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  1. Ok. This is weird. A while ago I could reliably reproduce it. It would happen every time. But now it's gone … Strange. Maybe I can figure out what's causing it next time it happens.
  2. Thank you for the reply, Kelandon. If I had written even a single line of script for this scenario, I would have rated the chance of its being my mistake very high. But it happens even with the most bare-bones scenario. I'm really just following the tutorial in the guide, not adding anything after creating the scenario. If it happened when you just do the tutorial, tons of other people would have to encounter the problem. Perhaps someone who creates scenarios on Windows knows how to solve it.
  3. The scenarios I create suffer from "Unhandled Exception" errors, which crash the game. I can very easily reproduce the problem and I was wondering if someone could tell me the reason and how to avoid it. I create a new scenario in the the standard editor from Spiderweb Software. I enter a name, description, set "Start with surface terrain", leave the outdoor size at 1x1, and set "Include starter town". Then without changing anything I copy the scenario into the BoA scenario directory and start the game. I enter the scenario and leave the starter town. Then I rest, which immediately
  4. For what it's worth, there are also two normal golems in the center of the ruins of Torria on Maddock Isle. It seems that now I'm encountering them right and left.
  5. Ahh, damn! Edit: Has this also been the case in Exile 3? Just wondering.
  6. Pretty much what it says in the title. How long are towns angry at you? Or are they mad for all eternity?
  7. I beefed up my reputation a little bit and the guardian let me take the test. And sure enough, there were normal golems to fight. Thanks again, Earth Empires, for the find.
  8. Btw, when I say that I've beaten all the plagues, I mean slimes, cockroaches, troglodytes & giants, and golems. It's been a while since I've played the game to the end, so I don't remember if the alien beasts can be defeated the same way the other plagues can or only by ending the game. EDIT: By chance I just stumbled upon another location where normal golems can be found. The dragons Athron and Koth use them as guards. Unfortunately that makes them problematic to kill, because in doing so one would incur instant draconian wrath.
  9. Thanks for the tip. I have found the cave with the tome. Unfortunately, the guardian won't let me take the test. He says: “No! You are too weak! You have done too little for goodness! You may not take the test! Go!” Does anyone know what criteria I am failing exactly? I have beaten all the plagues. Character levels are 30–32. Reputation 40.
  10. I have tried. In fact, I signed up for this job right before I set out to defeat the golems. At the time, I thought myself particularly lucky to have found that job when I did, considering what I was about to do. I killed plenty of golems in the factory (of all five types, as already mentioned), but none of them seemed to be what Mickie wants.
  11. Walner seems to have Energy and Strength Potion. Thanks. (I also found them to be sold in Blackcrag Fortress.) Of course, I can always ask for them and discover things for myself, but the same is true for everything else and walkthroughs still exist. If anyone ever makes a comprehensive list of recipe locations, I'd be interested to see it.
  12. I have killed golems of all five types, but when I go to the innkeeper, the game tells me that I have not yet slain a monster of the required type.
  13. Hi. Playing Avernum 3, I overconfidently accepted a job from one of the job dispatchers. It said I had to slay a Golem and take its body to one of the innumerable innkeepers in Valorim – what they use that stuff for, I never quite understood. ‘Hah, that's easy,’ I thought, 'Monroe province is crawling with them golems!’ And I accepted. There sure were a lot of golems there, but they were not just Golems, but Blade Golems, Fire Golems, Ice Golems, Jeweled Golems, and Demon Golems, but no Generic Plain Old Vanilla Golem, none whatsoever. Now I'm in a pinch. I have 15 days left to complet
  14. The walkthrough doesn't seem to be complete in that regard. Where, for example, can I find the recipes for Energy Potion and Strength Potion? I couldn't find that in the walkthrough, at least not by searching.
  15. Yes, by 'recipe locations' I mean the locations at which I can buy or otherwise obtain the recipes. Sorry, if I wasn't clear.
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