is there a way to have someone buying a room at an inn trigger an event, and then have the town entry check to see if the person had stayed the night at the inn in order to decide wich town the person actualy enters when they come back after leaving town the next day?


My intention is to have the party enter a town, speak with some people and then sleep in the Inn for the night. The next morning the town will be different due to a change.

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1) No. Only town entrances matter.


2) Just about everything. You may need to change some of the dialogue nodes such that they line up with the new town.


3) I'm not sure I understand. When you buy a room at an inn, the party automatically stays there. Of course, you can use nodes instead of the dialog preset command to change this.


4) The best way to do this is have the innkeeper send the party to a room that is inaccessible. Once the party goes to the room, have them trigger a stairway node just as they are about to leave that takes them to the next, semi-identical town.

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Thank you for both the information and the idea. I hadn't thought of using the stirway node that way. smile


I have some other questions, this time about special nodes.


How do I give the party a choice when they hit a special encounter? What I mean is; the party wonders down a dark alley in a town and then is confronted by a thug. They can either pay him or fight him. How do I get the buttons to read "Attack" and "Pay"?


Also, with graphics, can I replace monster graphics, or edit the ones already there? instead of making totally new ones and risking getting the measurments wrong? Or would that be altering the BladeBase?

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There are several One-Shot nodes called Display Dialog (****** Pic), where "******" is Dialog, Terrain, or Monster. These allow you to have choices. You can have two buttons with a large selection of labels, and one that says "OK", or "Leave" if you have more than one button.

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Even me? confused


*feels bad that he may be credited in in a new scenario because he provided one little peice of information but proud at the possibility. He also thinks that Bard shouldn't feel obliged, though*


So I'll be happy to give another tip that you might have already figured out, but...the three Display Dialog nodes are the only way you can achieve the 6-paragraph chucks of dialog you see in some scenarios (where as Display Message can only accomodate 2). Just leave all the button extras blank if you only want it to say Okay/Leave.

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