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  1. I didn't know anything about the canisters having any sort of consequences. Thanks for the information. The canister rage doesn't seem like a big deal. What sort of ending to you get if you don't use the canisters at all?
  2. Emulators are the way to go, honestly. The problem is finding one that is safe and legal to use. And downloading them decently. The whole 64 / 32 bit issue is really annoying, honestly.
  3. I love all the help I can get, personally. The list of herbs and whatever are really helpful. But I'll take whatever I can find. Some people like to be adventurers and find everything first. Good for them. I'll use their lists.
  4. Archery can be helpful for ranges and tight situations. Also, spells cost a lot of in terms of range. But it is typical of bows and arrows to be great at the beginning, and then stink later on.
  5. Thanks for the great info. On a personal note, I try to read the huge, flashing "please read" portions of any thread. Being the new person, I thought I'd throw that out there. The problem stems from 14 things being flashing, important "you must read!!!" messages. Then you give up.
  6. Some of the links are still broken for me. But the list overall is great. Lots of info I didn't know just starting this game. Thanks for the information.
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