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I've tried 'The Icy Tunnels'


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While I found it a solid story with some good puzzles, I came across some flaws and was wondering if constructive criticism was being accepted for this sceinario? If there had been an e-mail address given in the read-me I'd have contacted the author directly. I'm fairly new to Blades so I am unsure of protocol. I'd love to be a beta-tester, as I have a keen eye for detail.

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I have no idea about S M Adventurer (someone else who actually knows him?) but you can definitely explain your opinion about the scenario at the Lyceum\'s ratings page for it . If you like playing BoE scenarios and telling what you think about them, there's a Scenario Ranking Contest going on right now. Play and rate as many as you can!


If you have absolutely no idea what CSR is or what these links mean, the FAQ and Rules page may help.


[/shameless plug]


EDIT: Er, and SW\'s page with the scen gives his e-mail as srmboe2 (at) yahoo.com.

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The way it goes: You can email the author directly (in most cases), but most people use the Comprehensive Scenario Rankings - there's a link at the top of the forum. Here's the topic for The Icy Tunnels .


If you want to beta-test, the usual method is just to hang around, post, and volunteer when someone asks. I'd recommend rating a bunch of scenarios on CSR - recently, I specifically asked Sboto to test Areni because I'd been impressed by the quality of his reviews. If you show that you know what makes a scenario work, you're likely to get picked.


EDIT: Kel beat me to it.

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You talking about me? Well, Gizmo, I like to thank you for playing my scenario. I also have

three others, available from my website:




Those scenarios are, in order from best to worst,

Quest for the Orbs, Goblin Attacks, and the Big

Combat. Try them out if you wish.


But do not try The Big Combat! I repeat, do not try The Big Combat. It's my first and worst scenario. I don't even know why I uploaded it, but I guess it was because it was part of

my line up of scenarios.


I also have another one coming up, called the

Green Islands. It's about halfway done.

As soon as it is completed and alpha-tested

by myself it will be ready for beta-testing.


But anyway, I post more at the Lyceum then here.

Look at my post count here and my post count there. I'm a lurker here and a constant poster

over there.

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