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  1. Since Owenmoz didn't post a wish... I wish for a key that unlocks any door with a keyhole.
  2. Get a windows 😛 Not a computer whiz, but through the power of SEARCH BARS and RESEARCH I have some advice. 1. Seemingly the easiest solution is this, posted by ragefaster, March 15 2016: "It's a complicated mess, if your not computer savvy, to get older games to run on windows 10. I was about to give up on this after reading this post when i found this site: www.old-games.com. It's a site that bundles old games already set up with dosbox running an older version of windows in their "easy set up" download option. They ask for a paypal donation for a fast download, I took the free option which was so slow it reminded me of downloading with a modem connection (it took nearly 45 minutes for 12.4 MB). When I unzipped it I just had to click on 'Start the game' and it started right up. The cursor seemed a little buggy in the party creation screen but other than that it runs just like I remember it. 'Start the editor' works too. But don't use exile 3's editor-It's just cheating.  " Please keep in mind however, that I can not legitimize old-games. There are only two confirmations of this working in this thread. It sounds legitimate, but be mindful of what you download anywhere, of course. 2. If you have DOSbox and can open it on ubuntu, there are detailed steps you can take, listed out by those who came before you with your problem, if on a different operating system. I don't think it should matter much when emulating a completely different one, though. Here's a post in which this is explained. "You can get it to work on a modern computer VERY quickly without having to deal with "windows XP mode". All you have to do is download DOSBOX (I prefer the SVN versions) and then download windows 3.1 from somewhere. There should be a preinstalled zip on 3.1 out there somewhere. Then set DOSBOX for (I think) a SVGA ET4000 (?) adapter by editing the ini config file, then set windows to 1024x768 SVGA (if you use the default adapter it will either say can't load it or will have a garbled screen). After that, set up your soundblaster 1.5 by adding it as a device in windows and exile 3 will work." Again, having not done this myself, I cannot confirm nor deny. Finally, you can do more research on this topic and hopefully find more help by using the forums built in search function. This is what I used: http://spiderwebforums.ipbhost.com/search/?&q=Dosbox&page=6&search_and_or=or&sortby=newest
  3. Ah, you're talking about Chessrook's. I actually didn't know he had one. I was referring to the Calref one, which was, again, shut down without any real notice. But that is probably a smart idea. If we can clean out the... Spider Cobwebs. https://i.imgur.com/tYeI9eD.png A new one would probably get traction quicker, but no reason why we can't communicate with Chessrook and maybe try and pump some more blood into it. Also, as a side note, did the forums lose the option to embed images, or am I just oblivious?
  4. Not as far as I'm aware. Someone here might have made one without our knowledge, but for the most part, Calamity Refuge, Spiderweb Software's satellite site, turned into a discord which we invited people to as a Spiderweb Discord? But that's since been shut down rather abruptly.
  5. Sorry. Wasn't aware of what a thesis is. Now I know!
  6. Trenton.


    If you'd like to join a chat that's active with mostly Spiderweb Software members, Global Moderator Sylae's satellite site, 'Calamity Refuge' is a niche that holds a lot of the regulars. The chat there has quite a few people constantly. We sure wouldn't mind new faces over there. https://calref.net/ We discuss Jeff's games, cats, terrible bosses, music and a wide variety of stuff from time to time
  7. I'm confused. What did Triumph accomplish? Is this based on his almost PHD thing before? If so, congratulations That's a very difficult feat to pull off
  8. There's definitely debates with me around. I'm in the latter camp. I also annoy all my friends by pronouncing it "Jif" instead of "g-if", though, so what do I know Calamity Refuge has definitely had more than one debate over this.
  9. Trenton.


    If it makes you happy, is it truly meaningless? I'm sure they were 10,000 awesome moments. Probably a few of them became memories. Congratulations.
  10. Try Geneforge, Orian34. It's my preferred series. All of Spiderweb Software's games are very well crafted, but Geneforge is very unique both story and game play wise. Also, you'll get to participate in debates on whether it's Geneforge prounced Jean Forge 'cause Genes.... Or the obviously superior and more mystical sounding option, Geneforge like Jeneh-forge, as in Genetics.
  11. One could be made. DnD 5e is definitely NOT as difficult as everyone who looks from the outside in says it is. The DMing guide is very easy to use, and creating a character is fun when you have someone walk you through it. I've recently been playing DnDe5 with a group of friends and it's fantastic, and actually pretty easy to do. Tabletop Simulator is a great resource when DnDing over the internet.
  12. I guess it would depend on if you restarted the game for each faction(like I do) or reload the one point and play the factions one after the other from that save. The former will obviously take a lot more time. At this point, if we're talking about Factions, Geneforge 5 is the lolongest, with 6 factions to play through. In shear land mass, towns, and things to do, Exile III:Ruined World takes the cake. (or Avernum 3 if thats your thing) Krizan, Shayder. Footracer, the one with all the golems, the south eastern one, the one with the Troglodytes, Upper Exile, the mysterious lands the quest for the Orb of Thralni takes you... Exile III was the most massive to be sure... but what is meant by time taken is still up for debate. Was the fort that Queen Prazac stayed in and the surrounding area considered its own province? A northern most one? Or was it still Footracer?
  13. Trying to look good and trying to do good are very separate things. Feeding the homeless because it'll get you in with that hot chick from that one college course you both share isn't going to net you as much- nay, any karma as compared to actually doing it of your own volition. Even doing something despite not caring would be better than doing something for selfish reasons. This is actually a bit ironic when you think about it. No need to apologize for making a thought provoking question. Nothing is going to get deleted off of Spidweb unless you break a rule, or it makes another member feel uncomfortable. This is the general board, where general not video game things go. This too There is nearly never a reason to say that you think what you're saying might be stupid and it shouldn't be said, unless you're being a complete expletivewaffle. Saying "people are welcome to delete my post" is almost an apology in itself, and in most cases completely unwarranted.
  14. Ehhh. I specifically replaced the A one with the less known-british obe because it's much more widely accepted and assumed it wouldn't be a problem, and I wasn't aware of the T one being a curse anywhere really. But you're the boss. Won't happen again. (Kind of surprising actually. I use the british version of the A word with my superiors in school all the time. Never gotten called out on it. Maybe things are different in Florida.)
  15. It's odd, stopping and thinking about it. This is just a website right? A website run by a barely known Indie video game developer. So unimportant in the grand scheme of things. Then why did it change my life so much? I was probably 11 or 12 when I found Exile. I was living in a rather large house that served as an apartment for three people. We had the top floor while two people took the bottom floor seperately. Our computer had broke. I had thought it ill timed, but it was the best thing that could have happened really. I was just getting into video games. especially computer wise, when the thing just gave out. We were going to get a new one, but it would be a while after we had moved, for we were preparing to\ at the time. It just so happened that the downstairs neighbor didn't need her computer anymore, so she gave it to us. It was rather old, I doubt it could run anything past exile well, actually, but it was enough for that what was on it exactly: Exile. Exile II, to be precise. It was on a game hub kind a thing, actually, the ones that come with the computer itself. Kind of like how WildTangent games came on the laptop I'm typing this up with. I've tried to think of a name, but I simply cannot, but that's okay, because it was Exile that was important. I played it, and I played it a lot, despite it only being the demo. I fell simply in love. We moved and got a new computer, got rid of that old one that was given to us. I fell back into things with the new computer. It nagged at me, after a while. What was the name of that game? I wasn't sure what it was called, but I knew it had Spider in it, and Exile. After a bit of googling, I found this place, and the rest was history. I've beaten a bunch of Spiderweb Software games and have current playthroughs on many still. Whoop-di-doo, Trenton, you found some cool games. What real impact will this have on you? A lot. Let me break it down for you. If I hadn't gotten that computer, I wouldn't have found Exile II If I hadn't found Exile II, I wouldn't have found Spiderweb Software. If I hadn't found Spiderweb Software, I wouldn't have met Sylae. If I hadn't met Sylae, I wouldn't have gotten involved in the MLP community. If I hadn't gotten Involved in the MLP community, I wouldn't have made some awesome new friends, that, by extension, introduced me to my best friends today. Friends, who I would be horribly alone without. Two of which I talk to nearly every day, whether through text, or calls. Friends that have given me countless hours of entertainment and fun while playing Games. I would have never gotten into Team Fortress 2, that I now play competetively, And I would have never found osu!, which I got to rank 20,000 in the world in. All these amazing experiences and friendships would have never happened if not for this one place. Spiderweb Software started my Video Game Community Career. My entire life has changed, and I'm not entirely sure where I would be now if I hadn't gotten so involved in video games. Probably lying in bed thinking how meaningless my life is. But this place has given me a purpose, and bonds that will never be severed. It's really neat to think about. This place shaped me, from an obnoxious 12 year old, to the happy individual I am today. I wouldn't change it for the world. In the grand scheme of things, Spiderweb Software probably won't matter much. It'll sell a few thousand copies of the next remake it makes and fade into oblivion, but it changed my life, and I'll always remember what it's done for me. tl;dr, spidweb is gud thanks spidweb bro Calamity Refuge is still better than Spiderweb Software though. *raises fists*
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