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  1. i wanna kill melanchion,he put the curse on me,killed 3 of my dudes ...that really sucked....how do u get rid of the curse?...what is the cheat for shieldsup in A-6?
  2. i looked in my quest list ...theres nothing there..could it be a bug?
  3. when u scroll over the slith cavern,it tells u "works of magery"...."brigand extortion"...what needs to be done here???its cleared out,its the last quest on my list...help me
  4. CAJUN


    does any 1 know who he's talking too?,he says his master.
  5. I have the ivory,malachite and the pearl brooches
  6. I found 3 of them.One was stolen,the thief went east..I can't find him...where are the other two brooches?
  7. I feel like an easter egg...Lost
  8. I'm gonna need someone to walk me thru this,mmxpert..do u have time?A few minutes to spare
  9. I guess what I want is (iamweak)that way I can level up any time any where.That stopped at level 40.
  10. Dude,thats like speaking german.My fooling with text files are on the ignorant side...I have no idea.This is my 3rd run thru,I was just wanting to try a few other spells.I guess I'll have to wing it.
  11. I'm playing gene4...like I said in my 1st post,I want to up all my abilities,str.int.dex.Etc....... iamweak doesn't work after level 40..whats wrong?
  12. I'll be more specific...I wanna up my intell.
  13. After I got to 40th level I wanted to soup up my magic. Typing in iamweak didn't work.What gives?Did jeff put a ceiling limit on cheats?No more cheating pass level 40?
  14. The vlish's continue to come out of the 2 rooms,I can't stop them..Who keeps making them?And there's 2 doors on the west end of western morass,they will not open.How can I get them open? Turabi Gate is giving me a severe headache,what a disaster, I receieved a letter that won't get me thru.What am I doing wrong???
  15. Are there some cheats,I know of 1....shieldsup...I need some help
  16. Well master1 if the shoe fits...1st of all I didn't call jeff anything,I said whoever wrote the ending.I did say ignorant.Why not let jeff intervene here.Hey jeff what do you think?Did you write the ending?If you did WTF dude? The only reason behind the ending is to continue with the story line,the people you didn't kill will be in the next series,plain and simple.
  17. I'm gonna go thru a 2nd time...There will be some changes. I will wipe clean every area I go.Maybe....I know in A-6 that wasn't the case.Another 1 of jeff's ignorant by laws,you can't kill everything,we'll see how it goes.
  18. OMG....bones scraping across stone,WOW is that anything like your grade school teacher scratching her finger nails across the blackboard.ewwwwwwwwww. Skeleton bones below your feet...huh......should you kick 'em,well Hell yeah......Ooooppps,where did these suckers come from?
  19. Game review: I guess its ok.I do have a few ideas.For the Knothead who wrote the ending,what an idiot.What were you thinking,why do I wanna kill redbeard?I really don't.I do wanna kill his 2 faced wife.Well....I'm not able too,You know why?Because jeff has the ending already played out,well thats ignorant. Come on dude.....give me a ending thats my choice,I still had way too many things happening.My thought is don't send me somewhere else because I didn't kill redbeard,or better yet don't fix the ending so's I can't go back and finish other tasks.I can't get back out of avadon,well thats really ignorant.I wanna explore other areas...WTF
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