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  1. well couldn't buy more than 1 health potion.
  2. You should avoid killing patrols etc (on 1 Avernum citizens of town attacked party and if killed those then bad move), towns stay hostile "forever" but you can cheat to make them friendly again by pressing shift d and typing on box letsbefriends. If doesn't work then load save before killing patrol and don't kill those and same thing when you explore dragon's cave aka don't kill it's babies or hesheit will roast you when you reach herhimit.
  3. old topic but couldn't figure better: GOG is giving Eschalon Book 2 for free, offer expires in ~20 hrs.
  4. you can reset hostile towns but will that bring her back is different thing. best suggestion is to restart and avoid situation where important npc dies. check strategy central to see cheat codes.
  5. yea if had healer worth of his/her weight. range attacks did ~same dmg as non-buffed melee attack and in both cases it's again energy consumption (and can't have more than 1 potion of health or energy in inventory).
  6. Comodo Internet Security. This got solved by them adding all current SW games .exes to their database (took a while of nagging, originally started "few" years ago (how time flies)) even olds like Nethergate. It's not keyboard response but mouse but couldn't give either since game was on full black screen waiting if it can access on system resources (keyboard etc) which it couldn't give since user couldn't access on either.
  7. Well my copy of A:EFTP is 1.01 and so is A:CS and A:RW is 1.03, not sure what's A6's version (A1-5 were played on old comp) nor what are Avadons versions.
  8. Basically on every place in starting area (had to do liberating docktown with a "couple" trips) especially when bandits were on cliff shooting party with arrows (just 2 but still too many) and melee party near them on some mining town on east side of map where 1 monster was huge slime (out of energy and 1 party member dead so left area and went "home" and after getting back it was gone) and upper westside of map mine where was 3 bowmen behind boxes (and all managed to hit on party (who couldn't hit bandits) and do lots of damage (lost 1-whole party until managed to clear that room) and meet woman with 2 bandits on next room and after killing them doing bit exploring before leaving area and never going back since lost interest totally, outdoor slimes were thing on their own since even if managed to kill green slimes battle wasn't over if 1 of those multiplying slimes was allive (and impossible to kill w/o energy). No boosted attack = no useful dmg.
  9. If starts game on full screen and security software decides to ask if game is allowed to access to keyboard etc then can't do anything else than press reset since SW game has "locked" keyboard and security software waits user permission to either allow or block access so result is black screen. Did that once again by starting AEFTP (pretty sure that I have done that on every SW game since A6 (possibly A5) and not thinking that game might not be whitelisted anymore (should been even I have done clean install of security software few times since ARW but should isn't done).
  10. DL'd demo and played it long enough that cleared most of everything available on central area but clearly some quests aren't meant to be done until after has done quests on areas not available in demo since basic attacks don't do much damage (and energy is quickly spent due that). Bandits archers and melees tend to quite quickly kill whole party or at least 1-2 members (no idea if killed party members get xp IF somehow manages to clear area) and needs to re-battle against same Bandits everytime and it takes 2-3 turns to even reach 1st archer while others pummel party freely so no progression or only at little and no loot from kills besides something not sellable so party stays poor and tends to die A LOT or runs back to main Fort (well both options lead to pretty much same thing) and goes to re-kill nameless bandits in hope that somehow manages to clear area. That's on normal so torment must be really tormenting. Also feels like this is more Geneforge than Avernum (not saying it's bad) so no idea if I'll buy Queen's Wish 1, atm scale is more on no due annoying need to redo battles after every retreat (and if reaches boss then not much energy left necessarily) but only time tells if scale goes to other end.
  11. I think you are missing things, maybe walkthrough helps https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/pc/641828-avernum-escape-from-the-pit/faqs/69677?page=6#section305
  12. That trick was posted somewhere before but it's good for new players to know this.
  13. No boat reseting cheat in A6 according to Strategy Central.
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