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  1. Would you prefer I use a direct clone, or a fork? (I started with just a clone but Tyler suggested the fork) Branches vs. staying on master? And I expect I'll still need to get the hang of testing changes. I'm used to just refreshing a web page to troubleshoot something and I have a feeling it's a bit more complicated for the game.
  2. Finally got xCode to install, but I still have to figure out how to set up the git environment on my mac... and which folder to clone the repo into etc. So much easier when Tyler automagically does it for me. le sigh
  3. I don't remember anything as easy as that. Walls were always a party's best line of defense. But there are tricks you can do like destroying a monster on one side of the wall and creating it again on the other side or setting timers for when to make a monster appear close to the party. You'd have to do it very intentionally, I think. That said, I was last in the editor about eight years ago so... what do I know, eh?
  4. /me huggles Vincent. 10am on a Sunday? Silly... I'm always busy at 10am on a Sunday. I was curious enough, the other day, to download the original Mac source code and got it to open on my machine. And then I tried the most recent Mac build, from October right? Needs quite a bit, eh? But it was quite late by then so I didn't do any more exploring. I've got an essay I need to type up yet tonight, but then I'll stop in the chat if you're there.
  5. Ooh... you mean I might actually get to use that language for something other than school?? Haven't touched it in two years... but its like riding a bike right?
  6. Linky. Because, as said on the page, redundancy doesn't hurt.
  7. Love of BoE - Check Programmer - Check Mac El Capitan or Windows 10 Platform - Check and Check Time to Invest - ...erm Like, what languages are we talking? Doubt the languages I'm used to are the ones its written in.
  8. So I recently came across this writing assignment that I did based on an idea I had for a Blades of Exile scenario way back in, like, over eightyears agon'stuff. With the game file lost to the ether it became one of many stories only rattling around in my head so I used it for school. But I realized I hadn't shared it here and thought it might be a diversion. Converting the "Choose your own adventure" game into a set-in-stone story was not easy but I finally settled on an ending... and then I changed it as I wrote. Ah, well. The characters just didn't want to do what I had planned as they are
  9. Aw...but blades was the best. It gave every aspiring artist and game designer by trade (or otherwise) the opportunity to flex their creativity and put it to the community to see if it was up to snuff.
  10. Agreed. I am still disappointed that there were no questions regarding music or the *creation* of art. I would much rather go to a concert or paint a picture than go look at paintings in a museum that I may have seen before. Well that didn't work. I'll get an image up later. Kids are whining they have to do homework.
  11. Do what you love. Your creator put that desire there.
  12. Economic Left/Right: 0.25 Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -1.90 Pretty close to the middle. No clue what that really means.
  13. This can only be true if whatever you came from has the ability to control the thoughts in your head. So either you are arguing that the 'being' that made you 'can' control your thoughts, or that the sum of all external forces and circumstances and influences on your life ultimately puts all your thoughts in your head. The former I can shrug and say possible at, but the latter I do not believe. Life and circumstances may influence your thoughts and decisions, but I do not see how these experiences can force you to think and do one way or another. There is always a choice, despite circumstance
  14. I believe that every life has a purpose (kind of fate) but that choices you make can change whether you achieve it or not (kind of not). Or at least that there are multiple ways to achieve your purpose. Ultimately I think that life is a journey not only to find your purpose but also to accept it. The more you struggle against your purpose (if it is something you think you don't want or cannot find because there are some places you refuse to look) the more you will wander through your life without truly being content.
  15. Yeah, my intent was to match the other buttons so my pressed versions would match the other pressed buttons. I tried to find the graphics files at GitHub but I'm too newb. Me needs a map.
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