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The optimum party HP


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I've seen guides and FAQs and the like, and each seem to disagree on how much HP to give a starter party and how much of the other stats.


Mostly, I'm concered about health. Is it better to give an average party member as low as 6-10 HP, or would it benefit them more to start with 30-40 HP. Or in between. What are your opinions?

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I never spend skill points on health. If dying is a problem for you, spend the skill points you save on HP on Luck instead; you won't regret it. In fact, starting all your characters with 5 points or so of Luck isn't such a bad idea; your party may feel underpowered at first, but it hardly matters when they're virtually invincible.

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That's an idea. But just how invincible is invincible with 5 points of luck? I think I'd rather use the eek 25 skill point a PC! eek on seemingly more important skills such as strengh and weapon skills. (I use an all-fighter party)


But I guess you guys are right, I should use a lower-healthed party.

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