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  1. Well, I'm playing Rats Aplenty again, and I've beaten the main plot and nearly all the side quests I could find. There are three things I would like to know: 1. Is there any way to get an actual reward from somebody for ending the rat plague? You get the quest from the Mayor's Aide of Scurftown. However when you return to him after completing the mission, there are now two guards blocking the way into his office. Talking to them yields no possible way to get by them. aside from attacking them, but that just makes the town hostile. Is there anyway I can get past those guards and get
  2. I am looking for the BoE Scenario Dirty Gold by Ryan Phelps. I looked for it at Jewel's Truesite for Blades and the zip there for it doesn't contain the actual scenario .EXS file. Does anyone know where I can find it? Thank you in advance.
  3. I found Doomguards to be a bit too easy in A2:CS, even though they split. The reason? They are vulnerable to magic! They are immune to all forms of magic in the original First Avernum Trilogy and also in the Exile Trilogy. Considering I could easily blast them away with a Fireblast in this game due to their vulnerablity to fire, even when they split a lot and started to swarm, I never had any trouble with them. It's the same thing with Rakshasi. They are now vulnerable to spells too, where in the original games they were also immune to magic, and I think they even absorbed the damage and got h
  4. Well, if the basins don't work properly, you can use an Invulnerablity Potion/Elixir to survive the death curse. I'm not sure why he keeps healing himself though. The only time he is supposed to heal himself is when you weaken the demon enough, and then X does his thing. Not sure why the Haakai heals himself at any point except then. You do have the quest to kill the demon from Kelner, and you also talked to X before the battle right?
  5. Be aware that some traps may set off an alarm and turn the town hostile as well. An example I think is Formello's city treasury in A4. It's best to save the game before triggering any trap in case that happens.
  6. Okay, I'm trying to edit my scenarios that I made with the Original BoE, and I want to make it so that the party has to have enough Mage Lore to learn a spell. Looking for the special node to do so, I noticed the "Have Enough Mage Lore" node it was replaced with "Has Enough of Statistic". It says to look in the the documentation for the number of the statistic and the checking method, which I can not find a list of either anywhere. I'm using the latest version of the Classic BoE Editor, that comes packaged with the installer downloadable at the top of the BoE page of these forums. I'm also usi
  7. In order to trigger that encounter in that cave with the tome, you need a Horn in your inventory. If that isn't it, it must be reputation. I remember in my playthrough that I had no problem with it. I did do a lot of side quests though, so my reputation was pretty high. It is worth it to do this because you get Divine Restoration at level 3. as a reward.
  8. Okay, here's something I just noticed while playing A4 again. I was fighting the Chitrach Swarmers on my way into Khoth's Ruins. While my warriors were barely taking any damage due to high Parry, the Chitrachs were still hitting and doing quite a lot of damage to my spellcasters. However, when I cast Arcane Shield on my party, the damage my spellcasters take seem to decrease slightly, like normal. Here's where it gets wierd. I cast Arcane Shield multiple times, and after around three or four castings none of the Chitrachs were able to hit me at all, including my spellcasters. Their hit cha
  9. Wow! When's the last time I rated a scenario? A Defiant Land is clearly a first effort scenario, as it had a few quirks about it. I could not find a place to buy food anywhere in the scenario, but I guess it doesn't matter as it seems. I didn't have to do much resting outdoors. The dialogue of the NPCs, even the major ones were a bit bland. It seems the plot is that some evil monster is taking over the valley with its lizard army. For quite a while it's basically running out to the unknown, finding a crucial plot point, and reporting back. The back and forth walk grew to be a bit annoying.
  10. Yeah, in the first Avernum trilogy and BoA Return Life would be able to revive characters who died in a certain way depending on the spell level. Level 1 only revives characters that are turned to stone, Level 2 revives dead characters, and Level 3 revives characters that were turned to dust. Also, the spell requires a Balm of Life.
  11. If you have learned the Battle Frenzy battle disclipine, it has a great use in this fight. The Divine Aid effect from it will completely protect you from Nashazzar's very powerful fire aura attack. Not to mention the AP boost and damage boost. However, since your spellcasting characters may not have it, you should still kill the Imps and release the shades to get protection for your mages and priests. Divine Restoration is also useful in this fight, as it gives quick healing if needed.
  12. The thing about Bind Foe in A1 and A2 is that it's a spell you never want to learn at a higher level. Just stick with it at Level 1. Bind Foe Level 1 covers the target with webs. No enemy can resist webbing, so if you cast it multiple times, the enemy will be forced to waste a turn to clean their webs. Keep applying more webs on the target, and the monster will never get a turh. It works great on powerful mid-game enemies like Demons, Drakes, Wizards, High Priests, and pretty much anything. Level 2 and Level 3 of Bind Foe is actually much less useful, which is odd for a spell upgrade. Level 2
  13. If all else fails, you can survive the death curse by using an Invulnerablity Potion. That is, if you have enough Endurance to do so.
  14. From what information I gathered, it seems in A4 the enemies' health remains unchanged regardless of the difficulty level you are playing on. In both A5 and A6, then the enemies' health multiplies depending on the difficulty. In all games though, playing on a higher difficulty level will definitely increase the damage monsters do in combat as well as their chance to hit. Also, on Torment there's that penalty you get to your PCs' resistances.
  15. I'm just glad that life draining attacks in the Exile/Avernum Trilogy only drain a small amount of experience from you. Unlike in other RPGs where such attacks drain stats or experience levels permanently. I can name quite a few that do that.
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