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  1. You need to go to the Control-room and hit the button that says something like 'Release cleaning-crew', or words to that effect. It will open a bunch of otherwise-inaccessible chambers next to all the park-like areas. Those chambers are filled with Shambler-type enemies, of course, but they also have interesting loot and, I believe, a spellbook... ...or maybe I'm remembering wrong, it was a while ago. >_> Well, if you haven't checked out the 'cleaning-crew' chambers, it's almost certainly there.
  2. At the bottom floor of the Remote Cavern, there's several messed-up textures - layering issues. Mostly platform-walls that overlap nearby stairs. In fact, I suspect that it's a general issue with stairs leading up to platforms... I took a screendump to illustrate.
  3. ...ah! I finally figured it out. It wasn't the rotation of the map - that much is painfully obvious since you really aren't given a choice when it comes to where to start. Rather, the layout of the room had tricked me into assuming that every arrow on the map represented TWO steps, since otherwise, the bit where there's just ONE arrow would see you walking into a pillar. Except, as it turns out, the actual path takes you through both of the points where a pillar is mysteriously missing from the regular pattern... Assumptions are dangerous things.
  4. I'm stuck at the 'pathfinding' puzzle too... what do you mean 'orientation'? There's only one place where you can START your path, so it's pretty obvious what direction the map's supposed to be read in. Plus, there's a huge triangle inscribed on the floor, there, to match the large triangle on the map. It all seems pretty clear, really, except for the bit where the shown path doesn't work. When I follow it, I trigger an 'acid goo' trap halfway through, and if I finish it... well, nothing happens, at all.
  5. Well, the obvious answer is that you haven't BOUGHT the two 'basic' levels of the Barrier Break spell... they're pretty expensive, so if you didn't have enough gold the first time you visited the guy who sells it, you might only have gotten the one.
  6. You're at the wrong door, mate. The front door doesn't even HAVE a keyhole. The key is for the BACK door. You need to go through the nearby barracks, into the walls, and around to the rear of the library.
  7. Actually, I was wondering... they only ever seem to talk about Nephilim, but what if you've got no Nephs but DO have a Slith? Do they just switch to being racist towards lizards instead of kitties? >_> Anyway, yeah, I DO find it odd that Squiggus - a random backwater town - is able to instantly tell who killed their patrols, while Lorelei (and several other cities whose patrols may attack you on sight because you've got a Slith) just seem to count them as 'mysteriously missing'...
  8. I am SO glad I'm not the only one who has a problem with this... >.<
  9. Guess I defeated that demon before it got the chance... ah well. Guess even cheat-codes won't help - there isn't one for getting rid of Dread Curses, and you can't de-hostilify Shayder even with the code that's apparently made for that purpose...
  10. Huh. Okay, where exactly do you pick those up? >_> Just curious. I don't remember running into those back when I played through Exile 3, and I certainly haven't run into one during this playthrough either...
  11. ...what's a 'death curse'? I don't recall ever running into something like that... you SURE it isn't actually for Dread Curses? 'cuz if so, I could totally use that... shame the letsbefriends code doesn't actually work for calming down Shayder and thus Ahonar, otherwise that would be an option too. If freemymind DOES work for clearing Dread Curses, well, I suppose that solves my problem. I can just use that - maybe go talk to some suitably holy character first, and drop something valuable on the ground in front of him to roleplay being cured. (Wait, do the cheat-codes disable achievements? I've heard no mention of this, but it seems likely...)
  12. Sssh, don't spoil it for me... I never got into Geneforge back in the day, but I've been low-key hoping for a remake so I could give it a chance. >_>;
  13. Eh, the ONLY one who actually uses the Dread Curse for theft prevention is the wizardly hermit near Gale... and he doesn't really have anything worth protecting. Rooting through his sock-drawers is more a matter of curiosity than greed. In the case of the Drakes and the Church of the Divine Lucre, it seems to work more like a Dreseden Files-style Death-Curse. And the spellbook in the Tower of Zkal is just... well... cursed, basically.
  14. Bah. I will carry to my grave the firm conviction that there should be at least one other person - somewhere in Valorim, Upper Exile, or the Tower of Magic - who could deal with Dread Curses, however morally or amorally they were acquired. =_=
  15. A wise choice, my friend. A very, very wise choice. Also, don't forget to do that one minor quest in Shayder you can only do while you're a (real or fake) Anama-member. It would be really foolish to raid their vault before doing all of that!
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