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  1. Once you have built forts in any of the three regions outside of the Haven Lands, you can recruit people from each respective region when creating new characters (you don't have to be in the region you want to recruit characters from). These characters will have unique Cultural abilities, just like your main character, depending on the region they are from. Any new characters are the same level as your main character, and you can delete and create characters freely with no penalty (though you should probably remove any equipment from characters you are about to delete).
  2. The really old-school solution is to keep notes using actual pen and paper. I remember back when game manuals had a blank page at the end for making notes yourself.
  3. It's been a while, but as far as I can recall, the journal in Nethergate and Avernum 1-3 cannot be edited aside from recording and deleting entries.
  4. You can always play set the difficulty to Casual to make experimenting with the different endings easier once you have played through the game once.
  5. If you play it smart and complete as much of the game as you can without committing to any faction, which is mostly everything the game has to offer, you can keep a save file from before you start picking allies and enemies and view most, if not all, endings, i.e. where you side with either faction in the three client states, where you deal with the Nisse, fight them or just ignore them, and so on. That's what I did after I had cleared the game the way I wanted to, and it was a matter of hours to quickly try out the different combinations. Keep in mind that your respective choices in the three nations and the Nisse don't really affect each other. For example, regardless how you deal with the Nisse, the Mascha-Owen conflict will play out the same depending on which side you pick, and in turn won't affect the consequences for Sacramentum of how you deal with the Nisse. That means you don't have to try out every combination of alliances and every way of dealing with the Nisse to view all the different ending stories. I think you need one save file for trying out each of the two sides in each client state, and then you can use a later save file from just before you speak with the Nisse council to try dealing or fighting with them (or just walking away without talking to them at all). Also, remember to try going back without making any alliances and bringing any client states back into the fold at all. Then there are all the different conversation options once you get back and speak with your royal siblings and the queen, which also change the ending. Incidentally, I did this with Geneforge 5 and was able to easily get all the different endings from the same save file with only an hour or two spent on each ending.
  6. Doesn't this forum have a rule or something about meaningless thread necromancy? On the topic of necromancy, I am currently re-reading The Case of Charles Dexter Ward by Lovecraft and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to have a look at what necromancy was before it was conflated with zombie horror with hordes of shambling corpses springing up willy nilly at the wave of a hand. PS: To add something constructive, I wouldn't presume to speak for anyone else who plays Spiderweb Games, but I would have absolutely no interest in a multiplayer feature or endlessly running through randomly generated content. To me, that's simply not part of the Spiderweb experience, and I wouldn't be surprised if there were more people who feel the same way. So aside from the obvious enormous technical and financial hurdles that adding an online multiplayer feature would entail, just as the case was with the Blades of Avernum editor, there is no real sign of there being sufficient demand among the playerbase to justify such an investment. The end result, by the way? By the time Jeff kicks the bucket and his young, hip fans (like me, who only got into Spiderweb games with Nethergate back in '99) are hooked up to the virtual reality/life support systems that will take the place of elderly care in the far future, quantum computing will have rendered everything as we know it obsolete.
  7. Since the game hasn't actually been written yet, the trailer is just a mockup so I wouldn't worry about the timing of the animations at this point.
  8. Mutagen is the scientific term for any DNA-altering agent or substance. Cartoons can be educational as well as entertaining.
  9. The solution is simple: magic portals connecting everything and everyone across time and space.
  10. In Queen's Wish, you have three hangarounds who tag along on your adventures, but the story is all about your prince or princess alone, which very much fits into the theme of the powerful always being alone. However, you will need those three token companions if you really want to complete the game and not just be a doormat and accede to the demands of your opponents (since you will lack the power to subjugate them by force).
  11. The Nisse are much like your party, they have high damage output and high resistances, but relatively little HP. My winning strategy on Torment was: a) have all possible speed bonus augments and speed bonus skills to get the initiative in the first turn; b) trigger the Nisse attack as close to the ledge as possible; c) run up to the end of the ledge and use Poison Rain as many times as you can while the Nisse are still bunched together (Fireball is probably great, but requires skill points I'd rather spend on cultural skills); d) once the Nisse split up, try to slow the warriors down using summons while you keep hitting the wizards with ranged attacks or spells (especially spells if you can hit several enemies at once), though killing the wizards takes priority, e) once the warriors get close, and the wizards need to be dead by then, use Whirlwind Attack and try to hit as many of them as possible. As for party composition, I recommend that all of your characters have wizard robes, magic swords, orbs and Havenite Basinets (except for one character who might as well use the Warp Spear), and aside from augments that grant Speed, I would recommend using the Stun resist augment, since losing a turn is fatal against the Nisse. My skill setup looked like this: Combat: Level 1 - 1 Steelskin, 1 Brutal Blow (bleeding is better than weakness on higher difficulties) Level 2 - 2 Whirlwind Attack Level 3 - 1 Hardiness Magic: Level 1 - 1 Magery, 1 Shock/Terror (doesn't really matter) Level 2 - 2 Icy Wave (for area damage Level 3 - 1 Raw Power, 1 Poison Rain (if you have a spare point, you can take 2 Poison Rain) Level 4 - Golem (for summoning obstacles and +4 Magic Damage) Support: Level 1 - 2 Healing Level 2 - 1 Curing, 1 Teleport Level 3 - 1 Haste, 2 Disrupt on two PCs / 1 Haste, 2 Restoring Rain on two PCs Level 4 - 1 Battle Frenzy This leaves two points per character to spend on Cultural skills. I ran a party with one PC from every region, and I made sure to have two points in Vicious Strikes and Tower of Might, and one point each in Charm and Free Mind.
  12. Pretty much all Spiderweb games have a character editor that can be used to the same effect as the retraining feature in Queen's Wish, though you will have to keep track of your total skill and ability points yourself as the editor doesn't stop you from exceeding them.
  13. It's a pretty common urge to go back and relive a bit of the nostalgia of your early computer games, and why not? I have the original Nethergate running on a PowerMac emulator for just that purpose.
  14. When fighting anything that isn't immune to mental effects or has very high mental resistance, particularly normal humans like the Ukat and Vol, I suggest entering the Ahriel Woods and rebuilding at least one fort to gain access to Ahriel characters with their charm spell (and place two skill points in it). Not being able to reliably turn your opponents against each other is what makes most difficult battles difficult, even on torment, while any battle where you can charm your enemies is not going to be very difficult.
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