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Found 18 results

  1. Just curious, does anyone know anything about the development team responsible for the original Geneforge game? I don't necessarily need names, just the amount of people who worked on it.
  2. Hi! I'm ADoS, a long-time Blades of Exile player and designer. I'm helping Celtic Minstrel with the development of the Open Blades of Exile project. Specifically, he does all the programming, creative direction, decision making, project maintenance, etc. (the hard part) and I do testing of various kinds, troubleshooting, some graphics work, provide suggestions and ideas, and assorted other miscellany that doesn't involve programming (I don't know how). Blades of Exile, for those who don't know, is a small software suite that allows you to design and share your own adventures in the game en
  3. So, I started pulling in most of the changes *i made aeons ago, and noticed that both myself and him fixed the Petrification Touch ability (which, as I recall, caused disease as well), but in a different way. I'm not sure whether I should keep his version only, or try to merge them somehow. This is how I fixed it (with comments added for explanation where needed): if ((attacker->spec_skill == 30) // Monster has petrification touch? && (pc_has_abil_equip(target,49) == 24) // Has protection from petrification item equipped? && (get_ran(1,0,20) + univ.party[target
  4. I'm currently building a quest system based on ideas from Exile 3 jobs as well as some input from BoA quests. Currently I have the following done or planned: The quest structure contains a name and description, an optional deadline, and an optional XP/gold award; I realize rewards can be done via special nodes, but it didn't seem like a terrible idea to just make it a bit more convenient. The quest deadline can be absolute (must be done by day X) or relative (must be completed X days after starting it). Thus, the party structure keeps track of the day each quest was started as well as t
  5. Over the last day or two or three, I've been going through the spell system, replacing all the magic numbers with nice readable spell names, and I've noticed there seems to be a lot of space for inserting new spells into the engine. (This refers mainly to spells castable by items or similar; altering the player's spell list is a different matter.) Skip to the "-----" if you're not interested in my summary about how the spell system actually works. The system is currently a little convoluted, with different spells being handled by different functions, but the vast majority of spells sort of
  6. We should have some nodes to do quick and dirty arithmetic and logic checks. For all the following, Stuff Done Flags is the result, Extra 1x is Input A, and Extra 2x is Input B. SDF_ADD: Add SDF A and SDF B, store the result in Stuff Done Flags (A+ SDF_SUB: Subtract SDF A into SDF B, store the result in Stuff Done Flags (A- SDF_MULT: Multiply SDF A and SDF B, store the result in Stuff Done Flags (A* SDF_ADD: Devide SDF A into SDF B, store the result in Stuff Done Flags, rounded down (floor(A/B) SDF_POW: Raise SDF A by SDF B, store the result in Stuff Done Flags (A^ (will SDF limi
  7. I'd like to talk about the eventual new scenario format. I noticed Sylae started on it a bit here; that could be used as a base. As for my own thoughts, I think I'd like to split up the towns a bit more - keep the map in a separate file, probably the special nodes as well, and maybe even the dialogue. I like the idea of saving the special nodes in a format that vaguely resembles an assembly language, for example, and I don't feel that XML is a good choice for two-dimensional data; I'd prefer just having a file with one row per line, separated by commas or tabs or whatever. I also want
  8. Link (~2.711 MiB). This installer includes the three original SW scenarios (VoDT, ASR, and ZKR) as well as Bandit Busywork. The installer will create three shortcuts to the programs on the Desktop as well as a Start Menu entry with the three shortcuts as well as a link to the scenarios folder and an uninstaller link. This installer was built using NSIS and built using a Windows XP box. The actual binaries were cross-compiled to Win32 using the MinGW32-nightly makefiles (available in the svn). Although this is marked as an alpha, I have been using binaries compiled from trunk for se
  9. With the help of Tridash, I was able to get CBoE compiled for 64-bit windows! Probably not too much in the way of a point, but native 64-bit binaries for a game released in 1997 isn't too bad I dinked around and didn't notice any errors, but it's best to be considered experimental. Download the game (with 64-bit boesounds) here. Next up: Getting ScenEdit and CharEdit to compile at all on my new system :|
  10. Having SDFs that auto-populate to relevant info could make it easier to make more dynamic special node chains. Some ideas I have: SDF_CURR_COORD_X: The party/active PC's current X coord SDF_CURR_COORD_Y: The party/active PC's current Y coord SDF_CURR_TERRAIN: The terrain type currently being stood on by the party/active PC SDF_LAST_RESULT: For SDF logic, the last returned answer (1=true/0=false) Obviously there are more potential ideas here, I just vomited out some off the top of my head.
  11. Although Jeff wrote his own dialog engine, he was not confident enough to re-implement text fields or scrollbars, using native controls for those. Since I want to be cross-platform, I'd like to avoid using native controls. Thus, I need graphics for the scrollbars. The ideal format would probably be four 16x16 tiles: the up-arrow button, the down-arrow button, the scrollbar background, and the draggable scrollbar thumb. Pressed versions of each would probably be nice too. We only need vertical scrollbars, so four tiles would be completely sufficient; and if we ever came to need horizont
  12. Quite a few dialogs in the game contain information that is now obsolete. I've marked most of these with TODO comments but haven't updated them, so that's something that needs doing. If anyone feels like doing this, feel free; any questions about what new information to add can be posted in this thread. The XML files for the dialogs can be found here. If you just want to see the ones that need updating, try here; I'm not entirely sure if that search will catch all of them, but it'll include most of them. There will be more dialogs pushed up as I convert them; all the ones used by the game
  13. Hooks will be conditionals that will, call a special upon being triggered. Some examples of hook types: A monster of type x is attacked Food is consumed The party steps onto terrain type x A specific monster sees the party The general idea is that these will run whenever a condition is triggered (and is scoped properly). Users should be able to scope globally, outdoors only, in towns, in specific towns. The hook will then populate some special SDFs and trigger a special (we can possibly include a way to scope the special type--for example town-scoped hooks trigger town specials).
  14. - HP and SP never regenerate on their own - Potions, spells, etc. restore twice as much HP or SP as usual It might be interesting to see how this affects game balance.
  15. I just made a commit that adds a new node (General, 29) that sets the given SDF to a random number in a range given by the designer (ex1a, ex1b). This can then be used in combination with nodes such as the If-Then "Stuff Done Flag?" special. Feel free to test out the updated Game and ScenEd by using the CI builds available here.
  16. Just wondering if anything has been going on behind the SVN scenes with the game. There haven't been any notable commits to the code since Jun 2011. Who is still around these days, how are things progressing?
  17. To be specific, a stupid idea I had some time ago, now with a stupid acronym. It stands for the Blades of Exile Scenario Index Protocol, and the idea is that it would be a client (either a seperate executable or someday built into the game) that connects to a server and downloads scenarios and pops them in the directory for you. It would also include (optionally) the ability to beam reviews to the client. The data would all be transmitted by XML (optionally gzipped) over HTTP for simplicity's sake. I'm just wondering if there is any interest in developing it further. I don't have any d
  18. If this were SV, the subtitle would be a series of angry faces and cursing. Copied the existing makefile over, changed the executable names to their proper i586-mingw32msvc-* form, yadda yadda yadda. However, a notable problem comes up rather quickly. sylae@vanadium:~/blades-nightly/source/BoA3d$ make -f Makefile-Nightly-i586 make: *** No rule to make target `BlAEditor.cpp', needed by `BoA3DEditor_BlAEditor.o'. Stop. The issue seems to be that the file names have spaces and the makefile doesn't. I've tried adding spaces. I've tried quoting the full filename. I've tried backs
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