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  1. Ok, Is it possible to see your current reputation in-game?
  2. **SPOILER** I am a bit confused at the moment. Am I doing missions for both Shapers and the Rebels? Captain Kane want me to give names of traitors even though they are the people who helped me reach the safehouse. Is there a point in the game where you officially choose a side? Or is REP just going up and down depends what you do and not? The mainquest (as far as I know) is to reach Northforge, which is given by Greta who is on the Rebel side. Is this going to change if I help the Shapers? Can someone explain the 'system', please. /Ragge
  3. As a programmer, I'm guessing that Steam just injects the interface system into the game so I dunno what problem it would cause. (Some games are having issues of course, but when I'm looking at Properties in the Library it says that the Interface is activated on G4) Edit: I think the interface is disabled. Even tho the game would use the same key combination as Steam Interface does it should still pop up. It saddens me that it's not working but I guess I'll have to keep tabbing.
  4. Thank you all once again for helping me! I'm sorry if things are going offtopic, might be that other people could take use of this thread as well. I got other questions (surprised? ) Till now, I've focused on equipment which doesn't give minus to "hit chance". I guess I should focus on defence and ignore the negatives for hit chance? (Or is it harder to cast buffs and heals too?) I have 3550 gold, any good place to buy me some stuff? I haven't found a master yet who sells spells so I dunno what to spend the gold on. Should I care about encumbered since I'm mostly gonna focus on heals an
  5. Hello. Is this going to be fixed or is there any workaround? It's a bit annoying when people write on Steam and I have to tab down since I have a 1920x1080 screen and all windows get a focus glitch so I have to press Windows Flag+D like 2 times to get focus again. Plus all windows moves to the first screen (I have two). The game recommends to change resolution so that's why I'm using it as setting. Thanks /Ragge
  6. I have been running around now and cleaned some areas, but the rest is too hard & they gank up on me. Got any tips of quests? (Character name of person + city is enough). Thanks all again. Edit: Yeah, I could go around and talk to everyone. But a post above, it seems like I missed a important one and I dunno where to find "Alwan".
  7. Currently using 3 Cryoras with 39 essence left for use. I have not picked side yet since I have not came so far into the game yet (i guess?). Yeah, I will keep focusing on my shaping skills once I have more in mech & leadership. By the way, my character is taking incredibly bad damage (10-14, misses 75% of the time). Shouldn't I care about this? Edit: The point might be that I will be the healer and my creatures the damage dealers?
  8. Thanks! Im gonna launch up the game and try this now. I am very close to level up as you can see so I will spend it on mech at first (so I can remove bombs at the first zones).
  9. Ok thanks. Then I'll focus on Fire Shaping next. Dunno when to focus on mech & leadership tho. I have lots of bombs laying around which I couldn't get past.
  10. So I should play with like 3 upgraded Cryoa's with only 2 INT each? They will probably die easy then, since my current one gets dropped really fast even though I have 5 on Endurance. And what example did I miss because of no mech & leadership? Do I have to replay everything?
  11. I probably missed a lot of sidequests... My Cryoa:
  12. Thanks. Are monsters respawned anytime in cleared areas? I have been to those areas so far: By the way, Is it recommended to have one strong or a few weaker shapings? It's also a bit hard to know what to spend skill points on since you... need everything. Got any tips for someone who play Aidan? /Ragge
  13. Hello there! I am here because I have a problem regarding the game Geneforge 4. I just made it to Chapter 2 and I can't proceed anywhere now. No matter where I go I get slaughtered. I can't go back to the first town either to get myself some new spells since everyone left/died. I have searched for guides and I just found a really big one which was linked here on the forum, but since I started without it it's pretty hard start following it now. My current active quests (which I can't find, mostly of them have pretty hard areas. When I look at playthroughs on youtube, people are lvl 25-30 at
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