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Annotated Map

Avernum 6 Annotated Maps



Encyclopedic List of Locations, Items, Quests, etc.

Text Map for use with the above

Unique Equipment List



Tool Use

Arcane Lore (Spellbooks)

Nature Lore (Caches)

Trainers (Skills)

Items Needed (Collection Quests)

Items Needed (Crafting)



List of All Skill Effects

Race & Trait Effects

Hit Chance & Damage Formulas

Dual Wielding (effects of the skill, & also effects of wielding 2 weapons)

Anatomy, Lethal Blow, & Quick Action

Quick Strike

Parry, Riposte & Evasion

Magical Efficiency

Enemy Resistances

Misc. changes from A5



Comparing Damage Levels

Battle Fury (don't use -- see bottom of thread)



The dodging singleton



Asta's Mushroom Quest Locations

Honeycomb Maps

Ending options / text



Cheat Engine


—Alorael, who will add useful material as it becomes available.

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I misread something initially, being very hasty in perusing what the A6 forum has generated so far. My bad, but the Items List also does include items to keep at the beginning of the list, along with AL/NL/TU levels needed, etc., which are also being posted already as individual lists. smile



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The only way to map Fort Emerald and the Scree Caves beyond is to cheat. I only mapped these areas for the sake of completeness. The same thing goes for the Remote Islands, which are actually taken from my maps of Avernum 4, since I could only scout around them and I found I could no longer walk on water.

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You might want to mention that on the page.


As noted on my homepage, Avernum 5 and 6 are still incomplete. Rather than have a dead link from the menu, I copied the page over. I could have removed the content, but there is so much that is similar to AV4 that I left it in. I fully intend to clean this up with the changes that are needed. Please bear with me as I am in the middle of a systems upgrade at work, and as the DBA it requires more than a little bit of overtime.
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Hare hunter, I looked through your anonated map, And I loved them. So much detail, Lots of noteable weapons, all the areas mapped out perfectly. So I have two questions for you. How did you do it? It must have been ages to do it all 6 games with so perfection and accuracy. The second one is, where can I find fort emerald. I looked all through it. I havent seen fort emerald before in any of the before games as I have the demo

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Somthing else... It doesnt make sense. I looked at harehunter's avernum 5 map. But its...differant. I dont see any castle, any east gallery, any tower colony, but I see bargha witch is in the other maps. And I seen the name grindstone and fort monastary. So one question. WHERE THE HELL IS THIS PLACE?

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If you read my Updates and News page, you'll get the whole history.


First off, the credit for the Avernum 1 maps goes to Silver Harloe. I merely scraped them off the web for my personal use and to preserve them should the server go offline. He had started the 2nd game, but never got past the newbie area. The inspiration for doing the complete maps for Avernum 2 came from his work on Avernum 1.


Secondly, the credit for the Avernum 3 maps goes to Rache Leukefeld. She had completed one version, rather simple in form, and had started a much more elegant version. Again, I made the effort to scrape it for my personal archive. Rache never did complete her second version, so I did it for myself. I am happy to share that with the SW community.


Scraping these two websites took months to do. You have to make sure you follow every link so you don't miss a page. Then you have to do some editing to remove the ads that the web server would stick in. (Remember, I wanted these for local use, with no need to hit the internet.) Then you have to survey your own copy, again checking each and every link, making sure you have captured all the images. Along the way I was learning HTML and Java, just trying to figure out how these pages worked.


As to how long it took to do Avernum 2 and Avernum 4, I would guess it took about a year apiece. This is because I have to put in a lot of overtime hours at work. Avernum 5 and 6 are incomplete. They only took 3 months apiece just to scrape the maps.


How did I get the full detail? In Avernum 2 there is a Mage spell Farsight. I used the Character Editor to build a really juiced up team with insanely high abilities, then explored every nook and cranny. Save the game, cast Farsight, anything interesting, no? restore the game, proceed to the next area. Once I had the entire area mapped, alt-PrintScreen, Paint, save. A bit of work building the HTML pages (I shunned tools like Frontpage. Sloppy, sloppy, sloppy!). Combine the text walkthrough written by Matt P. and voila!.


In Avernum 4-6 there is no magic spell to see unseeable areas, and even so, some areas are far out of range even for that. I got the hint for a cheat while Googling the pages of this forum. Actually it was for Avernum 5, but the principle is the same for all three games. The tricky part was how best to present the maps, as they did not fit the models used for the first three games. Again, I used a walkthrough written by Matt P. to flesh out the pages in Avernum 4. I intend to finish Avernum 5 and 6 in the same fashion.


Yes it took a lot of time and patience, but this is the sort of stuff I live for. I like putting together picture puzzles you get out of the box, but programming is like solving puzzles you can only see with your mind.

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I blush at your praise. blush I don't rank myself nearly that high. My web site languished for a couple of years with little to no notice. It was not until the server that hosted Silver Harloe's Annotated Maps for Avernum went offline, that I felt comfortable mirroring someone elses work. Once I got pulled back into the SW community, I have come to appreciate the interaction with other gamers.


For the past few years I have been having increasing trouble with the left side of my body, arm and leg. The medications I was taking to relieve the symptoms made me sleepy. It was all I could do to make it through a days work. Thank god I get to sit at a desk all day, but losing the use of my left hand severely impaired my work.


Last December I decided to change neurologists. He diagnosed me with a form of Parkinson's Disease. He changed my medication, and it has had a tremendously potent effect in reversing the symptoms. I am able to use my left hand again, my walking is almost normal again, and best of all, I am clear-headed enough to grind through even the heaviest days at work.


I am even taking on the task of polishing my C++ skills in order to present my Blades of Exile Scenario Editor to the Mac community. I doubt it will be as popular as the one the Celtic Minstrel is working on, because it has been out in the community longer. But if even a few people prefer mine then I am happy.

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Hey folks, I've got a pretty decent group going in A6 and I'm working on getting riposte for one character and lethal blow for another. The character going for riposte has 11 parry and 8 blademaster and the lethal blow guy has 6 Anatomy and 10 blademaster, yet neither of them are yielding the ability to train in their respective end skills. Their numbers are raw, i.e., none of the points I mentioned here come from items, they're all trained or bought. Has anyone else had this problem?


I hope I'm not violating mores by posting this here. I know it's not related to the previous discussion but this is the first forum on the list of the Second Avernum Trilogy and I figured there'd be eyes on this discussion.

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The links in the additional maps topic for the Honeycomb don't seem to be working. On that note, I admit I'm pretty frustrated--I am struggling to find my way back to the Dragon's Gate. I don't remember at all how I first reached it. I want to do the Horror quest before I wrap up the game; I've already opened the gate (I raised it by doing the whole boat thing), but now I'm back at the Honeycomb zone from the Mertis entry and I'm completely bewildered. This is the only time I've not found Harehunter's wonderful maps to be helpful! I'm totally disoriented. Can anyone point the way?


Edited: This post by Jerakeen gives excellent instructions on reaching (or returning to) Dragon Gate.



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