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  1. I did decide to play through A4 once again. My guys just got to that area at levels 9-10ish, so take that fwiw (didn't complete everything between Ft Monastery & there but most...). For the battle in Motrax's Cave, recruit the golem in the other area 'after clearing out the drake & the turrets over by the boss' (so it doesn't get hurt). Wait around for the golem to catch up. Buff everyone. the pylons are going to continually heal the Vahnatai so taking them out first is critical (above 'stand out of range & ice spray' won't work too well it turns out). acid spray & fireba
  2. So the 5 3 5 5 are your levels? Seriously, how did you get all the way over to the cave without gaining any experience? Again, it's been a while since I've played but I don't think they were that low before I crossed the bridge leaving the Ft Monastery area (? starting place anyway). Did you skip the Goblin Complex, Grindstone, & all the other things in that area? Between that & assorted job board quests there should be plenty of leveling opportunities. Anyway, back to party building. In addition to the priest levels I also tend to give everyone a point in m
  3. Which game? (Avernum 4, 5, or 6) Is the 5 3 5 5 your current levels? (deleted) Ok, I remember it in 4 now & his cave is in the first third of the game - how did you manage to survive at such a low level going that far? Anyway, iirc (been a while) I had my magic users really stock up on energy potions, put them where you can't be seen by the Vahnatai & drop AoE spells (ice spray probably) onto him/the pylons. If he can't see you he won't attack (again, iirc) & you can chip away at him. Or ... send one guy to where he/she can be seen
  4. TriRodent

    GOG Sale

    I noticed that a lot/most of SW's games are on sale over at GOG this weekend. If anyone want to fill some holes in their collection.
  5. One of the ways I've seen this addressed (Grim Dawn springs to mind as the most recent one I've played like that) is everyone 'must' start off on the 'normal' level. After you finish the game then the next level up the difficulty ladder unlocks (veteran). After you finish 'that' level, you then get the toughest (torment) level unlocked. Each time you start over, you keep your equipment (and head out into the wilds to find advanced/enhanced versions of the same equipment - scaled to the new monster levels) and replay the same story (monsters scaled up as well). It works after a fashion, but
  6. IIRC the map is in the 'treasure/boss room' (for lack of a better term) underneath the giant cave with four different tribes. You need to get into the room through the push button puzzle (access to which, again iirc, is after a fight on the far left of the same map/area). Once you kill the assorted baddies, the map showing the location to the entrance is in one of the chests. Back to iirc territory, the map was on a piece of paper that was in your inventory & 'not' a special item (so it wouldn't show up there). Even if you no longer have the map, you should be able to now fi
  7. A breakdancing Rot moonwalking across your screen to come spit acid on you...
  8. That's really cool (he says while not knowing much more Spanish than being able to count to 10 & order a beer...). You may want to run your idea/offer past Jeff/SW (support@spiderwebsoftware.com). He might be able to give you access to the actual font files/the text files/can let you know if changing any of them will screw things up/etc. And depending on what you plan on doing with this once it's done, you should probably check with him first anyway. 'You' couldn't sell the game, but if it turns out good, he may put it on the site as an option (& give you a small cut of
  9. How about your thread from 7.5 years ago 😄 I opened up Avadon 2's Strategy Central & just put "Vardegras" into the search bar up top & 'this forum only' & up popped several threads on it It's been years since I've played it so I personally don't remember but hope that this helped.
  10. I tend to generally run with a hybrid all mage/priest party. The first character starts off more as a melee/meat shield (but with at least one point in both mage/priest for fireball/healing purposes) but over time gets enough mage points to cast ice spray & eventually lightning & priest to at least to the basic buffing spells). Having the first guy be able to cast Haste (especially once you get it to L3) can be a nice tactical edge if the first thing cast in combat is that & chances are that at least one of the remaining three get an extra movement/enough points to cast two spell
  11. Also, once the areas around, say Pentil are also cleared/green, you can choose how you enter the village/map zone by clicking on the green dot representing where you want to go. The little arrow that shows how you're going to enter there should cycle through your choices with each click (such as you wanting to dump some loot on the merchants right by the east gate but you're coming in from the west. A couple of clicks should have you entering by the east, saving you the walk across the map. Once you have a continuous green path from say Point A to Point D, once you leave Point D,
  12. Up in the Strategy Central area (top of the subforum page where you posted this question) there are a few threads. Some/many are filled with spoilers. But there are some general hints/tips threads (such as this one) that are filled with good ideas (& perhaps very mild spoilers - such as 'when you get to 'x', you may want to look at 'y'...'). I didn't look at it but there's a hint thread on doing a torment solo run, there are probably some good ideas for how you want to go about things in there. Reading them now, so early in the game, will probably help out a bit & any spoilers you
  13. I have no idea, it's been a couple of decades since I've had to install anything Exile related. I just remember seeing a bunch of old computer games/booklets 'somewhere' within the past year or two & remember that there was a pile of SW related stuff in there. (I'd assume that the "unauthorized solicitation of other products" is more to ban without warning the "click here to find out how to make $42/hr from home..." idiots/spammers. Trading/selling SW related stuff might(?) be technically against the absolute interpretation of the rules, but as it's directly related to SW/the
  14. And if you can't work things out with ADoS, I'm fairly sure that 'somewhere' around here (narrator: "It's in one of the many boxes of crap down in the basement...") I have that disk/hint book/etc. It wouldn't be anytime soon (summer project is to sit in the cool of the basement with lots of trash bags/empty boxes for filling with stuff for goodwill/very few empty boxes for stuff I actually want to keep), but I can keep my eye out if needed.
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