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  1. Glad you liked her reward better. Gee, I wish I knew what her reward was, or his. But I don't think I asked for that in my original post did I?
  2. Goodman Wulf wants the land that the Rat Lord is sitting on. However, Mother Alice also wants that land. After I kill the Rat Lord, which person gives the better reward for the info first?
  3. Yes, I do. sigh. Nevermind, I'll continue to try myself.
  4. Well, the basins are empty - ALL of them - and the demon IS healing himself. sigh.
  5. sigh. ok, let's try this again. The basins are not refilling. I drank them on my first visit ages ago, and they are not refilled. You can't use Demonslayer until you wound the demon enough. And I can't seem to without him completely healing, making me start over. Again, I'm maxed on skills and spells, I'm level 64, playing on casual mode, and I just can't seem to do enough damage. My question was (and has not really been answered yet) What can I do, if anything, to damage him enough? It just takes too long, then X blows everything up. Oh, and I'm using Flaming Sword, and Elivri's Bow.
  6. Ok, X is no good. I'm trying to kill the Tower Demon, and I get him maybe 1/5 damaged, and then he heals completely. Damage him again, he heals. It's a no win situation here. I'm on Casual, Maxed Stats, and all my skills are at least 40+. And all X does is stay way back and kill the little guys. I've got the death curse, and the pools are all empty now. Any ideas how to kill this dude?
  7. I think you are referring to the camp by Ft Draco, where you have to kill the two drakes below it for the prisioners to escape. I already DID that one. I'm talking about the second camp, south of Formello. The only way I can see to get there is overland, thru sliths. I explored all the tunnels under the first camp, and don't see a connection down there. THAT'S what I'm asking for. The second one, not the first one.
  8. Ok, so I did save the slaves for Esmee by Fort Draco. However, is there a better way to get to the one below Formello without alerting all those sliths? Like, underground passages or something? Or do I just blast my way thru? Advice please. Thank you.
  9. I was doing the Mertis quests, and running thru the Honeycomb, killing everything that was provoked by my presence. So far, so much fun. Then I get to the Silvar area, and find a quest for the Honeycomb Delivery. I looked it up in the guide and apparently, I'm supposed to deliver a package to a bandit lair in the Honeycomb...which I remember gleefully wiping out. So, now what do I do? I can't deliver the package to a dead guy. Any thoughts?? Oh, and no, my last save was waaay too far back. Autosave also. Not an option. So.....?
  10. I've read the other posts on this, and they are still not very clear. When exactly will I be eligible to get a boat? I've done all of Meryhew's quests, and on the 3rd of Levitt's quests. I have other quests from the Tower that a boat would make a bit easier. So, when will I be able to get one? Be specific please. Thank you.
  11. He respawns over and over again, alternting between the shades and the demons, losing some hp each time. My problem is, I got him down to almost dead and it went no further, he just kept respawning. After about 20 min, I gave up and went back to an earlier save. And I'm not weak either, both my mage and my archer are up in the 20's for most of their stats by now. Oh, and I am playing on Casual level too!! Edit: Ok, I had to max all my battle stats on both in order to beat him, and it still took about 15 mins. Sheesh.
  12. That's the thing. He seems unkillable. But I'd like to know if that's the case or not. Surely someone knows who the unkillable are in the game, and if he IS killable, how best to defeat him???
  13. What's it take to kill Loyalist Gravahoss of the Hidden Bandits? He just doesn't seem to die. I've been fighting him for 10 mins now, got him down to almost dead, yet he keeps spitting out demons and ghosts. How can I kill him?
  14. What I personally would find useful, is WHO gives the quest for the items. Saves me running all around, wondering if I've missed anyone.
  15. I know we should collect 7 limbs, and 6 go to Gnass quest. Where does the 7th one go?
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