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Found 18 results

  1. The Warrior and Guardians mod: I made this mod is for Warriors and Guardians and incorporates elements of the "Artifact Batons" mod by Gameman as well as a completely new zone. Gameman and myself have tested the whole thing and theKian has kindly betatested parts of it. After certain Rebel missions you can request to be made Captain of the Rebellion and be given a base to command. For Shaper-minded individuals, you'll be given the chance to betray the Rebellion if you so choose. This mod is designed only for Guardians and Warriors! Using a different class would be problematic since the new quests, rewards and equipment are geared towards those two classes! A Shaper will see little benefit from a recipe that gives a good baton for example, or an agent would become overly powerful if she is given the ability to include in her party a large group of free-from-essence reliable allies (while a lifecrafter\Shaper could make better). NPCs will regard the player as a Warrior or Guardian which affects some of the dialogue aside of the rewards. The mod is not save compatible, it requires a new game. DOWNLOAD LINK 1: https://www.mediafire.com/?5762ayc8efb5t8i Features of this mod are: - Artifact Batons and exceptionally powerful shields and weapons. However, unlike the Artifact Baton mod (thanks Gamerman!), in order to make them you have to locate the recipes! - Multiple new mid-late game quests. - A completely new zone, West of Dera Bridge. To locate it and the secrets within you need to establish a base and complete certain quests. - Rebalance the classes. Removed the resistances for Shaper classes to make them compatible with their respective Rebel classes (Guardian still has the starting essence bonus) - Control of a base gives you several benefits. Some of these include requesting soldiers to join your party, salary and quests with significant rewards. - New mechanic: Combat Worthiness. Your soldiers start as a ragtag group and can be trained and equipped to become an elite force. - New characters and NPCs to react with, with their stories, problems, agendas and motivations. - Experience and Equipment shortcuts. Now, you don't have to complete side quests you've done a dozen times or visit zones that you don't find interesting just to level up or gather a little money. At certain points through the game a level check will be made and you'll be asked whether you want extra XP, coins and equipment. The checks are made: On a new game. When you enter Mera Tev (if you're below level 14). When you enter the North Plains (if you're below level 24). Outside Ghazaki Uss (if you're below level 30). At the Dera Bridge (if you're below level 35). - Canister abuse has an impact on some of the new quests. This mod doesn't alter the existing story of the game or the endings in any way. It adds content to the game, it doesn't change existing content. For those interested in modding: Since I could do it, so can you. Not every mod has to be a big multi-month project. Modding is caring. A LITTLE HELP ABOUT THE MOD: - To set up the base, you have to do a specific quest for the Rebels. It is in the introduction of several zones. - After you do that quest, a dialogue option opens up with Greta and Ghaldring in Gazaki-Uss - You are under the command of General Greta, a moderate. The better your relation with Greta's faction of the Rebels the bigger your salary and rewards. - You will get options to betray the Rebellion, even very far into the main quest. This will heavily adjust your relations with the Shapers so that it would be possible to join them. - You don't get -anything- for betraying the Rebellion, other the possibility (with some work) to join the Shapers and the enmity of the Rebels. Don't expect to walk to Alwan or Taygen and tell him "I was a captain of the Rebels, hit the Shapers mightly and then I betrayed the Rebels. What do I get in return?". As such, even if you want to join the Shapers I suggest you progress a lot in the quest before you do it, to get most of the rewards. - The Rebellion expects their commanders to be close to the ideals of the Rebellion. Your salary (and certain events) are also based on your Rebel\Shaper reputation. - Doing quests for Greta and improving your relation with her allows you to request more resources and manpower from her for an increase in your troops combat worthiness. A big thank you to Gamerman for the Artifact Baton mod and betatesting and theKian for betatest. Update: Without any reported problems from several players that used this mod, I decided to move it out of Beta What people have said about the mod:
  2. Small mod I made to cleanup the interface. Works especially well on laptops with smaller screens. Simple install, just replace 9 PNG files with those from zip archive cleaned up the UI for minimalist look replaced funky font with something utilitarian reduced size of peace/attack popups small tweaks on various items to fit new look *installation* before replacing any files, backup 'Graphics Core' folder or just the files listed below copy files from zip archive to 'Graphics Core' folder (located in geneforge mutagen install folder > 'Geneforge Mutagen Files' folder) when prompted choose 'yes' to replace files the following files have been altered: G128.png G130.png G133.png G138.png G139.png G140.png G158.png G203.png G290.png click to download zip archive, size 1.9MB from google drive pictures: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1iaULTSTpesTwC3nNpd6d11UPr7C0stcb/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1EXVarnAtuSYp2fkw7KQ5jK7LNh3vp-RQ/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1QaEvtd5DEXoWSq7Bx-R0EpTifk3qacGn/view?usp=sharing
  3. Been playing a bit of Geneforge 4 because i tend to enjoy it a little more the Geneforge 5. I made two mods which replace the pryo roamer with a guardian roamer while the other one gives you access to all creations. Geneforge 4 Mods any feedback would be nice, unless you all don't play it anymore xD
  4. This is the Fairy mod, a fan-created mod for Queen’s Wish The Conquerer, a game by Spiderweb Software. Mod created by ZorroDragonslayer. The purpose is for extra entertainment as an add-on for the game. This is a beta test package. Send me a PM through the Spiderweb Software forum for the download link if you want to beta test, and let me also know which platform you are playing on and which game version. Also if you have questions, bug reports or suggestions. These will be adjusted for or used in the final notes and description when completed. Thanks in advance for your input. This has worked in QW1.0 and 1.0.2 versions. Installation notes. This is a zipped file around 590k and needs to be unzipped after you download it. Enclosed will be a Read-Me and nine game files. These files will replace a few (9) of the original files. Keep copies of the original files in case you want to remove the mod files later and put the originals back. You’ve been warned!! Drag the files into the folders mentioned in the instructions detailed in the Read Me file. Thanks to Spiderweb Software for great games. I’ve been playing them all since the mid 1990’s. ZorroDragonslayer published mods: “Bovine Mod Ava2” Dec 2013 Box.com “Ava3 Bovine Mod” Apr 2017 Box.com "Fairy Mod QWTC" Oct 2019 Box.com
  5. WARNING: This thread contains information about modifying your game files. If you modify your game, it may change in ways you don't expect or want. These modifications are not designed or supported by Spiderweb Software. Use at your own risk. I've tweaked text descriptions, item definitions, and creature colors that stood out as odd and potentially irritating. These edits don't touch combat balance or otherwise impact gameplay. Obviously, this mod is unsupported by Jeff and co. Use at your own risk, (especially for non-PC platforms because I have no way to test whether this runs properly on anything but a PC). Changes Version 1 1. Black Basalt is now called Red Basalt, including in the quest. 2. As much as possible, the Serpent Cult is now the Worm Cult, and leftover references to snakes have been removed. 3. All items (except the Orb of Thralni and Demonslayer) are now sellable (though not necessarily worth anything). Trash, lizard eggs, maps, etc. 4. Limoncelli is no longer gray. 5. Altered giants are no longer gray. Version 2 1. Fixed Waterfall Warren Sliths 2. Changed intro text 3. Changed text related to looting the shrine in GIFTS cave 4. Tor now recognizes you from Fort Avernum 5. Infernal in Angierach now has a name 6. Mother Clarisse now asks for 500 coins to cure the Dread Curse, instead of the erronous 1000. 7. Fixed a variety of typos and odd phrasing 8. Changed frenzying mob pronouns from "it" to "they" (optional; don't copy over the file "mobfrenzy" if you like "it" over singular "they.") --- How to use 1. Download the folder and uncompress it. 2. Open the scripts/resources folder. If on PC, go Program files > Spiderweb Software > Avernum 2 - Crystal Souls > Scripts. If on Mac, go Macintosh HD> Applications > Right Click on Avernum 2 and Show Package Contents > Contents > Resources (thanks Excalibur). 3. Backup the original scripts and replace them with the downloaded copies. (If for some reason you forget to do this or lose the backups, the original scripts can be downloaded here. But every time someone clicks that link, God puts feathers on another dinosaur.) Version 2 changes a few files that were already changed in Version 1, so if you downloaded that be sure to replace all files, even the duplicates. 4. That's it. Enjoy the mod. --- Requests for help 1. Is everything working okay? No bugs or anything? 2. What other changes do you want to see in future updates of this mod? --- Things I don't know how to change (please tell me if you do) 1. The name of the dungeon(s) Serpent Cult and Snake Pit. (Probably impossible) 2. Chitrach graphics. 3. Efreet graphics (probably impossible, unless replaced by a graphic already in the game) 4. Is there code for checking to see whether there are humans in a party? 5. If anyone can figure out the code to make a poor leather helmet no longer a requirement for entering the starting tunnel in Fort Ganrick, that would be great. 6. Is there any way to make the door in the Barrier (Pyrn's) Tower openable through tool use or a key? 7. Any ideas on the Angierach text boxes? --- Older Versions Mod, version 1 Original Scripts, version 1 --- [Edit: It helps if I actually put in the links, doesn't it?] [Edit 2: Dikiyoba has updated the description and links to version 2]
  6. Welcome to the Arena modification for Geneforge 5. As the name of the mod implies, this is a mod where you pit your character against an assortment of enemies. The Arena mod, while fun, is not a full gameplay mod. There are no quests, there are no deep NPCs etc. It started as an effort to test the various changes I make as I work on the "Total Conversion Mod". However, new battle scripts and changes in items and creations give this mod an air of freshness. The premise of this mod, is that your character is in a dream. It requires you to start a new game. You start at 18th level, in a large room. A Drakon Lifecrafter nearby can boost your level, abilities, spells etc. A Shaper can create enemies and allies for you. There are 4 chests with equipment of different tiers for you to choose. Once ready and you have told the Shaper to bring in the enemies, proceed to the next room. There's a signpost there. Read it and start the fight. DOWNLOAD LINKS: Link 1: http://www.mediafire.com/file/km52qxbj3pvq1gy/ArenaGF5.rar INSTALLATION: To install: - Backup your "Geneforge 5" folder. - Copy and paste the folder "Geneforge 5" to your Geneforge folder (where all the Geneforge games are). You should be prompted that some files will be overwritten. Accept and the mod will be installed. To uninstall: Simply overwrite the Geneforge 5 folder with the original from your back up. The mod is tested and works with a clean installation of Geneforge 5 on Windows 10. It has not been tested for MAC. This mod is not compatible with your GF5 saves! Don't try to use it with your normal GF5. There is no wrong way to use this mod. If you want to make a character with 30 intelligence at 18th lvl so you can have a bazillion of top creations at full modifications, all the power to you. If you want to give your character Battle Shaping 15 and Shape Clawbug 15 to make 45 lvl clawbugs, so be it. If on the other hand want something more reasonable, like a lvl 23 character with mid-early equipment and 3-4 tier 2 creations and see how you fare against moderate enemies, so much the better. And of course, if you want to see how a pair of Battle Alphas fares against a rotgroth, all you have to do is Shape those Alphas and have them fight the Rotgroth without you interfering. As said, no wrong way to use this mod. Changes from the normal combat gameplay of GF5: - The levels of most creations is different with a larger gap in power between the various creations. - Some items have changed - There are new NPC types (Batoneers, conscripts, Shocktroopers, Lifecrafters, Prospectives etc) - There are a couple new Creations - Some enemies have more complicated scripts What you should be aware of: - Not all creation types are available for the Player to Shape; I have put in only the creations that would be present in the total conversion mod. - The scope of the total conversion mod is to be from levels 18-35 or so. However the intention is to make the world of the total conversion as such, that a level 35 character doesn't have immense power able to stomp everything underfoot. - The chests are in "tiers". Beginning, mid-early, mid-late, end-game. - There is an option to activate a "Healing field". This may periodically heal a few of your enemies every turn. - In one of the chests are "sanity crystals". Having them in your equipment would be a great boon when fighting a Dementor. - Therions are slightly overpowered compared to their essence cost compared to other Tier 2 creations. This is intentional because in the actual game learning to Shape them will require more effort.
  7. Hello, I am from an Argentinian educative project. We have been meaning to do educational RPGs for teens, teaching them social and ethical values and skills. We are a new branch of a long-standing foundation (see about it on web1x1.org , although it is a very outdated page, and only available on Spanish) We know of other Vogel games with community-made map editors, which have not been rebuked by the creator, such as the Geneforge 5 zone editor. However, it is our feel that Geneforge has a more "gamey" approach, and more outdated graphics, and that an avadon-like game is much better for a project for social and ethical skills, because of the party-based gameplay with teammate dialog interaction, and the complex moral decisions of quests (although many of them in the original game sort-of require you to kill for naught as with the harmless Splinterbone, and you are encouraged to do it for reward - fortunately, this one is optional). Anyways, although the original game does offer a very rich landscape and so on, we would like to completely re-use the engine (including changing the graphics and scripts) for posing educational social and practical conundrums. We have considered other options like RPGmaker and FLARE but the first is very clumsy and lacks a practical ingame UI, and the second one is still in alpha development. We know the source code of the game isn't free because of valid commercial concerns (AKA other people would use this to make their competing games which is no good for the original creator), however we 1- don't require the source code, only a way to make maps 2- the same executable could be used as original Avadon, and 3- we can already replace scripts and graphics since these are fortunately not encrypted). We would even encourage students to purchase the original game. Basically, our version would be a total conversion mod to be applied over it, with completely changed characters, quests and location. Is there an editor already available or in the works? If not, you think we have any chance contacting Vogel to lend us his? Regards, NimoStar and the Un Mundo un Pueblo (One World One People) informatics team.
  8. Dear all, this thread would serve to talk about my grandiose plan to make a total conversion mod for Geneforge 5. The mod will take place in a big island, 4-5 years after the Rebellion started and every zone will be new. The Kian's Modding Suite tool in combination with my own tools (made in matlab) make the design of completely new zones easy enough for me to take this undertaking. The task is anything but simple. Anyone that has followed my modding work would realize that if mods expanding on the existing content of GF5 took me close to a year each, this one will take longer. Even including the work I've already put towards the mod (modified creations and items can be tested here) I expect the project to take me quite some time since I won't work full time. The first target for release is early 2020 (subject to change). I will release a small demo, containing the first couple of zones earlier. So, why do I bother you all so early? Because while I have a vision for this mod (a couple of you are aware of some details) I would like to discuss some of my plans and later to see if I can trick entice any volunteers. What I have decided so far (opinions, suggestions and constructive criticism welcome): The scope of the game will be smaller than the full games. My plan is for the game to feel in size and power progression similar to Mera Tev and early Storm Plains. The area will be an island of moderate size (about the size of Lesbos or Mauritius), with one city, two small towns and several villages. The area will contain 18-22 zones (not 80 like the full games). The Rebellion has reached this island less than a year ago and the land is divided between the Shapers and various factions of the Rebellion. The Shapers of this island have seen their numbers reduced as the council draw from their numbers to support the war effort. There are less than 20 shapers (including apprentices and prospectives) remaining. The Rebellion lacks coordination between the factions and has no true central command. The level range will be 18 to about 35. However, the plan is for level 35 to feel closer to 26-27 level in power; you will be powerful but not able to take on whole armies. The power of the enemies will be mostly static. A rank-and-file soldier encountered at the beginning will have the same stats as a rank-and-file soldier encountered at the end. Some enemies will increase in power as they gain more battle experience or access to more canisters, better equipment, magic etc. There will be no named characters from the other games directly involved. There will be rumors about Alwan fighting in Ilya province or word that Greta\Litalia\Ghaldring sent canisters\reinforcements but you will not see them in the game. Speaking of canisters, they will be rare and more powerful. Unless there is a reason for it, there won't be a canister in a wrecked house. Not all creations will be possible to be made in the game. Knowledge to make Kyshaaks hasn't reached that island yet for example and war-tralls and wingbolts are rare. What I would specifically like input on I was thinking to start working on the "Character is at the side of the Rebellion" questline first since I prefer the Rebels. However, I realized there's an easier path: Player being a trakovite. But not a Trakovite "follower" that gets his orders or even suggestions from someone. The Player could be the first Trakovite to set foot on that area, moving around the embattled island trying to convince people to become Trakovites trying to balance expanding their numbers (and power) against drawing attention. Then, depending on who the player has convinced to join (and assuming those have not been exposed by the Shapers \ hardcore rebels and executed) he or she may attempt a coup. Or exact promises from either side to step back somewhat from Shaping in exchange for the now-powerful Trakovite faction joining them and lesser punishments for captured Trakovites. The player would be severely hampered on Shaping (even if he or she picks up a bit of it) and would have to rely on hirelings and personal power to survive. This idea is not fully developed yet. I am not sure that's the direction I would want for this. Do you think that I should focus on the "traditional" Rebel \ Shaper fight and perhaps later put in the Trakovite path? Or 3 full games on Rebels \ Shapers and Trakovites being crushed underfoot is enough to justify a short game about a Trakovite trying to get some power?
  9. Based on the wonderful work for Avadon 1 and Avadon 2 by Jerakeen here on the forum, I spent about 7 hours today making a version workable in Avadon 3. The editor pops up when you click on the sign next to the trapdoor to the Holding Cells in Camp Nightshade. I couldn't figure out how to make most of the skill ups work, but I got the raising stats, and god party working, and added a few more categories of items to the item editor part of the mod. With this, what you can do is: Add Items: Lockpicks Potions Crystals Wands Scrolls Light Cake Money 500 1000 10000 15000 More Items (Use at your own risk) Scarabs Runestones Charms Totems Weapons and Armor (by class, class specific items only) Quest items (specific to the junk items quests if you're too lazy to go look for 20 pieces of fruit, etc) Raise Stats Lockpicking skill +3 for chars that have lockpicking (just do this once) Raise primary stats by +5 (recommend not to do this more than 3 times total) God Party (defensive bonuses for everyone as it was in Av2 char editor) PLEASE only do this once. Make sure to back up your z0nightshadedlg.txt before replacing it with the new one. DOWNLOAD (mediafire) z0nightshadedlg.txt Credit goes to Jerakeen who made the original editors. All I did was modify them and add items for av3. (I hope posting it is okay, if Jerakeen isn't okay with me doing this I'm cool with the editor being removed. Since I couldn't find one and I was doing this for myself, I figured I share for those others that want a little (or big) boost.)
  10. After a lot of work, I can finally present to all you Geneforge fans a new modification for GF5. The mod expands the content of GF5 without altering existing quests\endings\content by adding a new, large, quest chain for Shapers \ Lifecrafters (only for those). It adds choices, it doesn't remove any existing ones. The content is combat-light... unless you decide otherwise. The only assumption this mod makes aside of the game is...the identity of the amnesiac protagonist, that he discovers bit by bit. As such the quest chain can be completely ignored without any effect on GF5 game. Or... you can follow it, discover clues of who you are, choose to ignore or believe them, set up a research laboratory like so many NPCs have, discover amazing (but not game-breaking) powers and perhaps settle some old scores with past enemies. To be clear, the protagonist doesn't discover any concrete proof to confirm the theory on his identity. You even have the choice to reject the conclusion at the end of the identity quest as false. But if you do, you won't get the idea to build up the laboratory. I believe the mod increases the replay-value of GF5, since not only it adds exiting features and quests in certain locations, but you'll keep an eye open for the now much-coveted research notes in areas not affected by the mod. At the end of the quest chain you manage to do something most people considered impossible. Both people in the game and gamers that play the game alike. You can find the mod (V1.1) here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/z2mj9c09253w6c1/GF5Origins.rar/file Installation instructions Clarifications EDIT: I'm working on a new mod for Warriors and Guardians. You take command of a Rebel outpost. See post 19 for more details. About my motives: Why I decided to spend that much time on a mod. Changes from V1.0
  11. Greetings, my fine fellows. Today I have a glorious modification to Geneforge 4 for you all, one that shall make using characters of any class far more enjoyable/doable. The Geneforge 4 Artifact Weapons mod! This mod adds a total of 16 brand new, powerful craftable(ish) weapons. You will obtain two of the basic weapons from this mod (perfected baton, supercharged wand) as a guaranteed result from certain quests: the former from completing the Shaila quest (received from Greta), and the latter from the caravan quest (either from Pirik if you helped it, or from Alwan if you destroyed it). To craft the more powerful versions of these weapons, you will need to find their recipes, scattered around the first three chapters of Geneforge 4. Once you have the materials needed and have discovered the recipe, you must go to a sufficiently skilled crafter with whom you are aligned (see list below) to create the items. I have tested it to make sure it works, but I have not extensively tested it. Please inform me of any problems in it. Installation: Weapons: Recipes: Crafters: Download.
  12. I decided to start this thread to share scripting advice with similar minded people so that we don't have to reinvent the wheel every time. Using "exhaustive search" technique and this trick: In a dialog script (signposts are nice), put this temporary script (Remember to remove it after testing!): code = num=10; // It can be whatever number you want from the creatures in the zone // you can see the numbers if you use the editor. add_char_to_party(num); temp=1; while (temp<3005) { if (char_in_party(temp) > 0) { change_coins(temp); } temp=temp+1; } break; You talk to the signpost, creature 10 is added to your party (if spawned) and then you see its number from the coins you gained. I don't know how good you're in scripting, so I'll add this: At the beginning of the zone dialogue txt, you should have: // dlg.txt begintalkscript; variables; short num; short temp; MY PROBLEM: And that's a big one, so please help. Not all creatures seem to have a "total" number! After ~20 hours of work I can't find the number for the mages in the bone peaks. I can do some stuff to circumvent it and not lose a whole quest chain, but it would be far simpler and more efficient if I could find, or generate, some identifier for them to see if they're in party. Else if I put a flag when they're recruited and then they die or are dismissed, the events will keep happening...
  13. This very basic mod increases the melee damage done by weapons and creations for GF3-5. The mod doesn't affect the damage done by status effects. I.e. a Rotgroth's acid will deal the same damage, while the punch itself will deal 40% more damage. The mod is not compatible with mods that change the gfobjsmisc.txt like artifact baton mod. To install: GF3: Go to Geneforge3 > Data > Scripts folder and overwrite the gf3objsmisc.txt file. GF4: Go to Geneforge4 > Data > Scripts folder and overwrite the gf4objsmisc.txt file. GF5: Go to Geneforge5 > Data > Scripts folder and overwrite the gf5objsmisc.txt file. I don't profess to have examined the effects on game balance increasing the melee damage would have, but this mod is for those that feel melee damage for creations and the PC could benefit from some boost. DOWNLOAD HERE (Changed to a less obnoxious site.)
  14. Link to download: Ava3 Bovine mod The Read Me file: The Secret Bovine Society is a mod for "Avadon 3 - The Warborn" by Spiderweb Software © 2016. Mods are not supported by Spiderweb Software. As it was for Avadon 2, this mod was created for my own use to increase the entertainment level of the game AFTER I did several complete playthroughs. However this is not a small mod like it was in Av2. FYI: The game engine was not modified so the mechanics are the same. After reading Jeff's blogs on game creation, very inspirational I might add, I was energized to expand on this mod and do things I did not originally think about while playing the game. That being said, it still takes a long time to create an extensive mod because you don't know or have access to the code and data locked up inside the app. You have to use trial and error to see how the engine reacts to your ideas. You have to learn where the line is drawn and not to theorize about writing something on the other side of it because that is a private territory. To make a long story short, it's not a perfect project but I hope it is good enough to keep the Spiderweb family happy and "diverted" into the otherrealm to fill in the time until Jeff makes another game or more mods are made or both. There is so much potential for mods that I kept wandering off my missions and refocusing back to what my prime directive was. The primary goal for making this is to be swept away to another reality but stay lore-friendly. Start with an open mind because there are quite a few modifications. So far there is no guide or list of changes because I think the Aha! effect is an important part of the game and I want to maximize that. There will be some orientation in the beginning of the game. Please take the time to read the dialogues. Installation: After downloading and unzipping the project, there are two ways to install it. One way is to back up completely your folder named Resources (Mac) or Scripts (Windows) and then drag all of the files from the Bovine folder into your original folder and let the system replace the old files with the new ones. The second way is to just remove the duplicated files from your folder to another folder temporarily while playing the bovine mod so that none of your originals are erased. Then start a new game. This has been tested on three machines and three systems so far so any feedback would be welcome. Preferably privately to prevent spoilers. Thanks for your interest and thanks to Jeff Vogel for a great game that can be modded. (Hopefully more files can be pulled outside the app for more complex modding in the future ;-). ) P.S. I am not a graphic artist. All photo and artwork copyrights belong to their respective owners.
  15. Dear all, I would like to request some help. My Warrior\Guardian mod (+Gamerman's artifacts mod) is going well enough meaning that I have to just add a couple of things more, alpha-test it, find someone to beta-test it and release. It is much more ambitious than the Shaper\Lifecrafter mod and I have improved a lot in scripting and editing the files. Which brings me to the next project which I would require some help at: I plan a total conversion mod within the world of Geneforge. Probably taking place between GF3 and 4 but using GF5 engine. What does this mean? It means I will delete everything and make 10-20 zones from scratch, add scripts and dialogue etc. Consider it a free "expansion" of GF5. Now, this may seem difficult and a large undertaking. It is very difficult and a huge undertaking. Frankly, so far it takes me like a year to add 5-10 hours of gameplay in already existing zones. Thank every entity you worship for Gamerman's help that "easily" (i.e. easy for me) added depth and gameplay time to the Warrior mod. So... I would require help if this is to see the light of day before we all die from old age. Don't be intimidated by the scope of the undertaking! Even someone that can't find the time to write dialogue can help by providing quest ideas! Since I am pre-planning stage, here's what would help: The "easy, non coding at all parts". - Help for the first step: Ideas for Storylines \ quests \ interesting people. Yes. Even "Hey, I thought of this Lifecrafter!" would help. - Help for the Second step: After we choose what will go in the mod: Dialogue and description writers. All you need is notepad; I can incorporate description and dialogue into the code. Frankly those are what I require the most help at! The "not so easy" parts. - Scripting the dialogue\descriptions. If, after we decide what will go in the mod, we have to put it in. Also, we need the generic script for areas (the making it hostile etc). - Lore. I don't know much about the world. Many people here know way more. Advice of "No, in X game it is mentioned doors work that way!" is not only welcome, it is required! The "quite hard" parts. - Scripting the quests, flags, behavior of bosses in a fight and the complicated stuff. The "actually hard and boring" parts. - Using the Geneforge editor to make - remake zones. That means adding in every creation, broken piece of furniture, wall, rock, chest etc and make sure they are connected to the right scripts. That's long, boring and complicated. The mod will get the get go for volunteers after I have managed to make 2 zones to be sure, to be absolutely sure, that I can do it and know what I can do before wasting anyone's time. The mod will be free. Completely free and with no "this is my account if you want to support me!" things attached. If you agree to put some time to help me in this mod, that would be our mod, I would request you do it out of your free time and from the goodness of your heart.
  16. Hello Geneforge fans! It is with great pleasure that I present to everyone my first mod for GF5. This mod implements new items into the game, namely, Artifact Batons. These highly modified thorn batons are designed around the idea of implementing artifact weapons into the game alongside the artifact armors that players can get over the course of the game. These batons function like regular batons, but with a few cool twists: - No reloading needed. These batons come with infinite ammo, meaning that players won't have to worry about running out of thorns mid-battle. - Powerful custom attacks. Each of the higher level batons have their own unique attacks, which can be easily modified in the scripts. One baton for example is capable of inflicting the Searing Lightning status effect on enemies. - Stat buffs. Much like artifacts, these batons increase your stats, depending on which baton you choose to craft. In order to make these batons, you need to gather the materials you need to make these batons, which you then have to visit the smithy in Mera in order to get these made for you. You will have to do a little bit of work to obtain these rare batons, but you will find that the reward is worth the effort. The mod is here (Version 1.1): https://www.dropbox.com/s/pesxxvq9t2aeuv8/ArtifactBatons%281.1%29.zip?dl=0 To install this mod: All you have to do is simply replace the appropriate script files with the files found in the zipped folder. Don't forget to backup your original scripts. Why did I make this mod? Well, first, I was having fun modifying the scripts, and I had the idea of adding artifact weapons into the game, especially considering that no game in the entire Geneforge series to my knowledge has any artifact weapons, only artifact armors. This is sorta to show how it can be implemented. Second, I wanted to release a mod that would help players that struggle to use combat oriented classes like Warriors, Guardians, and Shock Troopers. Weapons don't really scale as well as magic or creations in the Geneforge series, and this mod is sorta a way to fix that problem. Feedback and bug reports are welcome. EDIT: CHANGES IN 1.1. - Optimized the Scripts. For modders, that means that the script takes less lines of code, which frees up space if you're one of those people adding custom items or creations to the game. - Bugfix: Properly made it so that you can't obtain these artifact batons unless you have the money to pay for them (previously, you could get away with having no money, but still be able to get the batons as long as you have the materials. This is no longer the case). - Added two new batons: Commander's Baton and Physician's Baton. The readme has the recipes and what they do exactly. - Buffed the Ether Onyx Baton's Stun and Energy Resistance boost from +20% to +30%. Hopefully that makes the baton a little more competitive.
  17. Before playing A2:CS, I'm giving the original a shot. I like it a lot but I was a bit annoyed by some old graphics, so I changed some. Many new graphics come from A2:CS, mostly recoloured and modified to fit the original ones. Mainly: - Interface (a bit cleaner and smoother), Avernum 2 logo on top redone - Intro & main menu screens, plus chapters - Some floor tiles (lava & some paved floors) - Trees and mushrooms - A green table A warning: use only if you don't run A2 in 256 colours, or it may look weird Downloads (extract in your A2 folder and overwrite, make a backup copy of the original folder if you want to revert changes later): Full (with new tiles) Interface only (only interface elements and menu screens) Screenshots and comparisons:
  18. This is a little ridiculous; but I would like to know if it is possible. Playing through Avernum; I was wondering if it would be possible to name your summons? Not change their sprites, race or class, just their name. Such as "Mage Summons Bob the Crawler." "Bob the Crawler Attacks Emporer Hawthorne (25%)" "Emperor Hawthorne takes 2 points of physical damage(100 blocked.)" A few friends of mine were playing with the idea and wondering if it could be done.
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