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Found 13 results

  1. So... ... and Avernum are definitely my favourite of Jeff's games. @Spidweb 👋 I created a thread two years ago but I don't want to "necro" it so I asked for it to be locked. This thread will not be a play through, I intend to post here observations, maybe some questions? In the meantime, if you play Exile too, please feel free to participate and post your experience(s) here! Images are welcome but I'll hardly post some myself. My first party is composed of six characters: three men and three women: two fighters, one male specialised in pole weapons, one female archer talented at using poisons; both having limited skill at edged weapons, one "roguish" male character, specialised in lock picking, trap disarming, assassination and the like; this one has good skill at using edged weapons, one female "scholar" who can decipher runes, knowledgeable at items and so on; doesn't cast spells, good at bashing weapons, one male mage, one female shaman. Here, they are, from the bottom and then left to right: Ian, Ariel the archer, Nathan the assassin, Catherine the scholar, Edwin the mage and Rayna the shaman: I look forward to hearing from you!
  2. After Ivan [Redacted] created a thread about playing old software on 64bits machines (thank you for that!), I installed Exile. I'm curious about these older games and if there are many differences, apart from the obvious, with the Avernum series, since the Exile games are the first versions of the Avernum series. First I wasn't able to install them where I wanted but, after a second try, I managed. I started Exile and I'm about to play it alternately with Avernum. Since I've started Avernum already, I'll play Exile until my party catches up with what my Avernum party has already done. I tried my hand at creating a new party; it takes some getting used to but it's quite easy to do after all. The party can have six characters but I created only four that I named as they are named in Avernum (except for one who is now a woman, Edwarda) and have about the same skills. Here they are: Now, let's see how they are going to evolve in this new and hostile environment.
  3. Here is some of my own fan art mostly inspired and some of them directly related to my experience playing Avernun Escape from the Pit, and some others medieval or fantasy in general (I am also an avid history fan particularly of teutonic knights, lithuanian expeditions, Sparta, Troy and such): I added some digital flair to this piece (the original can be found on link below on my site): This one is overall rpg, fantasy or dungeons and dragons theme (all done on black pastel paper with white pastels mostly soft): ] Here is a collage of different pastel pieces Ive dome using photograph I did at a bar in Poland for backdrop: Some others: You can check out more of my stuff here: https://mike-lata.com/pastel-art/
  4. As I told already, I tried to install Exile games in Win 3.1 VM. Yesterday, I exactly tried E1:EFTP. The setup went smoothly and after I install it and launch the game, the game gets stuck in the intro screen and doesn't proceed further. I used a tool to convert the setup I installed in the host to a .iso file and installed it in the VM. Is there any step I'm missing or is it like simple v2.0 of Exile doesn't support 16-bit? Please help me. And, I didn't uncompress anything in the VM like told in the Description of Exile in the game page. Is there any separate 16-bit version?
  5. I reworked my original rendition of the Alien Blade from everyone's favorite* series. Take a look and let me know which design works better. *Unless you prefer Geneforge, to which I say that I do not share but respect your opinion
  6. So I took it upon myself to get ahead of myself and decided to e-mail our good friend, Mr. Jeff Vogel, basically bothering him and asking him how to 'Capture Soul' Erika, or why Prazac is such a [censored], and I asked him what was in the works after Avadon III wraps up, if they were REALLY remake-inceptioning Exile III: Ruined World. Good 'ol Jeffy simply said we hope to have it out next year, EARLY next year. So. Bottom line is I am excited af for this. Anyone else?
  7. Hey all! So, I remember Exile from my childhood, i was recently watching a GDC talk on the indiepololipse and the owner from this studio was on there sharing his experiences and I had forgotten all about Exile until I saw him. I was young living in a grouphome with a crappy-for-its-time pc and i had this disk id gotten somehow with 50 games on it, and i wanted to play games too badly so i got into some of them, most of them were pretty bad but i remembered really getting into exile it scratched a gaming itch i haven't really been able to scratch in a long time since, I know from the talk that everything spiderweb software does is pretty similar to that original setup, but with improved graphics. i went and bought the steam 'gigantic bundle' and I'm about to try my hand at some of these games, but which should i start with? are they all in-keeping to the same general lore and rules or is each series unique? i think id rather start on the earliest game and work my way through but maybe you have a better suggestion.. BTW im an aspiring artist and a game designer by trade now and I'm totally going to try to jam something in this style but with my own personality added on top ^^
  8. So, I've been running a d&d campaign for a group of friends, and I figured I'd share a game world I've been enjoying since the 90s. I do the campaign over the internet and use maptools so we are all on the same page visually and whatnot. Anyway, I've spent an enjoyable time going back through the game and playing cartographer. I've mapped huge portions of the world map, and numerous towns and dungeons and some random encounters; making minor edits so it would transfer to d&d (nephilim to gnolls, for example). I figured I'd share it. I know a lot of other people love this game too. Also figured it's hard enough to find maps for it too. if you haven't played the full game (either exile, avernum, or the new remake avernum) then I'm sure that this contains spoilers of some form. Every tile is a single 1x1 square on maptools, and that program doesn't seem very well optimized, so expect to have to up how much memory it can use and a bit of lag when it auto saves. I'm very obviously missing some of the furthest areas of the 'world' map; west of ft remote, erika's tower area, and north of erika's tower. I've never uploaded an actual file before so... I don't know how well it'll work. I did test it and it worked for me. I made it in maptools 1.3.b91 (if that matters to people). I guess there is a chance that this has been done before, i did a quick look a few months ago and didn't find anything. http://www.filedropp...mapincomplete_1 looking forward to avernum 3 remake. I love that i can get them on steam and gog now.
  9. Does anyone still play Exile 3? I remember when I was a kid, I crashed my computer 3 times because of this game. I am really addicted and remember losing all my saved files since Golem Factory. Took me alot of effort, (following the cheats) guide, so I was wondering if anyone else have finished the game. Or could someone upload their saved file to me so I can see what it looks like after completing all the mission. I really want to see the last mission as well, so it would be nice if you guys can tell me what happened in the end. Whoever developed the game can you or is there a way to cast infinite spells. I know this Exile 3 have an editor program that allows you to save and refill the cast and health, it is very annoying to save and open from one program to another. I have been searching on google for a long time now and still can't find an answer, so I thought this form could help. This question is posted in 2016, I am waiting for a response. Thanks guys
  10. It's been quite a while, and I'm sure with the new remakes some people's opinions must have changed. Let me break it down as to why I choose Exile as my pick. It is the series that got me into Spiderweb Software gaming. If it wasn't for the Exile II on my old neighbors computer, I might never have found my way here. (And I never would have found myself to many, MANY other places as a result. Literally my entire life changed when I joined Spiderweb Software. I've made so many other friends, including my best friend, as a result from joining this place.) I will never forget the fun I had playing Exile 2 on this old computer. I guess it being the first is one of the main reasons why it's my favorite. Now, I know what people say. "Oh gawd, look at those graphics." For its time, Exile was one of the best games I have played, And I think the graphics fit right in with the old timey feel to it. There's just something about swords, horses, and games like this that makes old graphics feel like they belong. The better the graphics in an adventuring game, the more out of place it seems. And finally, the mechanics. Sure, the inventory was just a little sidebar visible at all times. Not very asethtic. But it got the job done, and Damnit if I didn't just enjoy seeing the green name that said I was using a broadsword. Plus, the very best part, YOU COULD CLOSE DOORS. Combat was fairly intuitive, the enemy AI was splendid, and every fight was fun. There was 7 levels of spells that could be cast in both priest and mage, with around 10 spells in each level! And there were so many unique ones too. Such as removing/PLACING Magical Barriers, Quickfire, various levels of summoning spells, summoning a wall of daggers for freaks sake. The party of six felt much more natural than the parties of four, and carrying loot was a lot easier. One last thing. Bashing your head into every wall you find and getting excited when you find a secret. None of this button crap. That was the life. What did you pick? Tell us why in the posts below!
  11. What is the most powerful spell in BoE in your opinion and why? Please try to vote in the poll. It isn't hard, and can give me an overview of this stuff while your posts give me a good analysis. I can tell right now that the BoE community is extremely small.
  12. In the middle of a massive nostalgia high, I rediscovered the Exile series of my childhood. The games that introduced me not just to RPGs in general, but to my favorite category of game altogether: the party based RPG. Imagine my joy at finding the full versions released as shareware! And imagine my pain when my modern OS refused to run these 16-bit treasures. But all was not lost, for there were forums! Surely they held the answers to this soul-threatening conundrum. Well... kind of? They used to? There are plenty of threads about the topic, but the passage of time has not been kind to the links or the information within. The text-only answers that survived were, to those of us inexperienced with legacy gaming, a bit vague. (For example, I tried to use DOSbox to open Exile 3 directly, before realizing that I needed to install an OS nearly as old as I am, THEN install the game. Seemed like a big pain. After looking up how to do it: confirmed big pain.) Enough with the self-pity and justifications, here are my solutions, in order of [my perception of] easiness: 1. Wine (Linux, BSD, Solaris and Mac OS X) I don't have Linux or Mac so I can't speak to this firsthand, but it looks very easy. It is also less resource hungry than using VirtualBox to run an entire 2nd OS. I thought I saw somebody in these forums mention that sounds may not work correctly in Exile? Perhaps somebody will clarify in the comments. 2. Windows 7 Pro only: google Windows XP Mode. Your OS comes with virtualized Windows XP support. You just have to download it from Microsoft. How easy is that? 3. VirtualBox with FREE copy of Windows XP.*** (OS X, Linux, Windows, Solaris) This should be the most robust solution, viable across any platform compatible with VirtualBox (or any other VM software. I used VirtualBox because it looked like the most common) and for as long as Microsoft provides access to free virtual copies of XP. This setup takes maybe 30 mins. Super easy. Note: the linked guide is targeted at website testers, who obviously need internet access within the virtual environment. You don't, and it is generally a bad idea to give old, unsecure OSs a front door to the internet. So skip that part. You only need the first 1/3 of this guide. After you get the virtual XP machine running, use the 'Shared folder' feature of Virtual Box (google for instructions) to transfer in your Exile installs and you're in business. Enjoy! 4. VirtualBox with Windows XP Mode*** (I think this should work for anyone with VirtualBox, but I think only Windows 7/8/8.1 and probably 10 users will care) This is cool for Windows users because it lets you run Windows XP applications on the same desktop as your normal system, whereas the VirtualBox solution above will confine your entire Windows XP system and its applications to a window. Not a game changer, just a little perk. I'm mostly including this option for diversity, and because it is actually what I have (I found this solution first). Easy to install, takes maybe 45 mins. Again, after you get the virtual XP machine running, use the 'Shared folder' feature of Virtual Box (google for instructions) to transfer in your Exile installs. Voila! 5. DOSbox with Windows 3.1 (BeOS, Linux, Mac OS X, OS/2, and Windows) If you are just as nostalgic for MS DOS and Windows 3.1 as you are for Exile, this is the solution for you. This is the most cited solution on these forums. I believe this is only because nobody bothered to update the solution somebody first found a decade ago: it looks like a royal pain in the ass to configure. You have to first find a copy of an ancient OS, then install it using ancient DOS commands, then install drivers to get it to work, then blah blah blah just read the linked guide. I didn't bother doing this, but I presume it works in the end. *** These XP copies are not activated and will, presumably, not work after 30 days. Or maybe there is a system clock workaround? I'm still looking for a way to avoid this, but haven't found anything other than simple piracy so far. But with a virtual machine it is trivial to export your save files and reinstall the OS/games in a few minutes. I'm only on day 2, so it's not a pressing issue. So don't lose heart! Exile is just around the corner, and the first loading sounds will send shivers of nostalgia down your spine. Good luck and happy gaming!
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