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  1. The old link has expired, so here is the new Discord invite: https://discord.gg/rr9kfPu Even though Chessrook's Spiderweb Software Fans server already exists, I'm going to keep this one separate, because it's more for people from this forum than about Spiderweb games. We don't really talk about SW games, just random stuff. So feel free to pop in and say hello. Dikiyoba.
  2. Hey all, I am back (for the moment). It's been awhile (is anyone even left?). --- I am testing out a Discord server for SW and CalRef members to hang out and chat. It's very minimalistic and experimental at the moment. Swearing is okay, bigotry and hate speech is not. You do need a validated Discord account to join. If you're interested (and this is definitely in the testing phase at the moment), click on the invite link: https://discord.gg/rr9kfPu. If there is a problem, DM me on Discord (need a friend request first) or send me an e-mail and I will try to h
  3. A couple of suggestions for the next survey: 1. Add an "other" option to the music genre question. 2. Since depression and anxiety seem to be pretty common among SW members, it would probably be worth asking a question or two about mental health. Anything about specific disorders should be optional or come with a "decline to state" option, though. Dikiyoba.
  4. From Part 1, the low number of rural members. From Part 3, the fact that the average SWer appears to have lost some wealth compared to their parents, even for those at high education levels. Dikiyoba would like to know whether this is the last thread, or whether a Part 4 is forthcoming.
  5. The problem with choosing the "neither" option when you are cis is that you provide inaccurate information about yourself and (far more importantly) overwhelm the accurate responses of an often ignored group with particular characteristics. Also, it's a little bit... weird. Like, Dikiyoba doesn't particularly identify with Dikiyoba's age (it's just a number), but Dikiyoba still fills out forms with Dikiyoba's actual age, instead of "opting out" by claiming to be 5 years old.
  6. give me your tired, your poor, your huddled gays yearning to [redacted]. Let's face it, some days CalRef is basically Tumblr: The Chatroom. Trash posts everywhere! --- Being LGBT in general correlates with being poorer and having worse family relationships, so LGBT status is probably the underlying factor driving many of the socioeconomic-related correlations. Dikiyoba.
  7. I might have missed this, but is there a relation between intra/extraversion and economic class? Alternative hypotheses: 1. Introverts may be more likely to have obscure interests that are not reflected in the poll. 2. Introverts may invest in fewer interests, but invest more time and energy in those interests that they do engage in. 3. We don't have a representative sample of extroverts, and this is just a false positive. Dikiyoba.
  8. Avadon is far more of a generic fantasy world than Avernum (underground! Non-human races--or maybe that's just me?) or Geneforge (make your own monsters!) are. The more unique aspects (tinkermages, the corruption) don't appear until Avadon 2. The companions aspect is newish, but not completely new (because it shows up in Geneforge first), and the characters aren't crazy memorable or likable. So while it's more creative than a sequel or remake, it's less creative than Avernum or Geneforge were. Plus, SW games feel increasingly homogenized. The interface is the same, the art assets a
  9. It has been a very long time since Dikiyoba came up with the clues (it's been sitting on Dikiyoba's computer for at least a year), but certain definitions of opalescent define it as a white iridescence (similar to mother-of-pearl and other pearl-related words), and certain thesauruses include "milky" as a synonym of opalescent. So it's not the most accurate of translations... but bad translations were sort of the point.
  10. The scores are as follows: Duck in a Top Hat: 10 points Randomizer: 12 points Sylae: 13 points Chessrook: 14 points Dintiradan: 21 points Triumph: 32 points Slarty: 38 points The bonus submissions for "Nethergate" are as follows: Slarty: Chthonic Turnstile Chessrook: Crotch Door Triumph: Basal Entrée I liked all the submissions, but my favorite is Slarty's. So Slarty gets a bonus point, bringing his total to 39 points. Congratulations, Slarty, you have the highest score. You win... absolutely nothing! But good job figuring out all
  11. The game is officially over. No more submissions will be accepted. Dikiyoba will post the answer key and everyone's total score soon.
  12. Dik-diks are true antelope, just very small and somewhat unusual ones. They live in Africa, eat leaves instead of grass, are monogamous, and the female is bigger than the male. One of their calls is transliterated as "dik-dik," hence the common name. The particular individual in the photo comes from the Wildlife Safari in Winston, Oregon. I think the presences of horns means it is a male. The black spot in front of the eye is some kind of scent gland. --- Pronghorn are one-of-a-kind (or rather, the last of their kind). Although they superficially resemble tr
  13. Of the four houses, Ravenclaw is the place for nerds. Spiderweb is also a place for nerds. Plus, ravens are cool. Dikiyoba has seen ravens flip over and glide upside down, apparently just for fun. Who wouldn't want to be associated with ravens?
  14. 24 hours (more or less) until the game ends. Your opportunity to play the game is rapidly dwindling. Get those responses in! (So... many... e-mail... notifications... Dikiyoba may have made a mistake in leaving them on...)
  15. The number of responses is a bit higher than regular forum-goers because Slarty contacted some oldbies who haven't been around in a while to come back for the purposes of taking the survey. Dikiyoba, for instance, doesn't normally visit SW regularly.
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