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  1. Been a while here too but iirc it's down towards the bottom right of the map square
  2. Deliver a golem, or deliver parts of one? Most monster jobs are 'go kill 'x' monster & deliver the requested (automatically harvested) parts to 'y' '. In which case you killing most any golem should satisfy the job (unless it was to deliver a golem gem, in which case you may need to kill a few to get one - it's been a looong time since I've played the original A3 so some details may be a bit off). If it is the golem gem, I think there was a room in General B's camp that had a bunch just laying around. Or that city south of Gale with the ambush usually generated at least a co
  3. Note, I have zero knowledge of Jeff's thinking on this (or most any other subject...). That said, probably. The others seem to have been well received & provide a lot of up front money which tends to be useful. As to when? Memorial Day is probably a bit soon. Labor Day is probably too long a wait. So during the summer sometime would be my guess for an announcement/actual Kickstarter (I'd think he'd want most of the game at least mentally mapped out so that he was fairly confident in meeting the goal dates).
  4. 'Which' pools are you trying to dip them into? The charging pools are generally under specific zones, & there are other pools here & there that don't do anything but damage you if you mess with them. If you get to one of the correct pools, say under Pentil Woods, if you've got the gloves or bracer in your inventory (or wearing), there should be an option in a pop up dialogue to dip one of them into the pool. Select that option & it's done. Then repeat in the other zones that have the pools (such as in Diarazad)
  5. One thing I did/do as a time saving workaround was, after one trip to/from the dungeon in question, if my health or mana was low enough to the point where I would normally go back to town, I would retreat back to the start of the dungeon but not go outside (to avoid resetting doors, gates, etc). Once there I'd use the appropriate cheat code to recharge my characters & head back into the fray (under the somewhat dubious mental justification that as if the way to the dungeon from town was clear...the way back would be too). In those places where "Are you 'sure' you want to go that way, you
  6. Again, it's been a few years so grain of sand & all that... (also I tend to play on hard/veteran but it applies to torment too) Friendly fire can be really nasty if you aren't careful, granted. However this is a turn based game so use that to your advantage. You have time to study the game board/battlefield & position your spell casters where they won't take out/hurt your front line guys (or make them with massive endurance so that they can absorb a big hit of friendly fire or two). Also one of the things I tended to use more than the other were the grenade (
  7. If question one's answer isn't more arcane lore, you may have to go do an errand or two for Patrick... (or ... that may be A2s way of making things readable ... it's been a few years). Q2: I'm pretty sure damage bonuses get added after the damage calculation
  8. Yeah, going from memory here, it's the difference between short & long bows. The long bows have the critical hit bonus, short do not. So it's like an apples to pears comparison here, close but not exactly the same. IIRC there's lemonwood longbows later in the game that you can make a more direct comparison to.
  9. Scroll down a little bit to the "Spiky Silver Orb" thread...
  10. Essence is (kind of) like the seating capacity in your car. At any particular point in time it's a fixed size/maximum that you can have. You get more maximum essence whenever you level up & you can increase that by buying, with skill points, essence mastery. So leveling up a few levels is like going from a sedan to a minivan, instead of four passengers you now can carry six. Your creations each take 'x' amount of essence to create/keep alive (depending on the different abilities you give them). Having creations is having them take up passenger space in your vehicle. So, in
  11. With QW2 as the next Spiderweb (planned) offering, yeah GF2 improvements/ideas are probably pretty flexible at this point...and while I can't wait, sadly I'll have to (of the first GF trilogy, #2 is far & away my favorite). But on topic (sort of), I really can't see a whole new shaping class being offered for the cockatrice or other future creations as that would really throw the skill point distribution out of balance. If there were say four shaping disciplines moving forward, you would need to make more skill points available to be able to really let the shapers train in the assorted
  12. Is everything out in your meat life logical & consistent? Say you're going to meet two friends, Bill & Jim, at a park & only one shows up. That's all you know right now, Bill showed up but no Jim. However Bill knows that Jim needed to stop at the Post Office while he was out & will be there in a few minutes. Jim not showing up at the exact time you expected is not a bug, it's just what's going on & you don't have all the information that you need to understand why he isn't there at that exact second. I'm honestly not trying to be a jerk here, really, but you
  13. There's also the "Mungo just a pawn in the game of life" thickheaded option of just (slowly) walking through the minefield & healing yourself as needed... (which works much better once you find Essence Shield). However there are enough spore batons around that you should be able to get through most everything using them. Be aware that there are three different colored mines, grey & green are the most usual ones but there are also red ones too. There's usually a pop up description of what you're facing before you actually walk into the field.
  14. That was a response with an early interview/welcome to the fortress talk with Redbeard, but he liked your honesty so that's probably not it.
  15. I tried to talk Jeff into allowing answers like that for tactical or self preservation reasons - "Hello big strong leader who hates me & is looking for an excuse to start a fight, (even though I think you're an !@#$!!~! & despise you...), love what you're doing with the place..." (lie) - or - "Hello grieving servile, even though I think you're a moron for your Shaper worship, your mate didn't die in vain..." (lie). Etc Something that you could answer but wouldn't swing your reputation around wildly if you answered like you would in real life instead of being forced to cons
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