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  1. Hello everyone. I am wondering if anyone would know what the maximum chance of critically hitting an enemy with a physical attack would be? I have a character with the Slith Bloodspear, 12 Lethal Blow, and the Farsight Longbow equipped for when I'm not using missile weapons. If I had to guess, I would say I critically hit about 60% of the time. In addition, does equipping a longbow increase the chance of critically hitting with a melee weapon? Thanks in advance for any responses.
  2. Hmmm, I've never tried that, Dikiyoba. Are you talking about A:EFTP? That is where I experienced the disappearing items issue. I never did run into a "Junk bag full" message, so maybe it wasn't actually full? I'm not entirely sure anymore. I know I've never run into that message in A2:CS, though, but haven't really filled the junk bag too much yet.
  3. Speaking of the junk bag, just how many items does it hold? I know I have gotten it up to 40 screens worth of things to scroll through, but I stop at about 40 just because I recall that in A:EFTP that I did actually fill the junk bag. However, it never said that the junk bag was full; I could keep adding items to it and they would just not appear in the junk bag (they would disappear entirely), which was a waste. At least, that's what I think was happening.
  4. Actually, Slartibus, I really didn't mean to say that you are causing people to have the "This sucks and is suboptimal" mindset (I don't really think you ever said anything "sucked", I am just referring to a thread that mentions asks "Is archery still useless" or something like that, but I do understand why you would think it was an attack against you). I understand that you are just analyzing the mechanics of the game and reporting your findings. It is just that other people are reading this analysis and prematurely coming to the conclusion that certain things suck. There are more than a coup
  5. It's so weird that you call that a "deliberately challenged party". That is pretty close to what I've played on torment, on every game from Avernum 1-6 and A:EFTP and now A2:CS (the only differences are that the first character is a pole/missile weapon user, which makes it even less optimal, the second one is an archer/melee weapon user, again less optimal, the third is a full priest, and the fourth is a full mage). I think the "Archery sucks and is useless, why bother with melee since magic is far superior" mindset is influencing a lot of people and how they play these games. I cannot ima
  6. Someone in the Tower of Magi wants a fire lizard egg. I don't think anyone needs drake eggs (I could be wrong). Black basalt is used for one quest (you need three, I believe), but after that they are not used for crafting (I was confused by that caption as well). You can sell the extras after the quest (someone in Fort Draco wants them for a job board quest, if I remember correctly).
  7. I know what you're talking about. I never really found archery to be lacking so much that I would even consider not having an archer/melee weapon user in the game. That is always one character in my setup of polearm/missile user, archer/melee weapon user, pure priest, and pure mage. That has been my party setup throughout the second iteration of Exile/Avernum, and in the most recent remakes. I always play on the hardest difficulty setting as well. Does insisting on having a suboptimal party make the game harder? Most likely. Would I be willing to do what hardcore min-maxers do and have 2 mages
  8. You really might as well just start over. However, I don't think hard difficulty would require you to have so many magic users. I don't even think torment difficulty does (I have always used a pole weapon user, a bow/melee weapon user, a priest, and a mage, and have beat Avernum 1-6 and A:EFTP on torment and am making progress on A2CS torment). I would just play how I want and ignore the min-max stuff that I don't want to do (although min-maxing stats is typical of my playstyle).
  9. How tough was the fight after getting Demonslayer? Is it doable for a melee weapon user? Thanks for confirming.
  10. Does anyone know the answer to this question? I'm trying to decide who is going to train in the extra points of tool use before I get to that point in the game.
  11. I don't really remember clearly from Avernum and Exile 2 (or even if it is relevant since it could have changed in Crystal Souls), but would it be possible to have a character enter the portal to the Tomb of Demonslayer, use the spell needed to clear the barrier/broken wall, exit without claiming Demonslayer, and then have the character with 8 tool use go back and read the spellbook? Or is all that unnecessary because the cracked wall and barrier can be cleared with a scroll of move mountains and a piercing crystal? Also, just how tough is the fight after claiming Demonslayer? Would a sin
  12. As it turns out, the polearm user is probably the worst tank (none of the characters have much health because of no training in endurance, but she does have 4 parry and 2 hardiness). The bow user is better because of the high dexterity, but the larvae still have a pretty high chance of hitting her anyways. Remember, this is torment difficulty. Characters seem to need to reach a certain "breakpoint" level before they can reliably hit/not be hit by enemies.
  13. It's really the outdoor encounters that are killing me, because there are no terrain features to take advantage of. It's good that I have that save before going down the waterfall, because I sold all of my food since I only pick up food that is worth money and don't use it otherwise (I was wondering how you would be able to go through all the places you go through to get to the vahnatai lands without being able to rest wherever like in Exile 2/Avernum 2, and now I know it is through the use of rest points). Thanks.
  14. So are the party bonuses affected by the current stat value (do the stats have to be maxed already for the party bonus to push them above the max)?
  15. Hello everyone. I am a long-time Exile/Avernum series player, and have beaten all the Avernum games starting with 1 and up through Escape from the Pit on the hardest difficulty without too much trouble. However, I have just entered Chapter 2 with a group on level 10 and am getting my hiney handed to me by chitrach larvae. As is typical when playing on torment I essentially min-maxed the stats (16 strength for the pole fighter, 16 dexterity for the ranged fighter, and 16 intelligence for the priest and mage). This does mean that they all have low health, but I don't think a couple more poin
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