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  1. I strongly disagree. The shapers at Sucia island were at their most greedy power hungry, neglectful and irresponsible. A lot of the game does a point of showing you that the new era of shapers after Sucia are a lot more careful, restrained and principled. Like from a very basic standpoint modern shapers would be very unlikely to abandon serviles if they could help it due to their sense of responsibility over their creations.
  2. Games don't have to be hard. They have to be enjoyable, you can be lured in by a sense of achievement you get, by a sense of wonder you get to a world so alien, by a good story and solid, immersive characters, with multiple and understandable motivations, by the level of control you hold into shaping the world according to your own aesthetics and logics, by just the simple fact that its pretty, because you like watching things go boom, etc.. etc.. a very good game, would ideally, seamlessly include multiple of these at the same time. But difficulty alone is rarely a good marker for a game, and
  3. I will say the: "1 year later; unread replies" is rly funny. But im glad y'all communing with nature, and having the opportunity to spend time with hobbies and things that bring us solace and peace. I do think im in less of a love and light position as opposed to the last year, basically capitalism came hitting fast and etc... so things are far from easy to any of us, but one thing i noticed is that I spent the entire year feeling like I've done and achieved nothing with it, especially considering how fast its going, but because of various things i had to update my cv at l
  4. It can be more sprites. I just don't care that they be gendered. It can be many more sprites like the shaper sprite or the servile sprite. On the same end should jeff not have enough money, better to have a non gendered sprite than have fixed gender sprites particularly if its gonna be men are warriors and women are spell casters. Ultimately its just a sprite and i genuinely don't care about them so long as Jeff cleans up the shaper sect organisation. Because it makes no sense as it is right now and it has plenty of plot holes.
  5. They didn't say it should have a single gender neutral sprite, but that there is no real point in having the gendered ones, pointing out to geneforge and avadon as examples of how having gendered sprites can backfire. But also I wasn't repeating what they said in verbatim, i said I agreed and then explained why I did. UwU
  6. On that note though, I also hope Jeff does a better job with terrestia's ethnic diversity bc like geneforge 5 touches that very lightly and it fails to do anything with it i have many complaints about. Oh the woodlands people have redish skin. They suffer shaper rule but they remember. Which doesn't make much sense because multiple hundred years is enough to erase many cultural identities particularly when its an empire that's very bent on assimilation and full control. There's very little to remember in a situation like that. And moreover that should be a more apparent part of the rebel
  7. NGL i saw the title of this subject and i knew better than to get in, but i did bc im a glutton for punishment. Anyway, in my canon shapers actually evolved past gender, and material/structural power made it irrelevant. I agree with slarty & goldengirl. Having all things gender neutral as the "shaper" shaper, or even the serviles would be great because honestly there is no need for diff "gendered" sprites either particularly with when there is no real point unless you have full customization options which would be expensive. Like aside from the cute icons in avernum which kinda m
  8. This is very much true i remember playing the game and feeling really lonely and lacking direction! It was rly like a good storytelling experience. We interacted most with artefacts and remains of a civilization than sentient beings which like i rly hope Jeff is able to replicate. But at the same time I hope the actual cities fell more like a safe space and refreshing rather than how they felt before which was like a "you can rest but best be on your way". I think the money restrictions were part of that too. It was very possible for a city to be exhausted in its usefulness and you having to m
  9. Hey all! This link is dead! Can anyone reupload?
  10. Yeah this deff is a good option the main reasons im hesitant is 1- I don't have a lot of time on my hands nowadays so committing to that would take me a good while. 2- The Nisse Battle was hard on me because it was like some.. 4 consecutive and by no means easy battles with no real refresher and i remember spending a good while trying to get to the very end of those which i dont want to do again anytime soon. I mostly am interested in the blessed ending for the Ahriel because i didn't like the trench town one. Which doesn't change even if you give the favoured status.
  11. Granted but a world wide recession hits the months after and inflation renders your money equivalent to the Iranian Rial
  12. Hi, Im too lazy(read don't actually have the time to) go through all the different playthroughs needed to find out all the different endings. So and Slarty im looking at you. Does anyone have a list of them in detail? Though im mostly looking to see whether i want the ahriel blessed ending rather than trench towns, im also curious about the
  13. Ok, so while i was trying to express what i didn't like about this game i realized that I feel the way the people reacted to us the colonizers was almost nonsensical to me? Like it was clearly and naturally explained in that each region had an internal power struggle and needed our help to work with but given my understanding of colonization and how negatively it affects those involved its starting to down on me that there should have been a lot more resistance. And significantly more dislike towards us, Instead all we have is a group of people who is all but resigned to being a colony again a
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