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  1. For the sake of clarity, I think there are three books: one has Meena's letter, one teaches Icy Rain at Level 3, and the other one is unreadable. The collective opinion seems to be that there is no way to read it, it's a teaser. See https://spiderwebforums.ipbhost.com/topic/16673-a-eftp-unreadable-tome-in-bandit-lair/
  2. My feeling was that the creations with the "no cooldown" static abillity vastly outshone the others. Other than experimentation or unique situations. Something to think about for the sequels.
  3. Are there any points where you are forced to give an opinion? I can't recall any. Usually you can just close the dialog and avoid responding. I seem to recall a few forced opinions later in the series (but it's been a while). Edit: Was it Geneforge 4 which gave you the option of the fabulous response, "I intend to find out whoever has the most treasure, kill them and take it, then repeat the process"? 😆
  4. Yeah but with a random chance, you just save and reload so your chances are always 100%
  5. I ended up with ~15000 gold, so I'd say there is no issue with shortage of gold.
  6. That's the way it works - essence you use to make creations is permanently tied up until those creations are gone. Best answer is to train in Essence Mastery (so maybe use the retrain cheat code if you would like to rethink your skill point allocations).
  7. Queen's Wish is brilliant, following Avernum 2 & 3, it is the one I enjoyed playing the most. Having said this I'm looking forward to getting back into the Geneforge playing style, when the remake comes out. Edit: Not far off your age, either.
  8. I should probably declare that I've played every Spiderweb game since Exile II (and also Exile, albeit I came to it as a "prequel"). So, it's probably fair to say I'm a somewhat loyal customer. Although I'm a casual gamer, I play on normal and quite happy to do so. I also haven't yet finished Queen's Wish, due to having a pesky full time job 🙄 Nonetheless, I've thoroughly enjoyed Queen's Wish: The Conqueror. I have no objections at all to the changes to gameplay compared to previous games; sometimes they make me rethink, but that's a good thing. The challenge level on normal hits the right balance IMHO. The writing, as ever, is superb, this is really Jeff's USP. Love the forts and resources mechanic, which, to me at least, is reminiscent of some of the better board games I've played. So yeah, I thoroughly recommend this game.
  9. I don't know why you keep repeating that, when I've obviously read your explanation but don't it explanatory.
  10. Edit: I am interpreting this as a scatterplot of respondents scores against number of games they have rated. So you can visualize correlation between those two. But I think I am missing something in the construction here because that doesn't account for the colors?
  11. Crikey, that's an impressive set of charts. On the 'Ratings by Player' chart can you explain the coloring of the blobs?
  12. (I plan to ignore the present conflict, simply record my results: Quote: Economic Left/Right: -1.75 Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -4.51 and duck back out of sight again, before the next missile comes over.)
  13. Well I admit I didn't analyze it deeply, it was an impression I formed from playing. As you say, the one-shot kills aren't guaranteed; but then nor is the second attack from haste, and it's still useful when it happens. You're probably right that it's a false comparison with the first playthrough; I certainly wasn't getting this many critical hits this early in the first game. For sure it makes the demo area less tedious, and that's welcome.
  14. Originally Posted By: HOUSE of S Re bow damage: Nope. You're missing something really, really big: bows have a 50% chance to do 2.5x normal damage. No, I read that and I understand what the intention is. I think in the later game it will mean bows/melee are genuinely competitive. But in the early game, it's now unbalanced. It's absurdly easy to play the eastern gallery with an archer character with a cavewood longbow. I think you could tone down the effect on the weak bow types i.e. crude and cavewood, the ones available at Fort Duvno.
  15. I decided to replay A:EftP with the Remix, for variety. At least this time there'll be more than one battle discipline that's actually worthwhile. But is there any timeline for a 1.2 release? Btw, I'd say bows are now almost too powerful; my level 3 archer just hit an unfortunate goblin for 178 damage. That's WAY more damage than the other chars can do at this point.
  16. Nice poll. Although I'm curious as to how the third question has 251 votes, while the other two each have 8 votes.
  17. Originally Posted By: Lilith it wouldn't be called the european onion if it didn't make people cry An entire continent is at present collectively committing economic suicide; yet somehow I have been giggling over this one-liner for several hours.
  18. There's no keyboard shortcut for selling items in these older games. Selling is also uncancellable, so if you make a mistake and sell the wrong item, you have to reload a saved game
  19. I would think he would most likely make the doomguards the same way as Avernum 5.
  20. There are actually four different ways to reach Spire without going via Fort Spire.
  21. I think you are stuck with it now. The solution is to find another route to Spire, so you don't get searched
  22. I'm currently reading London by Edward Rutherfurd. I have been in the mood for epics recently: the last thing was The Book of the New Sun (Gene Wolfe) and before that Peter F Hamilton's Void Trilogy.
  23. Yay! Good chapters so far, looking forward to the rest.
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