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  1. Xeries

    AC3 Help

    The large pool of water is on the Demon sidequest, beneath San Mortis. After the ferry sinks? Find Savel in Kunisulitz and ask him about the 'ferry'. He'll tell you about a hidden portal he found. Pelzbarii? Don't know exactly how I solved it, just keep trying.
  2. Xeries

    AC3 Help

    This is tricky. Find a side passage leading down to below the pool, then use the laser to drain it. The pool is no longer there.
  3. Here's one: recalculate_lighting();
  4. Wow, Brett. I never knew you had done so many graphics! Why isn't he in the poll?
  5. It's been a long time since I've been through this , but... Find your way to the kinda-hidden NE area, still under construction. Then use move mountians to shatter the wall of the only completed cell. The candle is behind that(along with some other goodies). EDIT: You might also want to check out The Lyceum: Scenario Help . There is a HUGE gallows discussion there(over 300 posts).
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