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  1. I didn't really have any opinion on the matter, but after some thinking I've concluded #2 may be the best option. I can't really think a good way for #1 to be implemented, or if it would even make anything better (it'd mean Iron Shield and Shield of Klin would have the same description, and I think they shouldn't because KLIN). #3 is probably a bit too much, as I'm assuming an item description wouldn't change THAT much for the designer to have to use a whole new string. I think the reason for trying to get rid of duplicates is the fact that it makes the program unnecessarily large (and slow). I'm a first year IT student so I don't know much programming, but I at least know copy-pasting code, when you don't need to, is kinda bad. In this case though, with so many items that are so similar, it might not be possible to elimiate duplicates altogether. Maybe if the system of items were changed to have a 'base' (say, Knife) with modifiers (i.e. Iron, Steel, Magic) instead of what it is now, but I don't really see that happening.
  2. Perhaps items would, by default, have the same graphic and description regardless if it is identified or not. The designer can add a second graphic and description for when the item is identified if they so desire, but it wouldn't be necessary. Though I think the Vahnatai and Slith items should have two descriptions, as an account of the Vahnatai's whole culture is a bit too specific for a funny looking sword
  3. Ah, so a prompt comes up in the game when you click on Custom Scenario but have no scenarios in the AppData folder (and you have a party loaded ofc). It says, "Blades of Exile currently has no scenarios installed. To install a scenario, copy it (with extra graphics files, if any) into the Blades of Exile Scenarios folder."
  4. After you create a new scenario, the save box will come up, and it always has that particular folder open to start. If not for that, I don't think I would have ever figured out what was going on without help. This only happens when you make a new scenario in the editor, and not when you try to Open or Save As (unless it was the last folder you had opened, of course).
  5. Oh, I think I should note that the game is looking for scenarios in C:\Users\"myname"\AppData\Roaming\Blades of Exile\Scenarios, not in the actual scenario folder. If there are no scenarios in there, the game will tell you to put it in Blade of Exile Scenarios folder even though it's not looking there. It took me a while to figure this out because I didn't notice the editor was directing me there until the third time lol. The three starting scenarios work fine, though. Also, I noticed the action buttons (spells, look, use, fight, etc.) are static, as nothing happens when I click on them. The shortcuts work fine, except for a (map), s (shoot missile), u (use), and e (end combat).
  6. Teleporting monsters sounds pretty interesting, seems you can make some really crazy battles with that. I'll just play around with OBoE, and see what I can do. Thanks
  7. Hi. I've been thinking about adding some ghost-like monsters to my scenario; ones that can go through walls to hunt you down and stuff. I know this can be done if you make the terrain Walk Through Opaque and throw a Can't Enter node on it, but afaik this only works well under special circumstances. I want this type of monster to be able to walk through ANY terrain, in any town, without other NPCs/monsters having the same ability. Is there a way to do this currently? I'm not very familiar with the new editor, so I might have missed something.
  8. Thank you both for your responses. I already did the Mushroom Cave, but it seems I missed that suspicious waterfall the first time around. I didn't know there was a limit to the NPCs you can have, but the only ones I've met are Ralkan, Diomed, Ajax, Raven and Silnos. Oh, and Krug too. It seems to me that Gemini wouldn't join unless I have a greater reputation, however that's possible. I also fortunately lost Ralkan to the Flayers, so I think I might go with: Diomed, Ajax, Krug and Raven. Unless there are better NPCs? I've done all the missions in the Operations Center, but I've yet to find the last of the five artifacts. With me luck!
  9. Hi. It's been a really long time since I've played Blades of Exile, and looking at my copy found deep within the recesses of my computer, I don't think I've ever played Alcritas' scenarios. I decided to do it justice. I played them all in order, and just finished Falling Stars. But I didn't "win" it, if you know what I mean. I'm replaying it now: so far I've gotten the Runesword, Crystal Sword and Heartfinder and recruited Diomed, Ajax and Ralkan (or does Ralkan count? ). I've just killed all the orcs in Konax Caverns, but I can't get all the way to the bottom because Ettin is very large and mean. I tried killing it but failed miserably, so I think I'm supposed to get that Konax Minoc axe thing. Only problem is that I don't have a single clue as to where to find it. I've asked Jenkins and everyone in Rokig Kodar but I still have no idea. Anyone out there that can give a little hint? Thanks in advace, MisterManlyMan
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