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  1. So I recently entered Patriks Tower (I'm slow) and met Sorengard, he gave me a quest to test his constructs. Eager, I went up there and attacked them. However, I thought "it will end when the red one dies!" and killed the red one in the middle. Now he gives me a new quest, and the red one didn't respawn. Is there any way to get him back?
  2. Does anatomy increase dmg to humanoids by a percentage or does it act like another +melee weapons skill point (like strength, blademaster or melee/pole weapons) vs. humanoids?
  3. I think after you can cast mage spells with a maximum of -5% to hit chance without having natural mage. (Using the chain mail you find the deep storage with some bracers prevented me from casting spells)
  4. While I agree that a Divinely Touched Natural Mage would be more powerful, a dual wielding divinely touched elite warrior that has to wear light armour seems more appealing and interesting the more I think of it. A nephil with gymnastics would take it further in that direction (dual wielding jumping, twisting, turning nephil in flowing robes! talk about bad-ass), but I dislike all of the nephil sprites Oh well, thanks for the help, now, onwards, to character creation!
  5. Since dualwielding is tons of fun and I just finished the demo with a party, I want to make a human dual-wielding warrior/magic-user hybrid singleton. The only question is, what traits should I use? Should I go Divinely Touched + Natural Mage and go for a tank, Divinely Touched + Epic Warrior and go for a glass-cannon (small armour) type or Epic Warrior + Natural Mage in an attempt to balance it out? The magic use (will include priest spells) is pretty much just going to be for buffs (mainly haste) and dispelling barriers. Cheers
  6. Have you tried OSx86? (Hackintosh) http://www.osx86project.org/ It's not an emulator, you'll need to partition your harddrive and install mac on one of the partitions.
  7. Well, I took the geas, but playing a singleton archer in hard is just too frustrating, I had a nice balance going on in the demo area in which I would run away and shoot with well aimed blows/shield breakers, but now that I've reached the second chapter and the melee attackers are getting tougher and more numerous I find myself reloading multiple times to get past a single battle. Oh well, it was an ok-ish experiment! (And I did plan on getting Melanchion's bonus aswell, as Barzhal pointed out you don't actually need to give Gladwell the items, just collect them.)
  8. So I recently (yesterday) started a singleton deadeye and divinely touched nephil archer on hard difficulty (almost done with the demo area, missing the demon, spider and splitting goo). I won't be cheating on this run (read: no buffing up nature lore, arcane lore and tool use with the editor), and I was wondering whether I should sign up to gladwell for the + stats and the items, or go with the anama for their crystals, since I doubt I'll have enough points to get magic user high enough for the dispel barrier and unlock door spells. Personally I'm leaning towards gladwell, since that +1
  9. Originally Posted By: Student of Trinity Heh. Maybe Jeff could make everything drop meat (or, where appropriate, mushrooms) upon death, including PCs. But then Return Life would effectively function as a Create Food spell. Well maybe to use return life you would require a certain amount (equal to the weight of the character you want to ressurect?) of meat on hand? Or maybe you would need "two arms, two legs, a torso and a head", giving you an actual reason to kill civilians. I always wondered why Return Life was a "good" priest spell, and not vile necromancy. Now that I think of it you co
  10. I remember seeing a topic where somebody didn't know what the Haaki dropped, and Synergy's list didn't show it either. I killed him and this is what he dropped, I find it better than the Slith Bloodspear, but is it worth the chance to get one of Melanchions items? I think not.
  11. Kill the original doomguard and then exit via the stairs, when you come back down all the others should be gone.
  12. If you are in a fight as a singleton, before you use any AP hit "F" so that at the end of the round you will leave combat. What this does is: Recovers Fatigue Nullifies Stun Gives you a chance to heal (Useful for that nasty death curse) Gives you a chance to summon/buff Black Horror, Hraithe Lord, Soultaker, Master of the Pit, Dorikas & Melanchion were all no match for this. Maybe it should be removed?
  13. I did the fight without touching any altar once, just heal your characters as soon as they take the damage. Although, I did have a lvl 48 singleton at the time (everybody in the forums was yelling about how hard the Soultaker is, not mentioning that he was incredibly easy for a singleton so I didn't go to his dungeon until I started besieging Dorikas' Fortress.)
  14. I noticed a bug: After nailing most of them (including the original) with divine retribution, I noticed that were still some with half health hiding in the corners. Deciding that I had gotten my ass handed to me, I made a runner. When I came back after stocking up on mana elixers (burned through 7, Magical Efficiency wasn't really helping), I noticed that there were NO MORE DOOMGUARDS! So if you just kill the original and make a runner, all the other clones disappear. If that doesn't sound like a bug..
  15. What on earth is the point in fighting this monster? A side thought: What happens when the room is too full to support more of them? (I'm almost at that point)
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