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Found 6 results

  1. Been playing a bit of Geneforge 4 because i tend to enjoy it a little more the Geneforge 5. I made two mods which replace the pryo roamer with a guardian roamer while the other one gives you access to all creations. Geneforge 4 Mods any feedback would be nice, unless you all don't play it anymore xD
  2. I was following the insidious infiltrator guide and have received the assist the infiltrators quest. However, when I go to get the Kill the Infiltrator quest my reputation is still too shaperish. Is there any way to manually adjust reputation? I tried the "iloveservilles" and "iloverebels" and neither has any effect. I also looked in the scripts to try to edit the reputation effects so I would get more pro-rebel points for a few options but I was unable to figure it out. If anyone has any advice, I would appreciate it. thank you
  3. I hope this hasn’t been answered elsewhere already, if it has I haven’t been able to find it. I think there’s a glitch in Quessa-Uss. After Greta asked me to investigate what had been brought down from Northforge, I killed the Unbound prototype instead of bringing it under control. Now the southern doors remain locked, the control panel won’t open the north doors, and I’m completely stuck in this lab, unable to return to Greta. If I’m missing something, I’d greatly appreciate some direction. thanks all. Loving these games.
  4. Ive decided to dump more than a week straight into Geneforge in general and I noticed that info was at times quite scarce or not really centralized in one place. Anyway it was hard to find. And I had some questions to which I did not find answers to this whole week while playing. Some of them may be due to me sucking at using the search and googling. I played only shaper. Played G1 with basically all in on INT and Fire shaping and pretty much beat it with little effort on normal diff. Kinda same with G2. Really nothing to it. Got drayks, killed everything. Always used the "expendable creations" tactic. As in, went into a map, murdered everything til my creations died, ran back to town crying, made more and came back. But somewhere I read that Vlishes were OP, til then I figured they were probably made of glass and not versatile enough, so I didnt even touch em. But they are really cool looking creations. So in G3 I went for full pumping points into INT and magic shaping. And did quite well most of the time. But by the time I reached Gull island, I got absolutely destroyed by everything. Nothing I did worked. Figured that vlishes might just be for support in this one, so mixed them with Glaahks. Still got destroyed. Absolutely not a single thing I tried worked. Since I already had 15 hours into the game I said screw it, cheated myself fire shaping about the amount of magic and drayk creation +3, made drayks and still destroyed. So I went even further and went for drakon +3 and made some drakons. And still got rekt. So I went even further, cheated a lot of int and levels, buffed the drakons up and then got through the game. So now im in G4 and scared of putting points into anything, due to fear of mybe realizing 15 hours into the game again, that my build is insufficient to continue with. Was G3 ment to be unbeatable as full shaper or did I have a wrong mindset somewhere? Does the "expendable creations" tactic work on later G-s or am I supposed to keep them alive and level them, cause I really liked being completely reckless with them in earlier G-s? Do full shaper builds work in later Geneforge games? How much is too much into shaping skill? I asked because I read somewhere in a forum that 6 in any shaping is good enough, finished G2 with 18 in fire shaping. After my tumble with G3, I went back and started experimenting in previous games aswell. I noticed that increasing shaping skill gives rather little in basestats to your freshly formed creations. Their general lvls increase yet their stat lvls fall behind. I couldnt be fully bothered to figure out how the statdistribution works. How does it actually work?
  5. Greetings, my fine fellows. Today I have a glorious modification to Geneforge 4 for you all, one that shall make using characters of any class far more enjoyable/doable. The Geneforge 4 Artifact Weapons mod! This mod adds a total of 16 brand new, powerful craftable(ish) weapons. You will obtain two of the basic weapons from this mod (perfected baton, supercharged wand) as a guaranteed result from certain quests: the former from completing the Shaila quest (received from Greta), and the latter from the caravan quest (either from Pirik if you helped it, or from Alwan if you destroyed it). To craft the more powerful versions of these weapons, you will need to find their recipes, scattered around the first three chapters of Geneforge 4. Once you have the materials needed and have discovered the recipe, you must go to a sufficiently skilled crafter with whom you are aligned (see list below) to create the items. I have tested it to make sure it works, but I have not extensively tested it. Please inform me of any problems in it. Installation: Weapons: Recipes: Crafters: Download.
  6. Hello there! I am here because I have a problem regarding the game Geneforge 4. I just made it to Chapter 2 and I can't proceed anywhere now. No matter where I go I get slaughtered. I can't go back to the first town either to get myself some new spells since everyone left/died. I have searched for guides and I just found a really big one which was linked here on the forum, but since I started without it it's pretty hard start following it now. My current active quests (which I can't find, mostly of them have pretty hard areas. When I look at playthroughs on youtube, people are lvl 25-30 at my location. I have probably missed something. Btw, I'm playing on Normal) Find Northforge. Dumping Pits. Stranded Rebels. Fackler's Papers. Kill Moseh. Gibbons's Canisters. This is my current build and equipment. I don't know where to go to level up, it's hard finding guides for specific things in this game. If anyone can help me regarding levels and such (tips too), I would appreciate it a lot!! /Ragge
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