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  1. Is anyone else having fun trying to put Spiderweb Software forum handles with people on the Facebook site?
  2. Hi all, I'm sure the answer will be so obvious as to be ridiculous, but ... ::::SPOILERS:::: So I snuck in through the secret passage in the woods (thanks for taking one for the team, Gavin), came up in the castle, snuck my way through the upper floor via combat mode, killed all the archers along the edge then arrived to find the door to the portal locked. Dialogue mentions a door through the back. How/where/what do I do? I went back through the undercroft, looking for buttons to push. Found nothing except for a sorceress and friends who constantly respawn. Help? Anyone? Pl
  3. Which time, exactly? The game is winding down, and I'm worried I missed it. Does it involve a showdown with Zephyrine? I haven't gotten that far yet. Thanks, MissSea
  4. Hi all, Lame question, I know, but is there a way to see the entire world map besides just the load page? Thanks, MissSea For those curious: Map
  5. Hi all, FYI: I use the "showmeall" cheat regularly. So I'm wandering around in Angevine's tower after deciding to follow through with the quest I'm on. After I go upstairs to the previously restricted area, I see a bunch of red dots south of my position. I've hunted far and wide for hidden switch to allow me to access them, and I'm having no luck. Any advice on how to access them? Thanks, MissSea
  6. Originally Posted By: FnordCola Quietly resent those who get to go out and actually do things, according to various pieces of dialogue. Especially Nathalie, but the others to an extent as well. And yeah, train and such. I love how Nathalie complains constantly, yet she is (so far) the only constant companion I've taken on every mission.
  7. Hi all, So I've decided to indulge my larcenous side and steal a bunch of stuff from Zhethron. I took the papers from the library and just broke into the records hall for the heck of it. I also killed Incarnus -- well, encouraged him to cut his vacation short! Will I be able to cross back over the runes in the library to go back into those caverns once I leave? Or is it just passing from west to east that blows the whistle? Also, is Zhethron going to eventually figure out that I've stolen/killed stuff? In other words, do I revert back to the save prior to doing all the stealing or c
  8. Hi all, I have a strange situation when I visit the Ogre Lands (or whatever they're called). Looking at the large map (when you press "Tab"), I see a trapdoor indicated just below where Zephyrine's lair is located. However, when I arrive at said spot with my party, there's no trapdoor to be found! Is this a glitch, or am I missing a quest somewhere that gives me that trapdoor? I'm curious because I still am looking for more of that ore, and I'm thinking it may be down that trapdoor. Thanks! MissSea
  9. This may have been asked already under another name (I call them "hidden switches"). There are a few switches in that room in the pit with all the bridges. I killed the dead and see my "sparkles" indicating a hidden switch. Can I access these switches? Also, is there a way to get access to that room with the rune on the floor? Thanks! Miss Sea
  10. Many thanks! Glad to see Jeff planned ahead for those of us who were stressing over not getting dead by the advancing water and thus failed to grab the extra one or two ores in the caverns.
  11. There are a few cheats posted about how to bypass the gates. Check out one on someone who forgot to defeat Merula. It's a pain that these gates shut automatically, huh?
  12. I saw the previous post about locations of the blue ore (those beige pillars), but I'm having trouble with quantity requirements. I keep going back to the smith to turn in my ore, and he says he doesn't have enough. I reverted back to an earlier save and noted one location after the water run where I missed a pillar. Do we have a final count as to how many blue ore deposits are required? I currently have four. Thanks, MissSea
  13. I searched the forums for this one, but couldn't find anything. Does anyone know if/how to adjust the background on the map? I'm in the desert near the dragon's aerie, and it's difficult to distinguish walls I've discovered on the map from the background. Is there a way to make the background of the map opaque? Any help would be appreciated. MissSea
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