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The extra party members


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Originally written by ben4808:
Hi again!

In some scenarios, you can find NPCs to join your party.

I was wondering if anyone knows of a good guide to create NPCs, if there's a simple and/or set way to do, or if NPCs are just a jumble of advanced noding that only some scenario designers know how to do and are keeping secret.
SORRY: I'm not very helpful.

QUESTION: "You can do that? Wow." He paused for a minute, pondering what next to write. Then he got it. "I thought you could only do that with BoA." he writes.

After all, he definitely thinks Blades of Avernum is by far the best. "Well, please tell us how to make them, or if they really are just a jumble of advanced scripts etc." Then he sighs, hits Add reply, and leaves the Topic, with everyone staring after him.

~ The Adventures of the mad Forumizer Hohoho ~

- Archmage Micael

P.S. Read the story to get my questions. THANK YOU
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