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  1. it was quite pain in a....... bottom but not tedious as long as went to direction where stairs were and abused combat mode to get past beams with least dmg. orig. trilogy walkthrough could help.
  2. well addict buys skribbane at whatever price so price is right. basic supply vs demand.
  3. that has been discussed there and there. for example here: https://spiderwebforums.ipbhost.com/topic/23677-question-on-party-build-for-newcomer-to-series-a2cs/page/2/?tab=comments#comment-296144
  4. maybe but on wiki it would be as long lists as it's here and also wiki page could get vandalized.
  5. good that you got it working you can request registration keys from jeff vogel. if you need registration key contact jeff vogel. you could ask from jeff vogel if he has any ideas how to get a6 to work properly on big sur vm and also ask tips on vmware forum (answer might be that you need older fuaion).
  6. you didn't say what version of fusion. this https://www.vimalin.com/blog/fusion-12-0-metal-support/ and this https://blogs.vmware.com/teamfusion/2021/04/fusion-on-apple-silicon-progress-update.html might help.
  7. yea no anything super important besides those metal thingies. also few caches and outside of building which hero/heroes will find near endgame.
  8. to Vahnatai's lands? yea for that trip needs to be basically empty "pockets" (besides food) to get all goodies found.
  9. hardiness helps and yes it's always decision (hard or not that hard) where to put skillpoints (especially on casters who don't use melee weapons much so investing on sword and pole skills isn't that useful besides getting hardiness etc).
  10. basilisk games had/has similar games but as only solo character not party.
  11. unless using full melee party thenas long as casters do dmg and fighters keep enemies away from casters it's fine as long as no magic nullified then it becomes "interesting".
  12. having not played geneforges (besides testing for others having problems) new title doesn't mean anything.
  13. too bad that clock can't be turned back around 20 or more years, if it was possible then forums would be more lively.
  14. very literally. gwgardner: later when you get better equipments which lower your hit chance you'll miss hits due that and enemies have higher chance to evade hits.
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