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  1. Which is why I avoid answering as much of these questions as I can
  2. That worked! After locating the code, I added it to someones conversation tree so that whenever I give a specific response I change my reputation. Thank you
  3. I was following the insidious infiltrator guide and have received the assist the infiltrators quest. However, when I go to get the Kill the Infiltrator quest my reputation is still too shaperish. Is there any way to manually adjust reputation? I tried the "iloveservilles" and "iloverebels" and neither has any effect. I also looked in the scripts to try to edit the reputation effects so I would get more pro-rebel points for a few options but I was unable to figure it out. If anyone has any advice, I would appreciate it. thank you
  4. Same here. I wasn't able to find this cracked wall before either and I had given up on it before completing the game. This explanation made finding it easy. And using my endgame party to clean it out was a breeze.
  5. I have finished everything but the endgame and am currently killing time until day 150 and I found a roomr in the inn in calloc which is "to complicated to pick". Whats in there and how do I get in?
  6. Had anyone figured out a way to get back into the filth factory afterwards?
  7. Specifically the discipline blade? Which has a collective +5 to melee/pole skill
  8. Zang offers training for 3000 gold a shot. What does he train?
  9. I paid this Drake Lord 5000 coin and became 'Infused with the Power of Immortality'. What does this do?
  10. It is the one with the hidden switch right next to the final teleporter to the under tower. I searched again and found it. It just takes you to the entrance.
  11. There's one teleporter in a sealed room with a window. Is it accessible at all? I spent a while trying to figure it out.
  12. I knew that I forgot something! I just cleaned up the whole island and couldn't figure out why I wasn't able to see the tower at the bottom. Thnx
  13. I just want to know why Jeff hates unicorns so much. I'll never forget the first time I met them in exile 3 and read their description. I had never heard them described as anything other than mysterious and friendly.
  14. Or you use the orb to teleport past the guardians on the bridge by Erika's tower.
  15. You have a Xian item in your inventory that randomly gives you a rock
  16. I figured out how to do the flag, (sdf 42 18 2) but I'm too pro-shaper for her. Is there anyway to slightly adjust my servile opinion? I don't want to use the 'iloveserviles' as it adjusts it too far and I want to stay relatively undecided.
  17. I remembered that there was a cheap trainer in the Dhonal Keep and went looking after completing most of the keep. I spoke to her and told her that the shaper way is best befrore realizing that this would lock me out of her training. My last save is far enough away that I really don't want to go back there. Does anyone know how to reset the flag for her question?
  18. You are a: Objectivist Anti-Government Non-Interventionist Nationalist Reactionary Collectivism score: -100%Authoritarianism score: -17%Internationalism score: -33%Tribalism score: 33%Liberalism score: -67% there are a lot of grey areas but here it is
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