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Found 14 results

  1. I'm trying to get that achievement in steam and I have a question, if I actually go after my companions will that affect the achievement or is it only if I choose to help them that affects it?
  2. Sound Problems Game- Nethergate: Resurrection Operating System- Windows 10 Bought Through Steam It is not a big problem, but as I notice it more and more, it is grating on me. In the very beginning of the game after you have created your four characters of Romans and you find yourself in your first room with the note, there is a loop of sound with people in the background talking and other noises of every day life. I am hearing static. It is constantly present throughout the loop. Is that normal? Is that the way the game was made? Or did it come
  3. So I had a similar problem as this person did: http://spiderwebforums.ipbhost.com/topic/24273-g5-im-strengthening-my-enemies-somehow/?tab=comments#comment-301885 But out of all the shaper endings, I noticed I only have this issue when working with astoria. It's not a HUGE deal but the point is it's not suppose to be and I don't know that much about codes,scripts etc and just wondering if anyone even found a solution to this? I have the steam version and now playing on windows 10 computer if anyone wants to know.
  4. Hello. Is this going to be fixed or is there any workaround? It's a bit annoying when people write on Steam and I have to tab down since I have a 1920x1080 screen and all windows get a focus glitch so I have to press Windows Flag+D like 2 times to get focus again. Plus all windows moves to the first screen (I have two). The game recommends to change resolution so that's why I'm using it as setting. Thanks /Ragge
  5. Hey all! So, I've loved Geneforge back since it was released I remember playing it on an archaic Windows platform back in the day. I recently got the saga on Steam and was excited to play Geneforge 1 and start it all over... Buuut... Every time I click play it shuts down as soon as the window opens. I can click Change or Don't Change resolution and it doesn't matter. I tried DXWnd and the new one flat out didn't work, and the earlier version I found opened it, but it says the steam api_init failed. Any help? ------------------------------------------------------ I had my
  6. I own all 5 Geneforge games, and am wondering if I can convert them to non-steam. For some reason, steam won't give me a CD key, so I can't simply uninstall, install out of steam and toss in the key.
  7. For some reason I cannot play Avernum 5 on Steam. It will tell me that it can only play in 16 bit at 1024 X 768 and to change it by right clicking on the desktop and selecting 'properties' which does not appear on my system (And the equivalent of it won't let me go to 16 bit manually). Then it says that it is recommended that I change it through the game. Which I can't actually do. The thing is both Avernum 4 and 6 work fine on Steam. Avernum 4 is set to auto change the resolution and Avernum 6 shows the change resolution menu before opening. Avernum 5 is doing neither. I will try reinstal
  8. Indignus

    Steam Sales

    May I ask a few questions about Steam sales? Now I have about $24 IIRL and I want to buy Avernum Crystal Souls or the Geneforge Saga. Either way, it won't take much time deciding what to buy once I download the demo for Crystal Souls. But here's the real question: Which is better; to buy A2:CS with it's full price on Steam? Or buy it during a sale? I wanted to support Jeff as much as possible, because that's how being supportive works right? I would gladly buy it from the home page itself, unfortunately, this 16 year old ain't got credit card or any payment method listed ther
  9. Usually I just post in the old thread. But this one is big: Spiderweb Collection on sale on Steam for $11.99 for total package. Or you can buy the games individually: Avadon The Black Fortress: $1.99 Avadon 2: The Corruption: $4.99 Avernum Escape from the Pit: $1.99 Avernum Pack (A4, A5, and A6): $2.39 Geneforge Saga Pack (G1-G5): $3.99 Nethergate Resurrection: $0.99 http://store.steampowered.com/sub/33525/ Or load up Steam and search for Spiderweb Software. I already have all the games, but good time to introduce some friends to Spiderweb Software.
  10. I'm wanting to buy the game directly from Spiderweb Software in an effort to be more supportive, but what was wondering if I can redeem the game on Steam after purchasing it here? I know it's silly, but I like acquiring the achievements on Steam. Apologies in advance if this is a dumb question.
  11. I bought the linux version of Avadon through Steam and have really been enjoying it, but now it seems I have encountered a bug that won't let me continue the game. In Jhereth Deeps, when I fight through the flooding corridor and escape into a room with few Ogre Brutes and some Flingers on both sides (separated by water), the game crashes every time after a few turns in battle mode. Can you give me any suggestions on how to fix that? Thank you.
  12. So I've had like eight billion dota 2 keys sitting around on my steam profile. I have no use for them, and would like for them to not be sitting around on my steam profile. So, if anyone here wants to play Dota but doesn't have a key thingy, please be so kind as to take one.
  13. So, it appears as though JV/Steam have decided to lump all of Spiderweb's games (that is, those that are available on Steam - A4-6, G1-5, A:EftP, Avadon and N:R) into one easy-to-buy bundle, and all for the low price of £29.99 - that's a huge saving on the price of some pretty awesome games. The games do seem to be Windows only (at least, that's what I can infer), but if you didn't manage to get any games during SW's November Sadness Sale, here's a great opportunity to wait until the steam christmas sale to get them even cheaper get them on the cheap now.
  14. Can I load my progress from the demo into the full copy of the game I bought on steam?
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