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  1. Sorry it does do it but I just get one point. I thought there was a way to max out everything
  2. Sorry I tried using Shift D and doing retrain and it wouldn't let me do anything. I guess I'm confused xD
  3. Would it have been better to download it from SpiderWeb because there is an editor somewhere and from what I understand you can edit the game files where as with the App Store you can't?
  4. Is there an Avadon 3 character editor you can download if you bought the game from the app store (which I did)?
  5. I tried very hard to remain as neutral as possible to the factions. I believe I failed and just ended up killing everyone in the end
  6. I seem to recall being fairly neutral throughout the whole GF4. I don't quite know how I managed that
  7. I don't really want to start an argument and get this thread locked. But I've been reading all your responses with great interest
  8. OMG we should do it!! Except I don't know the first thing about coding and scenario making though I can be rather tech savvy at times
  9. I wonder if there could be a kickstarter or something or a way to discuss reprogramming it to the old style. I mean eventually the games will have to be remade right?
  10. I keep trying on occasion but I never get far. It's sad. I know what happens in Geneforge to end it all
  11. I feel really bad because I want to finish it lol but I just can't. I wish it could be made again back into the old style
  12. But I can't. The wide open world concept (I mean compared to EFTP and AV:CS) it just doesn't appeal to me. I feel like there's something wrong with me lol. I completed AV 4 and 5 last year but doing a second run through just feels weird. I thought playing 4,5, and 6 would help me bide my time till Ruined World comes out. Did you have trouble completing the series at all? I really want to but I just can't for some reason. I completed the Geneforge series with no problem. But Avernum? I have no clue why I can't finish it. *sigh*
  13. Ohhhh thanks. I think I did things a little out of order
  14. I don't have the phoenix egg from Rentar-Ihrno and I'm concerned that I'm too far ahead to get it. I have the Mica tome but I can't give it to her. I haven't done the ziggurat yet because I want demon slayer and I want to be able to open all the books with the wax seal so I also need the blessed anthem. I'm not sure how to explain what I've done but I think I'm near endgame. I have Crown clearance and I've been attacking enemy soldiers left and right. I feel rather stuck. Since there's no 'give item' cheat that I'm aware of (to give me a phoenix egg, do I have to start over from the beginning?
  15. Did anyone notice the way the tower of Magi looks when you're outdoors and other big buildings. All straw like? Why compared to A:EFTP how they looked like actual buildings?
  16. I just started going through the whole avernum series again. I'm almost at the end of escape from the pit. Since its been over two years I think since I last played, I wanted to play and test my memory without the use of any walkthroughs on normal difficulty (casual is so quick and easy but hard might be too hard lol.) it's amazing how slowly it goes when you don't remember a ton about it and aren't using walkthroughs
  17. Use the character editor to reset the boat and return your party to the start. This won't erase any data or things you've done but it will get you unstuck
  18. You can use the character editor to reset the boat and bring yourself back to the start (meaning the town where the game starts) this won't mess up anything you did it'll just make sure you don't get stuck and the boat will reset so it too won't be stuck
  19. I did them all because I wanted to help and killing Redbeard? Why not? I felt kind of bad but at the same time. Like it was hard. He had some bad things about him that couldn't have been forgiven so he had to die but I felt bad killing him. It really irritated me in the second one how he wouldn't promote me to a Heart. I was basing the way I played off my own judgement and personality. I know it sounds stupid but that should have counted for something since I feel I made good decisions. I didn't want to leave the world in the hands of a corrupt leader
  20. Is there a way to use the arrow key to move around instead of having them move the map?
  21. I don't think this is possible but you know those places in empire territory that you can't get to (at least to my knowledge) ever? Can you use the orb to fly into them or after defeating the empire (but still continuing to get all the endings) be able to get into them that way? I just find it kind of irritating that there are places you can't go when it seems in the other Avernums you could go everywhere
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