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  1. I wouldn't lock yourself into that theory for the entire run of however many chapters there are moving forward. The premise of the story is that it was the Queen's wish for you to get off your royal butt & get out of her castle & be productive for once. That sets the stage for your biography moving forward, and thus the title of the story. There's nothing to say that background events can/can't have/or not have an impact on what 'you' are off doing at any one particular moment/chapter in the story. Nor is there any indication that the line of succession is matriarchal rather than 1
  2. If you get in the habit of typing 'u' on a fairly regular basis it will pay great dividends. 'u' is 'use' and typing it will put a letter (a, b, c, etc) on anything on the screen that can be 'used' ... such as secret passage switches... (and other mundane things like chests, boxes, etc). For those that really blend in with the walls it's a big help in finding them
  3. You should be able to push on the switch/button that opened up the passage the first time & it should open up once again. Now if you leave the area/dungeon, doors will close/passages will seal up/etc, but you should be able to open them back up when you return. If I have time later/before someone else comes along with a better answer, I'll load up the game & check, but things shouldn't work (or not work as the case may be) that way. /welcome to the forums. You're supposed to leave your sanity in a box over by the door. However given the amount of insanity around here no
  4. Consecutively? If you can remember, is there any sort of regularity to that? Tied to the phase of the moon (seriously - I've known people who's moods have been affected by if it's a full or new moon)? If you can't remember then write the dates down when it does happen & maybe in a few months there will be evidence one way or the other. If nothing else it may give you advance warning that "next week the 'malaise' might show up..." & give you a chance to be proactive about minimizing the impact. You obviously have internet access. Talk to the doc about it &
  5. Yes, all the words need to be removed. It usually took 3-5 min of randomly pushing the buttons/chasing the names around before it cleared for me. (I know that there is a certain sequence that would do it right from the start but I don't know it - maybe up in Strategy Central somewhere?)
  6. No, I read it. I just didn't know of a word that you were asking for (probably a German one, they seem to have a word for every situation). However, while it may have been the main spoken (written) question, it wasn't the main issue. 'Knowing' the very little about you that I do over several years here, & some of the issues you have/face (& face them reasonably well from what I can tell), having you/your mind sit around with nothing to do/focus on isn't a good thing for more than an occasional little while. Thus the suggestions for you to find something new & interesting (to yo
  7. While all the people here are certainly the finest people in the world ... ok, for the most part they're alright... well, maybe one or two of them wouldn't fart on your pillow if you invited them over.... constantly hitting F5 to see if there's a new pearl of wisdom shared with the rest of humanity really doesn't sound like a good use of your time (or good for your mental health...). There's a whole world out there (real or online), what do you like to do/what do you want to learn more about/etc? Regardless of what you enjoy, there's probably an online community/forums out there where you ca
  8. You should be fine, most people walk at 3-4mph on average. 2mph is 'really' slow (I could probably go a mile in 30 min even with my frequent rests/breaks). Do you have a high school nearby that you could go do four laps around their track at your mosey pace & time it? That should give you a good baseline & things will improve as you walk more/the weight comes off. Do this at a 'normal' walking pace (not stepping out or slowing down to what you think you might exercise at). Perhaps some sort of pedometer would help too (or an app for your phone). Getting your thyroid rig
  9. (Sincerely not trying to be argumentative here) It may not be getting your heart rate up for the cardio benefit, but you burn essentially the same calories either power walking or moseying along (it's the distance that counts there and for dropping the weight it's the calories burned that matters). Is your apartment layout such that you could do a big loop down one hall, up the stairs to another floor, down that floor's hallway & then back down the stairs (or if there are enough floors, up several flights & then back down the elevator)? Doing the stairs should get a bit of cardio goi
  10. Can you get out & stroll around the block a time or three instead (I realize this may be a problem in the winter)? Jogging while carrying that much weight is 'really' rough on your knees/ankles/hips. You may not notice it now, but later in life it can really add up to painful problems. Any exercise is far better than none, but until you (& I) can drop a lot of weight, low impact is far better long term. I'm roughly your weight (having been far higher due to medical problems a decade ago), 1#/week is a good & reasonable goal (with exercise & eating a little less t
  11. It could also just be Jeff screwing with us. Putting in random letters that mean absolutely nothing. On otherwise boring evenings he comes here, glass of carbonated adult beverage in hand, & cackles with evil glee over the various head scratching going on here trying to figure it out...
  12. Did you learn the secret handshake/recognition sign yet? (I have no idea/been too long, but someone with the real answer should be along soon)
  13. You do need to get past a barrier to get to Vahkos, I can't remember if a piercing crystal will work or not (I think it does - Level 1 barrier iirc) If your tool use is pretty good you may be able to get to the library (non Khoth) where the DB book is kept without doing the associated quest first. Look around for hidden switches on the nearby walls
  14. Yep, you're right (as far as point costs). Was replaying A4 a little while ago & that system was at the top of my mind. Buying the points (at least in things you don't plan on training in) is the way to go regardless.
  15. I would say the same (at even less a priority) for First Aid. Other than one person getting one point near the start (to get a little bit of recovery while out & about), if you really want the HP/mana recovery, wait until you can buy a few levels as skill points could be better applied elsewhere. **** Also, by spreading the points in 'x' around the party it will cost fewer skill points in total that it would if you just had one person stack the skill high. (the first couple of points generally only cost (from memory) 1-2 skill points each or 8 in total for the party. If
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