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  1. Well, I'm playing Rats Aplenty again, and I've beaten the main plot and nearly all the side quests I could find. There are three things I would like to know: 1. Is there any way to get an actual reward from somebody for ending the rat plague? You get the quest from the Mayor's Aide of Scurftown. However when you return to him after completing the mission, there are now two guards blocking the way into his office. Talking to them yields no possible way to get by them. aside from attacking them, but that just makes the town hostile. Is there anyway I can get past those guards and get my reward for finishing the rat plague quest? 2. Is there any purpose to some of these special items that I've been finding in the scenario. I've recovered a Imp's Heart, a Giant Slug's organ, and some shiny object. As far as I can see, nobody seems to make mention that they want any of those items. Is there anyone who is looking for any of these items or are they just red herrings? 3. Can I ever get into the warehouse in the northeast part of Scurftown? It's also guarded by two guards and talking to them doesn't get me passed them. Is there a way through these guards (aside from killing them) to get in the warehouse? Thank you in advance.
  2. I am looking for the BoE Scenario Dirty Gold by Ryan Phelps. I looked for it at Jewel's Truesite for Blades and the zip there for it doesn't contain the actual scenario .EXS file. Does anyone know where I can find it? Thank you in advance.
  3. I found Doomguards to be a bit too easy in A2:CS, even though they split. The reason? They are vulnerable to magic! They are immune to all forms of magic in the original First Avernum Trilogy and also in the Exile Trilogy. Considering I could easily blast them away with a Fireblast in this game due to their vulnerablity to fire, even when they split a lot and started to swarm, I never had any trouble with them. It's the same thing with Rakshasi. They are now vulnerable to spells too, where in the original games they were also immune to magic, and I think they even absorbed the damage and got healed from magic attacks. With these changes, two rather powerful monsters were nerfed in A2:CS,
  4. Well, if the basins don't work properly, you can use an Invulnerablity Potion/Elixir to survive the death curse. I'm not sure why he keeps healing himself though. The only time he is supposed to heal himself is when you weaken the demon enough, and then X does his thing. Not sure why the Haakai heals himself at any point except then. You do have the quest to kill the demon from Kelner, and you also talked to X before the battle right?
  5. Be aware that some traps may set off an alarm and turn the town hostile as well. An example I think is Formello's city treasury in A4. It's best to save the game before triggering any trap in case that happens.
  6. Okay, I'm trying to edit my scenarios that I made with the Original BoE, and I want to make it so that the party has to have enough Mage Lore to learn a spell. Looking for the special node to do so, I noticed the "Have Enough Mage Lore" node it was replaced with "Has Enough of Statistic". It says to look in the the documentation for the number of the statistic and the checking method, which I can not find a list of either anywhere. I'm using the latest version of the Classic BoE Editor, that comes packaged with the installer downloadable at the top of the BoE page of these forums. I'm also using the Windows version. Thanks in advance for the help.
  7. In order to trigger that encounter in that cave with the tome, you need a Horn in your inventory. If that isn't it, it must be reputation. I remember in my playthrough that I had no problem with it. I did do a lot of side quests though, so my reputation was pretty high. It is worth it to do this because you get Divine Restoration at level 3. as a reward.
  8. Okay, here's something I just noticed while playing A4 again. I was fighting the Chitrach Swarmers on my way into Khoth's Ruins. While my warriors were barely taking any damage due to high Parry, the Chitrachs were still hitting and doing quite a lot of damage to my spellcasters. However, when I cast Arcane Shield on my party, the damage my spellcasters take seem to decrease slightly, like normal. Here's where it gets wierd. I cast Arcane Shield multiple times, and after around three or four castings none of the Chitrachs were able to hit me at all, including my spellcasters. Their hit chance was 1%, and they never managed to hit me once after that. Mind you, though I was playing on Hard (Tricky) difficulty and they still couldn't hit me at all. None of the Chitrachs' attacks ever connected. I may have discovered something. Perhaps while the effects of War Blessing and Protection don't stack, the buffs from Arcane Shield do stack. It seems odd that this would happen, especially on Hard difficulty. My party wasn't off the level curve for that part of the game either, my party was roughly Level 29 or so. Apparently casting it enough times makes monsters in melee unable to hit your party, in a similar way Bless does the same in Exile. This whole thing apparently blows my mind, but maybe Arcane Shield in A4 is a bit broken because of this. One casting does a little, but several does a lot more. If the buffs from Arcane Shield do stack, maybe multiple castings will also greatly increase your resistances to things like freezing and mental effects, as well as normal magic damage. I'll have to test that. I can confirm though, that it works on monsters who use melee attacks. Archers, not so sure, but I'll test that too. This might make Torment playthroughs much easier as well, but I'll have to check that too. I also wonder if it will do the same thing in A5. Anyway, it seems Arcane Shield in A4 is a bit overpowered with multiple castings. Overall, just a little discovery I made.
  9. Wow! When's the last time I rated a scenario? A Defiant Land is clearly a first effort scenario, as it had a few quirks about it. I could not find a place to buy food anywhere in the scenario, but I guess it doesn't matter as it seems. I didn't have to do much resting outdoors. The dialogue of the NPCs, even the major ones were a bit bland. It seems the plot is that some evil monster is taking over the valley with its lizard army. For quite a while it's basically running out to the unknown, finding a crucial plot point, and reporting back. The back and forth walk grew to be a bit annoying. When the villain finally shows himself, I was not really that intimidated by him. He just all talk and no fight. The fact he lets you into his lair, has his Slith squad bring you to his quarters, and tells you that I have to warn the people in the valley above that he is going blow it up and has his Sliths finally brings you back out his castle locking the gates behind them wasn't really that satisifying. I wanted to go back into his fortress and kill the thing and all his minions (by myself) but of course the scenario doesn't allow you to do that. At this point, I was stuck for a while when trying to find out the villain's plan. Bashing my head into walls everywhere, I finally figured it out but there wasn't much hints that the hermit alchemist knew the plan of the big guy. I go to the final dungeon and solve the puzzle with ease, stopping the antagonist's plan. Now here's a part I really enjoyed. After the two Drakes that were summoned by the big bad were defeated, it triggered a quickfire trap. This was really done well. It's not your average quickfire trap though. Once you were back in the mines there were earthquakes causing all kinds of rocks to fall down to impede your escape. This was done with a nice shaking effect too. I feel that was the most exciting part of the scenario. Anyway, the final fight with the boss wasn't that hard at all. Sure he could hit hard, but I hit harder and faster. He didn't last long. The combat in the whole scenario was generally not very difficult, it's just lizard after lizard after lizard. Sure, they came in great numbers and all different types, but they were more tedious to get through than hard. I was using a party that was only slightly greater than the scenario's recommended level range. Overall, the scenario was your average first effort, underdeveloped NPCs and stuff, but I actually did have a good time playing it. That escape from the final dungeon part maybe my favorite sequence ever though. If not, it's a close second or third. My Rating: [rating]Average[/rating]
  10. Yeah, in the first Avernum trilogy and BoA Return Life would be able to revive characters who died in a certain way depending on the spell level. Level 1 only revives characters that are turned to stone, Level 2 revives dead characters, and Level 3 revives characters that were turned to dust. Also, the spell requires a Balm of Life.
  11. If you have learned the Battle Frenzy battle disclipine, it has a great use in this fight. The Divine Aid effect from it will completely protect you from Nashazzar's very powerful fire aura attack. Not to mention the AP boost and damage boost. However, since your spellcasting characters may not have it, you should still kill the Imps and release the shades to get protection for your mages and priests. Divine Restoration is also useful in this fight, as it gives quick healing if needed.
  12. The thing about Bind Foe in A1 and A2 is that it's a spell you never want to learn at a higher level. Just stick with it at Level 1. Bind Foe Level 1 covers the target with webs. No enemy can resist webbing, so if you cast it multiple times, the enemy will be forced to waste a turn to clean their webs. Keep applying more webs on the target, and the monster will never get a turh. It works great on powerful mid-game enemies like Demons, Drakes, Wizards, High Priests, and pretty much anything. Level 2 and Level 3 of Bind Foe is actually much less useful, which is odd for a spell upgrade. Level 2 applies Sleep, which most upper level enemies are immune to. Ditto for Level 3, which applies Paralysis. High level enemies will resist that too. Level 1 though will always work, even on high level monsters. I usually try to avoid learning Bind Foe at Level 2 or 3 because of this. Bind Foe at Level 1 is your ultimate weapon.
  13. If all else fails, you can survive the death curse by using an Invulnerablity Potion. That is, if you have enough Endurance to do so.
  14. From what information I gathered, it seems in A4 the enemies' health remains unchanged regardless of the difficulty level you are playing on. In both A5 and A6, then the enemies' health multiplies depending on the difficulty. In all games though, playing on a higher difficulty level will definitely increase the damage monsters do in combat as well as their chance to hit. Also, on Torment there's that penalty you get to your PCs' resistances.
  15. I'm just glad that life draining attacks in the Exile/Avernum Trilogy only drain a small amount of experience from you. Unlike in other RPGs where such attacks drain stats or experience levels permanently. I can name quite a few that do that.
  16. If I remember correctly I think there might be a lever somewhere in that dungeon that will reset the laser puzzle and repair the Power Sphere.
  17. This is what you need to consider if you are a scenario designer for BoX (or any similiar engine.) You obviously don't want to make items that are overpowered and you don't want to place too many powerful magical items in easily accessible areas in any town or dungeon. Failure to do so removes all the fun and challenge of the combat aspects of the scenario. The phenonomon of this is called Monty Haul, and it is present in many BoX scenarios, My first couple of BoE scenarios suffered a great deal of this problem. The general rule though is that all unique items shouldn't be directly given to the party (unless it's a reward for completing a quest whose is in proportion to the power of the item) or just be placed in an unguarded room. Place monsters, traps, puzzles and other things to make the party work to get the artifact. Fortunately in all of Jeff's games he is pretty good at doing this.
  18. I like a lot of your ideas of what to add to the scenario pages. Especially the screenshot, author highlight, and the CSR Rating. It would make things much more convenient for those looking for scenarios to play. (Less clicking around.) The tabs would also be a nice touch. It would make the scenario pages look much more interactive and professional. I'll see if I can think of anything else to suggest later. For now, I can say that I'm looking forward to what TrueSite will feature in the future.
  19. I would like to request a copy of BainIhrno's final BoE scenario, The Crusaders. The Blades Forge is down which seemed to be the only place you can download the scenario. It's not on Jewel's page either, and Bain never updated his site after he released it. Could someone please send me a copy of The Crusaders? Thank you in advance. My email is: smgamer240 (at) hotmail.com
  20. Another thing that puzzles me about the Second Avernum Trilogy is if an enemy is poisoned or covered in acid, and the poison/acid deals the death blow to said enemy, who gets the experience? Does the character who applied the poison/acid get the experience or is it just evenly split up between all characters? Or do you not get experience from death blows done by poison and/or acid?
  21. In my experience with the First Avernum Trilogy, I have noticed that dropped items do remain where you put them in all towns and even dungeons. I found this out accidentally by dropping cursed items after I get them identified. I drop them outside the sage's shop, leave town and return. The items are still there, right where I put them.
  22. Yes, you need a horn for an encounter in Northeastern Valorim, where you fight a bunch of undead twice, then afterwards you learn a priest spell at level 3. It's Divine Restoration I believe.
  23. Another thing about the Third Empire Army; I'm not sure if there is a limit to how many times you can fight them, but each time you do fight them, you will lose reputation as well. As everyone else has said, I don't think there is a way in there legitimately.
  24. Yes, a lot of the games here are very non-linear, allowing you to travel where you want whenever you want. A word of caution however, it's pretty easy to run into fights with enemies that are too powerful for your current party level. In other words, have fun exploring, but be careful.
  25. This is a pretty interesting idea. I'm not sure it can be added either without breaking legacy compatibility, but I'll leave that to the coding experts. I'll add some of my own PC trait ideas. Positive: Great Wizard (-40% XP) - Essentially similar to the Natural Mage trait in the first Avernum trilogy. Increases damage bonus for the PC's Mage Spells and allows the PC to cast Mage Spells even when wearing encumbering armor. Super Lucky (-50% XP) - Increases bonuses and effects from Luck. Which includes hit rate and damage, resistance to magic, and the chance to "luck out" of dying. Magical Defenses (-30%) - Decreases damage taken from fire, cold, magic, and poison attacks. The bonus is 20%. Disadvantages: Unfortunately Hexed (+20%) - Acts sort of like a permanent Curse status on the character. Also increases damage taken from all sources and the effects of negative statuses. Mentally Atrophied (+25%) - Increases likelihood of being inflicted with dumbfounding as well as permanently lowering the intelligence stat by 3 points. The character will also occasionally have his/her spell points drained time to time. Lowered Immunity (+22%) - Decreases the chance of resisting any negative status effect inflicted. The chance is lowered by 20%. stat of the PC by 3 points.
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