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  1. As a single guy, I strongly ship pc/npc romance, and I am sure a lot of others like me do as well.
  2. If you don't add the Bleep Bloop the Galactic Explorer into the game I will be mad, it is not my idea, but I saw it on your kickstarter faq section.
  3. If you are full time explorer you won't miss any xian items, as for the legendery items, hold on to your xian skull, he will eventually tell you where to look for the clues for all legendery items and when he says so, you should go and check that place cuz that's when npc will be there or I was just lucky enough Or just follow the old A3 guide. Also talk with all inn-keeprs and buy their drinks.
  4. Is your mind clear by any chance? I had to go trough all Anama's Temples to purify my eyes after reading this sentence.
  5. I used to blink trough the entire dungeon in combat mode to avoid lasers and jump over 4 lassers at once, I don't recall pulling much levelers to get trough.
  6. What is the purpose of dark thoughts? Is there any way I can save Erika during the fight with Rentar-Ihrno? Are there any special secret bonuses after obtaining all legendery and xian items? Maybe while having them all together in the inventory or equiped? Also what's the purpose of xian rock? Are there any quests for the second perfect flower? I've completed game really fast so I am wondering I missed any scenarios in my mansion. (I got the sword, killed a basilisk and saw the ghost of owner repeating his death over and over)
  7. I am seriously losing it! I rarely play games and the only ones I play are old classics and spiderweb avernum/avadon series. My life is empty af and the only things that are making it bearable are spiderweb games and other similar things.
  8. I've had a direct mail from Jeff stating that there will be no editors for upcoming games. All you have are old ones. Unless of course, someone is willing to make custom ones by themselves.
  9. Dragons are collecting threasures in their lairs and so am I. And when the Avernum doomsday come and everybody is dying, I'll be chilling with my Nephil girl and drinking all the health elixirs I saved up.
  10. I know it awards a medal in Avadon 3 but do I have any use of it trough the entire game? It would be cool if it adds some additional options during conversations.
  11. But it just doesn't give a feeling like it is yours, it should say with BIG WORDS "Property of Microft and Cordelia" it would be cool if have our own pylon in our house/castle.
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