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Found 5 results

  1. ***************************************************************** Enhanced Interface for Avernum 4 and Avernum 5 v0.9 -2015 Windows version (Mac untested) Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7fwexumf4xea5r2/Avernum_4_Avernum_5_enhanced_interface.zip?dl=1 ***************************************************************** 1. CONTENT ***************************************************************** Several graphic files in .BMP format to replace the original interface with the new icons introduced in Avernum 6. Also features mild color tweaks to unify colors throughout the interface (especially for A5). A4 before: A4 after: A5 before: A5 after: ***************************************************************** 2. INSTALLING ***************************************************************** A backup folder for each game is provided, they contain the original graphic files in order to revert back to original interface, if you happen to dislike the new one. To install, unzip the compressed file, and replace your current "data" folder with the new "data" folder you unzipped, say yes when prompted for overwrite. If you have the steam version, the default location of your game should be C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Avernum 5\Data) This installation will NOT interfere in anyway with your game saves. ***************************************************************** 4. CREDITS ***************************************************************** Credits go to: Spiderweb company for creating and keeping their games open to modifications. Ben Resnick for the new iconset introduced in Avernum 6. Me for tweaking stuffs and pixelwork resizing. ***************************************************************** 4. IMPROVEMENTS ? ***************************************************************** Since I'm quite new to the Avernum world, I have troubles "translating" some of the magical effects icons used by avernum second trilogy, the manual does have a chart to list magical effects but it is incomplete. So I need intel from experienced players knowing second trilogy enough to help me identify the missing pieces and, later, confirm that I set the right matches. In this image below, the first colum shows the icons I'm unsure about how they translate from A-4, A-5 to A6, the second column shows icons I know nothing about, what they mean or when they are triggered ingame:
  2. I just started up Avadon 3 and I noticed that I can no longer seem to highlight objects. There used to be a button that highlighted loot on the ground, this was really handy as it made it possible for me to identify objects I could pick up. Now I have nearly no idea. I am constantly wondering if I am leaving loot behind. Was this ability removed from the game? Was the button changed and I just don't know about it? Similar to the above, in the previous games, I could hit the "attack/use" key("A" button in Avernum: Crystal Souls), and the screen would then display different characters I could talk to. I would follow this up by tapping the corresponding key and my characters would walk over and initiate dialogue. I found this to be a handy device to assist in playing. Was it removed or the button changed to something else? Anyone have any insight into this?
  3. Can the Avadon 3 interface be used for the other Avadon games? Meaning, can they be updated with the newer interface.
  4. Hello. Is this going to be fixed or is there any workaround? It's a bit annoying when people write on Steam and I have to tab down since I have a 1920x1080 screen and all windows get a focus glitch so I have to press Windows Flag+D like 2 times to get focus again. Plus all windows moves to the first screen (I have two). The game recommends to change resolution so that's why I'm using it as setting. Thanks /Ragge
  5. Love the game, but I feel it's not as optimized for mouse users as it could be. Some suggestions for the next game(s): (biggest impact IMO): Make mouse scroll wheel work for shops, dialogues, and inventory (junk bag). The up/down icons are tiny, require pixel hunting, and force the player to move their eyes off the dialog to interact with the interface, while using scroll wheel is subconscious. Out-of-combat and when not in any menus, make scroll wheel cycle through selected party member. Make mouse right-click be "action" item (for equippable items, swap currently equipped item from matching slot with the clicked item; for consumables, use the consumable, etc. Make Inventory mouse drag-and-drop work (as opposed to click twice). If dragging and dropping an item on top of another item, they should swap places. Add mouse pointer visual hover effect over inventory and dialog options, just like mouse hover was added on tiles in Avernum 2 compared to Avernum 1. Thanks!
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