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  1. Maybe a bit late but iirc, there was a note in the bandits storage that they do not want you to access when you "persuade" them to find the assassins within the camp. The note is what triggers the servile in the area. After this just explore where the servile roams into his hidden entrance and then leave and come back to the zone. Just keep your distance and a text will appear saying you've found a secret entrance and some stuff
  2. I will try to answer as best as i can, any questions or requests be sure to ask. The standard way for achieving 'Train Drakon' is through the use of canisters. The 3 canisters are at: Gazaki-uss, kayar's spire cells and Inner Gazaki-uss. There is no way through normal game play to achieve the 3rd drakon canister (inner Gazaki-uss) due to it being a faction only (pro shaper only). My mod however fixes this for an insanely low price (I would like people's help to balance this, as i am not a great script editor or else i would make it work with reputation). Since all
  3. [MOD #1] PURPOSE ========== To have the option of owning any creation without having to join a faction. HOW TO USE ============== You need to make your way down to one of the end-game zones "Dera South Shore" and from there you need to locate a Drakon hiding in a building towards the south east. The drakon has her own store, but an option "Teach me shaping" will be available. [MOD #2] CONTENTS =========== -Replace
  4. how do i get to the Okavano Sea Caves. And if they are unlocked through the bottom trapdoor in the western barrier okavano, how do i unlock the door
  5. Is that the zone editor? I've attempted to get it to work but it just won't budge. Keeps closing after I run the run.bat file
  6. Thanks! How does one get numbers/ID of characters on the map
  7. Been trying to understand more on the scripts of the game. Is it possible to make our own edits to add characters to party. This code is used to add artila to PC's party. What does it mean by sf(41,20,1) and how do i replicate this. any help would be much appreciated.
  8. I am kind of lost after reading the first quest. Go to Krato-kel. Can someone direct me on where im supposed to investigate
  9. The two files within the .rar file. One file the G4itemschars contains a rework (not balanced after realizing to late) for the Pyro-Roamer into a guardian roamer The other file is z2upStronghold or something (sorry i forgot), this grants the user all creations at their basic level just for opening a door and entering. 3 points into all creations. I wanted this to be balanced but having end game creations doesn't really allow it. But still hopefully it makes a fun run through for people who want to try all creations at a balanced level (I believe)
  10. Rip G4 no the essence should still be the same sadly, can't fix it I believe. The explosive nature of them still remains but only when they die and they have a good 150+HP iirc the caravan mission was unaffected by them, apparently they were "unstable roamers" not pyro so it was pretty easy to dispose of their low HP
  11. Been playing a bit of Geneforge 4 because i tend to enjoy it a little more the Geneforge 5. I made two mods which replace the pryo roamer with a guardian roamer while the other one gives you access to all creations. Geneforge 4 Mods any feedback would be nice, unless you all don't play it anymore xD
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